Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Empire - Episode Two!!

The saga continues in Episode Two!

I frankly worked feverishly to get this edited and completed by Xmas because I'll be traveling and wanted to have it off my plate.  I am pleased with the result and hope you are as well.

As always, these longer films suffer in the quality of the output; I may consider a DVD release of some sort in the future, but for now enjoy the show. :)  And stay tuned for the final episode, coming soon!  << Click here to watch the film!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Isa's Bedtime Stories - Pool Boy

I'm starting a new series called 'Isa's Bedtime Stories' and Pool Boy is the first of what should be many fun films that sort of tell a least as much of a narrative as a short porn movie should contain.  :)

As always, working with Rachel Avro is a breeze and not-so-new-comer Chris C has really made a name for himself.

Enjoy the flick!  << click here to watch the film!!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Empire - Episode One

I am happy to release the first episode of Empire, my latest feature film.  Empire is the story of a girl on the fringes of the Roman Empire who with the impending threat of war heads to Rome to meet her destiny.  Filmed over several months starting this summer, Empire stars Kara Hawk but features several familiar faces.  There will be several posts about the details of this film as I continue to release episodes (there will probably be 3 in all, possibly 4 depending on the length of the final cut).

My goal with this film was to create a tone for the period, and to focus mostly on the sexual content, not the details of the story.  I used (mostly) authentic music from the period and minimized the amount of 'English' spoken in the sex scenes.

Please enjoy Empire and stay tuned for more episodes!   << Click here to watch the film!

Stills from Episode One:

Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Taste of Ali

I've been busy with classes and so forth so I was particularly happy to be able to get back to filming and even happier that my first opportunity was with Ali Fox, one of SL's newest starlets!

The 'Taste of...' series have up until now featured me with another woman cast in a more sensual light.  Not so with this one.  I'll let the film speak for itself but I truly enjoyed a chance to spread my legs wings in this latest installment.  I hope you enjoy watching it half as much as I did making it.  :)

And my thanks to Ali - she was truly a pleasure to work with and very professional. << Click here to watch the film!!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Working with Carter Holloway

I've recently been lucky enough to pose for Carter Holloway not once, but twice.

Happy Ass Monday - November 30, 2015

The Offering

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Katina Cazalet - Dog Star Performer of the Month - December 2015

Katina Cazalet is the December 2015 Performer of the Month!!

I had the chance to ask Katina a few questions I was curious about:

Isa:    Kat - thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview.

Kat:    Thank you for asking me! I love interviews, and being the one interviewed is a nice change!

Isa:    First - tell us how you came to be involved in SL pornography?

Kat:    My actual 'debut' in porn was several months after my first contact with 'the scene', thanks to Keeley Snowfall who put me in pictures for the first time after we met at parties; i debuted after that with a small role in a movie by Alexlatino, and got my 'big role' thanks to Keeley's current partner EmeeLee Ember in an Erotique movie.

My involvement with SL porn people and my passion for it has deeper roots, though, and more personal. Short version of it: I was going through a phase where SL was not holding any interest to me anymore. One link to SL I kept, tho: checking out what one of my most recent friends was doing. Her name was Serenity, she had a club together with a Louise, and they just began doing some movie thing. I could read about that stuff on a blog by some Jennnnnna girl. 

So yes, for a while, the Sexiest blog was the only SL related item i'd occasionally check. I began logging in again sometimes to talk to Sere about what I saw on the blog, go to those parties they were talking about: pretty much all of my old friends were gone or detached from me at that point, but within 'porn' I found a new start.

Isa:    Where are you from in RL?

Kat:    A rather messy room, with a strange boot-shaped country all around it.

Isa:    How long have you been making movies with Dog Star Productions? 

Kat:    My first movie shoot with you has been in May for Izzy's Bad Day 3, that was released about a month later, including a scene with one of my favourite actors in the scene, Larry Vinaver, and one of my favourite settings: courtroom drama! But oh that prison scene was hot...
The project instantly seemed interesting to me - I loved that it was part of a series and the director wanted continuity between the episodes- and I was a big fan of the other Dog Star movies I had seen at that point, so I was really happy about it.

Isa:    You have a lot of knowledge about SL Porn.  What are your thoughts on the next steps for the industry?  What direction do you see SL porn going?

Kat:    I concede that I have been around enough to have memory of a good chunk of what happened in the 'industry' in the past -although I certainly missed a lot of the early days-, not sure if that helps imagining the next steps.
Individual artists have an individual growth process and sometimes influence others, prime example is Miss Emily tackling bigger and bigger project, and other people following her steps: I recently interviewed other directors close to her who have been inspired and pushed into doing larger movies exactly by her influence.

But overall I think a lot of the evolution we have seen here is fundamentally dictated by what happens in SL itself. Mesh bodies drastically changed the way avatars look. At this point, every new tool or evolution of what we have already can be a difference maker as long as it gives people new chances to be creative, especially for movies, where you can't edit avatar flaws out.
Simply having more high quality animations and adult products can make a great difference for instance.

I still have sketchy ideas about Sansar aka SL 2.0. I don't really picture the future of porn in SL involving Oculus Rift, and like everyone else, I hope that having 2 different worlds, one of which newer and more technologically advanced, won't dilute the SL user base and Linden Labs' resources to the point of making us SL-ers obsolete too quickly.

Isa:    Can you tell us about your avatar?  Which mesh avi? Skin?  Fave hair etc?

Kat:    I am quite happy with my Maitreya body, at this time it has the widest range of fitted mesh items. It was also easy to fit the default skin to my years old Al Vulo face. As conservative as I am with my skin, I tend to change my hair a lot: there are plenty of great hair makers around. My 2 favourite styles come from Lelutka and Mina, but I could list plenty.
In general, I am a hopeless shopaholic who visits all the various events, but not being a fashion blogger or someone who feels she must jump on the current bandwagon, I at least try to avoid the opening day and drop by a week in or so when the sim is already mostly empty and the hip people already got their loot.
Haven't found a mesh cooch 100% to my taste yet, I think there's still a gap in the market to exploit there!

Isa:    What advice do you have for newcomers?

Kat:    Sounds incredibly corny yourself and have fun. No, really. Two harsh realities: there is no money to be made in porn, and there is no 'fame' to gain.
So your best call is to approach this world because you like to appear in something creative, fun, have fun around people who appreciate that sort of stuff, and perhaps try your luck and skills doing something like that yourself, someday. Don't expect anything, never feel entitled to anything, and enjoy what happens.

There are plenty practical advice I could give, from the most basic 'talk to people' and 'put yourself in pics, don't wait for them to happen', but really, you will find your own role yourself as long as you approach it without misconceptions.

Isa:    In addition to being a model and actress, you keep up with your blogging and magazine work.  Tell us a bit about those things and what your involvement is in them?

Kat:    My involvement in the blog is more limited than the past: I used to cover the photography side of the scene, mostly because it was where most of my interest was and Serenity needed help with the gallery feature as she intended to make it daily.
I also began covering magazines in a specific way, and spotlighted photoshoots. At one point, also 'thanks' to some annoying changes introduced by Flickr, it was best for me to give up on that role; luckily that same big commitment has been taken over and expanded to a new level by Domino Dupre first, Ali Lancrae now, doing  an excellent job that will never get enough praise.

I still do about a post per day, covering magazines, exhibitions, photo series and also movies. I don't like to call what I do a 'review', as it is linked in my perception to the 'critique' part, the whole "thumbs up, thumbs down" mechanism. I obviously won't do that, I just believe that there's a lot of work that goes into projects, often with many people involved. I want to leave a little 'permanent' testimony of that and show appreciation for what the artist has done. That's also why I am keen on interviewing people. I want to give people a space to show what they do.

Which is also the appeal for magazines.
You can publish anything on flickr and tumblr and perhaps reach even a wider audience than most SL magazines. They compete for attention with thousands of other pics there though: a magazine gives a 'purpose' to the pictures, and hopefully an incentive to the photographer and models, as appearing on a magazine always feels like 'a big deal' and is a nice presentation.

My involvement with Aroused is simply that: I ask people to appear in it and bring a platform where they are free to showcase their artwork, with the models of their choice, titillating the readers the way they prefer. Just like the Pornstars' blog is based on a group and blog that built a community before I even knew about it, the magazine is my partner Marika Blaisdale's creation from the scripts to the layout, ran successfully for 30 issues, and she deserves the whole credit for it.

Isa:    Thanks again for taking time for this interview.  :) 

Kat:    Thank you for having me, I loved to have a chance to talk (as you can see) and thank you for involving me in your projects!

Dog Star Films with Katina:

Some pictures and video clips!

Izzy's Bad Day - Part 3

Izzy's Bad Day - Part 3

Izzy's Bad Day - Part 3

Izzy's Bad Day - Part 3

From Izzy's Bad Day - Part 3

From A Taste of Katina

From A Taste of Katina

From Making Friends (with Kimberlync)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Taste of Brea

Although no stranger to the world of SL porn, this is Brea's first endeavor with Dog Star Productions.  I can assure you it will not be the last.  Doing laundry late at night after filming is not something I have to do often get the picture.

A Taste of Brea  << click here to watch the film!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Office Politics

When secretary Allison Weaver catches her boss Rob Roxley in a compromising position at the office...she turns the tables on him.

Office Politics  << Click here to watch the movie!!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Kara's fantasy...

Kara spends some quality alone time....but what is she fantasizing about?

You will find out soon....

Empire....coming soon.