Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Bucket & Peanut Show #2

Late Night with Bucket & Peanut
Interview with Iris Okiddo

Bucket: Hello again late night party people, to another episode of Late Night with Bucket & Peanut. I'm your host Bucket Pailman and with me as always, my co'host and self proclaimed 'Champion of Nut Justice?'... Peanut!!
Peanut: You forgot all around Boner Destroyer!
Bucket: So we're back again with a new guest up our sleeves for you this week. She's well known and loved throughout the Porn and Photography industries for an off the wall creativity and humor which fuels her inspired high quality photography work. Please everyone put your hands together and welcome the indomitable Iris Okkido!
Peanut: YAY!!!!!
Bucket: Hiiiiii Iris! Welcome to the show, it's great you could make it
Iris Okiddo: Smiles at the audience and waves. Then turns to her hosts and says: thank you both very much for having me tonight, I feel honored 
Bucket: Well I can tell you right we're happy to finally have you here, it's an honor.... Peanut and myself have having wet dreams every night for the past two weeks in anticipation for your arrival... annnnd since it appears no one taught either of us how to use a washing machine, I figured you'd wanna be bro and help us out, so I had the butler send all 28 sets to your place.
Peanut: I even tried using the plastic cover from Bucket's Grandma's couch!
Iris Okiddo: Oh my, well, then my butler will have a ball this weekend I guess ^^
Bucket: Tell him Alfred says thanks *Laughs*
Iris Okiddo: Oh I will, perhaps Mr. Hyves (my butler) knows your butler from their union. Then he can tell him in person and perhaps kick his butt as well ^^
Bucket: *Laughs* Now that I'd pay to see
Bucket: Ok so the people that know who you are, know you as a jack of a all trades... normally I'd use that term to describe your sexual proclivities, but in this case it's your body of work.
Peanut: I call Bucket the Jack-Off of all trades when it's comes to his sexual proclivititties!
Iris Okiddo: *Looks over to ms Peanut and raises an eyebrow* What are 'proclivititties'? English is not my native tongue and I'm wondering now what that is :) "Titties" that's what I could make out of it
Peanut: giggles........"Bucket's a boob man!"
Bucket: Annnnd and ass man
Iris Okiddo: Wondering how you're able to see all of that with a bucket as a head 
Bucket: I use the force young padawan
Iris Okiddo: Or do you perhaps enjoy those titties and asses like a blind person would; with your hands?
Bucket: Oh I think you'd need to ask Peanut
Iris Okiddo: Looking over to Peanut "does he?"

Bucket: Annnnyway..... Since we don't have time to cover all that you've done tonight, I wanna focus on your funny stuff. Most recently in my mind your "We're just another happy family..." series. Now this series realy struck a cord with Peanut and I, filling me with happy childhood nostalgia....

Peanut: And me whimsical as they stirred up memories of my parents love for each other...

Bucket: What was the inspiration behind this latest comical romp?
Iris Okiddo: First of all; glad you like those, thank you both ^^
Bucket: They are brilliant, reminds me of home
Iris Okiddo: 2nd; inspiration is that I like to make people smile and laugh and I always look for ways to do that. And no family is perfect. You see all those happy families on social media flaunting their happiness. I'd like to show that behind every happy family is also lots of bickering, sneering and just plain nastiness. But I'd like to present it in a comical way. Holding up a mirror so to speak. And to make it very plain; a truly happy family is not interesting or funny at all, in fact; they are quite boring 
Bucket: Haha So it's like a hilarious social commentary
Iris Okiddo: It's that as well
Bucket: That's so deep... Like balls deep
Peanut: giggles......."If I had a linden for every time he's said "Balls Deep"
Iris Okiddo: What's wrong with 'balls deep' Peanut? Don't you like that?
Bucket: She's only little
Peanut: Iris, I also see you collaborate with a lot of different there anyone you want to work with that you haven't yet?
Iris Okiddo: A very direct question that I can answer very simple: No, there isn't. I'm very opportunistic when it comes to photography. I take what crosses my path and what I like. If that is a photographer who's work I like and the opportunity presents itself; I'll grab it.
Peanut: Otay.....fair enough..........can we get to the good questions now Bucket?
Bucket: Oh you gotta watch out for lil Peanut... she's all unassuming with the silliness... and then... wham... she hits you with the serious question like a fricken Cobra!!
Iris Okiddo: Looks over to Ms Peanut; you don't mean to say that wasn't a good question do you?
Bucket: *chuckles*
Peanut: giggles........"Those were the boring questions.......time to get juicy!"

Peanut: Number 1!...... If your big ole booty was a Brand,  what would it's motto be?

Number 2!...... If you had to replace your hands, what would you put at the end of your arms?

Number 3!......If you had to make a sex tape with a Hobbit or an Elf, which would you choose and why?

Number 4!......If you had sex with Bucket, would you ask him to leave the bucket on or leave the lights on?

And finally Number 5!......If I was to start a Cult, would you follow me and why?

Iris Okiddo: Hm, well, Firstly I don't have a ole booty to begin with, But if my booty was a brand perhaps I might want to have it called "Everybody's Favorite". "Once you had it, you never want to go back"

Bucket: HA!!  Ok yeah that was pretty good
Iris Okiddo: So question 2, if I had to replace my hands? Hehehe..... not sure why I would want that but anyhow IF I would do it, I'd think I would put a suction cap on one and a camera on the other ^^
Bucket: Ok do I even want to know? *Laughs*
Peanut: giggles....."I was betting on a dildo and an egg beater.....but what do I know!"
Iris Okiddo: For question 3, a sextape with a hobbit or an elf? Can't I have both? The hobbit can work on my lower half (the poor fellow has just the right height to reach the good parts) and my upper half would kiss those beautiful elf lips to pieces (Orlando Bloom lips) :)
Iris Okiddo: Number 4, if I would have sex with Mr Bucket I would not focus on that bucket at all so I wouldn't care. What's more important is that he doesn't have a bucket between his legs.
Bucket: Oh I dunno... we'll go to the judge on that one... is that an acceptable answer peanut?
Peanut: you haven't seen him with his pants off so.........unacceptable!
Iris Okiddo: Looks over to Ms. Peanut:  that's what you think :p
Peanut: ooohhhhh....... No wonder he wanted you as our next guest!
Bucket: Hey you said "What happens in the dressing room stays in the dressing room"
Iris Okiddo: *Looks from her left to her right and can't help but smiles*
Peanut: hehe
Iris Okiddo: Alrighty, question 5, if you would start a cult would I follow you? Hmmm I think I would.
Bucket: *Laughs*
Peanut: You would?..... Excellent, now obey your leader!
Bucket: I am officially terrified
Bucket: Ok it's time for a break, when we come back, more with Iris Okkido!!

Bucket: Annnnnd we're back here with Iris Okkido. Iris Now to wrap up the evening, and being a friend of the show I've wondered, and I'm sure any fan familiar with your work would have noticed, that on top of your inclination towards nudity and wild sex, I've noticed your love of boats and classic planes.
Peanut: You forgot to mention Tanks
Bucket: Yes Peanut of course, the tanks!!

Iris Okiddo: Yes, I do love that Mr. Bucket. It's got to do with my love for the past ánd with my love for the designs that they did in the 1st half of the 20th century.
Bucket: Ahh so you're a history nut?
Iris Okiddo: Yes, you could say that. Planes these days are so streamlined. In the old days you had real wings and props and the pilot wore goggles etc, I just love those looks. I think I was born too late really ^^

Bucket: Aren't we all, I miss the 70's.... and I wasn't even born then
Iris Okiddo: Oh please don't say that Mr. bucket. Now you make me feel old
Bucket: You're only as old as the men you feel ;)
Iris Okiddo: Did you just kind of quote Groucho Marx?
Bucket: He like a wise man
Iris Okiddo: Oh he was, and ve-ry funny. Love the old classic comedians. You asked me earlier about inspiration; I get a lot of inspiration from those
Peanut: Oh yeah.....I thought I saw a pic of you with a Molester-stache in a few of your pics
Iris Okiddo: Yes, that was a tribute to character that Hergé created in the tintin comics ánd I did professor Fate from the movie 'the great race' from 1965 on which the wacky races cartoons are based. On a side note, I want the car that professor Fate had in that movie but it's so unique and strange that it's not on MP and I can't find anyone who's able to built it for me
Iris Okiddo: Comedy these days is mostly rude and crude and totally non-visual. It's all about one-liners etc. In the old days the situations were funny. I like that much better than cheap jokes :)
Bucket: Iris! Fighting to bring back classic humor through a modern eye..... and pornography
Iris Okiddo: Yes, you could say that indeed Mr. Bucket. I want to make people see 'old' is not by definition 'bad'. It's still fresh. Mona Lisa is old and that is considered high class art
Bucket: Ok well Iris I'm afraid that's all we have time for tonight... it has be amazing having you on the show
Peanut: Thankies for coming!!!.........hope I didn't mush your nog nog with ma brain ticklers!
Iris Okiddo: Well thank you for having me Mr. Bucket and Ms Peanut :)

Bucket: Well thanks for sharing with the fans a little of what makes you tick, we hope to have you back again sometime.  Peace out from the Bucket & Peanut Show, we'll see you all next time!! 

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Sunday Funnies with Bucket & Peanut #17

Dirty Jokes 👿

Not the Time
A guy is sitting at the doctor's office. 
A nurse walks in and says, "I have some bad news. I'm afraid you're going to have to stop masturbating." 
"I don't understand, nurse," the patient says. "Why?" 
"Because," the nurse says. "I'm trying to examine you."

That's What Happens
What's worse than waking up at a party and finding a penis drawn on your face? 
.....Finding out it was traced.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Au Pair

Au Pair
Starring:  EmeeLee Ember, Isabelle Cheviot, and Ivan Yerkinov

I have finally finished what will probably be my last film for the foreseeable future.  Two reasons are driving my decision to step away for a bit:  first - my RL situation has changed (for the better I hope!) and I simply can't dedicate as much time to filming and editing; and secondly, I'm honestly just burned out on it.  Who knows, maybe I'll get back into it some day.

Anyway, please watch Au Pair not because it's potentially my last film but because Ivan and Emee are so good in it!  The sex scenes are some of the best I've done; I hope you all enjoy this and get off on it.  :)

Click here to watch the film: Au Pair

Or watch it here: