Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Beaver's Digest - Volume 24

This is Beaver 24.
The following takes place the week before Tuesday 31, January 2017.
Events occur in real time.
(not really!)


So yes, welcome to the Beaver's Digest, and guess what, a bunch of good stuff came out last week and we are here to list it! Always new movie releases. Let's start with, oddly, the latest one, as it allows me to cover a director that has been quiet some, lately!

This is my latest movie. Thank you to my Star Brea Brianna for making this a joy to film. Jori Jewell thank you for your awesome work and of course Steel Maccon for being a stud in the movie. I hope you all enjoy it. 

Artful Zane really stepped up his game for this latest effort called Jamaica Me Cum, and the mention of 'his star' Brea Brianna is no casual occurrence. While Brea is always rightfully complimentary of those she works with, she expressed great enthusiasm for this project over the weeks it took to be completed. It's easy to see why.

Assuming what I write has any sort of effect or impact (which I doubt, but I do it anyway as my hobby!), the least thing I'd want is ever to put off viewers interested in PORN over-writing these bits. Take with a grain of salt what I say then when I point out that this PORN vid is shot with moments of genuine emotion. Shows off prominently the lead actress in a sexy but almost introspective fashion, and represents different feelings, from betrayal and disappointment to budding romance and tenderness, in a nice and not overstated way.

It's no wonder that Brea as an actress but also many directors and photographers are getting very interested in bento compatible mesh heads. This type of performance shows an increased depth for the role of actress, and new possibilities for directors who are interested in showing more emotion in their characters, as you can see from the screenshots...well, not the one below maybe.

Because that being said, guys, if you want a nicely shot video with a hot chick cruising the beaches of Jamaica gettin' some sweet BBC AND some quasi voyeuristic cheating sex too thrown in for good measure... this porn definitely will do it for you! In that, as strong as a screen presence Brea possesses and how good Zane's look for this flick is, special mention goes to the co-stars. Jori Jewell is the blonde starlet you could easily be cheated on for, and that guy Steel Maccon is going to appear in more productions real soon - I know that from personal experience!

Now, in more porn news and leaving Jamaica for the totally-not-the-US "United Republic of Linden" ...
The past week saw also the new release of the most innovative series in the porn world...And it's as usual set (6-0, 6-0) to surprise. We are at episode nine of Revenge Reborn, by Carly Morrisey

 "What in the world is going on?" is what one may ask when new characters are introduced and the plot seems to thicken further! And yet, those characters make their foray instantly bringing an arsenal of charisma and charme. Not just that, but the events throughout the series never fail to be introduced, with every bit of necessary exposition tossed in through the sexiest means.
It is jaw-dropping, how much has been accomplished, how big and complex of a story the Revenge series has evolved into. And with those capsule-sized episodes under 3 minutes long, it gives itself the luxury to span through genres and tropes with post-structuralist ease.

Together with the returning character of Zepp, the 'fixers' introduced in this episode are the dynamic duo of Laura Richards and Severina. Needless to say, they are quite the powerful on screen pair. They provide the titillation and 'porn' for the episode and Carly captured magnificently their chemistry. The ep introduces also Rachel Avro, so far not in a sexual role but man, look at her yelling and gesturing and you know that that woman is gonna be dynamite in the sack once she drops the business suit! She has more pizzaz in her gesturing than an Italian!

Jeez, what is up with Rachel and heads?

There are also cameos by myself, MrMayDayMalone and Sindee, just enough for a giggle and to move on the plot with coherence. As usual, you can read the director notes , and please do!
First and foremost, check out the episode embedded in the post: with a narrative finesse of its own and inspired choices of music and scenography, it still brings the sexy like a mo-fo.

Time to also feature the odd pick from NaughtyMachinima. I am skipping the various yiffing vids (sorry, furry friends!), and videos with chat windows in full display, and I bring you this...."Rough handjob"!

It is the the latest video from Tina69, prolific director who released other videos such as "EAT MY ASS OUT THEN ITS YOUR TURN TO CUM TWICE!" (there's also part 2 ), "PALE SCHOOLGIRL GETS HER ASS DESTROYED", "GET BUSY WITH MY PERFECT ASSHOLE" and "FUCK MY HANDS ,MOUTH ,AND TITS" (because , I guess, the rear end deserved a day off)

No need to overanalyze the production, which is a fun , obviously all sex vid. Tina's camerawork is pretty nice, and while the scenography screams vintage SL, it is a point of interest how a good choice of angles can keep a handjob scene interesting for over 5 minutes. We can safely say she milks it good!

Another 'all sex' video from a person who does not post in the regular groups is this "Lesbian Fun" by Sonderbar Media. Featuring Miss Salome Sonderbar herself (xxntxx) and the fair skinned Cloe.

The director did a good job with the angles in what is a honest porn video effort with avatars that certainly deserve a place in the sun! Hope to see more movies from the director in the near future. http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/22322/lesbian-fun

My coverage would not be complete (not that it is...but let me know when I overlook something and I'll put it up in the following issue !) without more sex vids, including the recent The Birthday Boy - Chris Lion by Kayla Whittaker.

This video by Kayla is shorter than her lenghty average, but it is done with her usual expertise and is not lacking in any part. It has all the hard smacking action, the screaming and the fucks given of her larger productions. Comes with a tittylicious photoset which in fact came out earlier last week and I was set to cover anyway in the photo section somewhere! https://www.flickr.com/photos/133086707@N06/albums/72157675969882073

Congrats to Kayla for another notch in her record setting movie list, and congrats to Chris Lion for surviving another year and for receiving a gift of this nature that he can proudly NOT show to his children and grandchildren when the day comes. http://www.xvideos.com/video26162967/the_birthday_boy_-_chris_lion

And my coverage would also not be complete without the latest from Jennylou! This week she came out with Hot Couples in Heat Scene 4.
I mentioned the first 3 stanzas last week....

You know, 'stanza' in italian means 'room', and it is set in 'that' room. A no frills porn, on purpose "all sex no talk" as it says in the opening. The stars of this part are Rienna Claridge and Dave Sinclair. They do not talk. They fuck. Jenny films! Enjoy!

And Jenny is rocking a dock again this time with Fun in the Sun! It's not a space dock, but the things that happen there are out of this world! Actually, no. it's pretty straighforward: we have a cast of 8...
From left to right: Justi and Jennylou, Dax and Jimbo20000, Carter Leakey and MikeOfLegend, Sh and Joy. In what is touted as one of SL's Largest Orgies, the 4 couples get busy on the dock till it's time for fireworks!

For all the fans of orgies without the claustrobic feel of being in cramped quarters with other people in a room, here's the movie for you!

Also, one more movie for your viewing pleasure! It is the third one in this digest with 'Fun' in the title, and it comes from experienced director Cybercat Bekkers! Let's have some Naughty Fun!


I don't actually have much to say about it just yet, because CB presented it to me as a 'work in progress' project. Still it is publicly avalaible for you on his website, and I know for a fact he'd appreciate a honest feedback and collaboration requests. It has a creative use of after effects and music videos are always a popular and enjoyable format and ...woah that's a big thing she is riding.
Okay, let's now move on to...


Last week was time for a new release of the Adult SL Lifestyle&Photography Magazine with an exclamation point! Talking of course of...

The first issue of 2017 for Aroused doesn't fail to stay true to the stellar standard set in the second half of the past year. With sensual artwork by the likes of Hillany Scofield, Jessika Nikita, Joslyn Benson, Mrs. S, Trudina Foxtrot, xSalvyx the magazine would already present an incredible selection of high class eroticism. Add to the mix a truly revered name in the SL artist circles such as Isa Messioptra in the double role of cover model and photographer in an original set, and you have a product that can legitimately make proud its editor and owner Marika Blaisdale.

The owner of Hills Gallery Hillany Scofield brings her photography to this magazine

True to its lifestyle and well rounded magazine ambition, Aroused in this issue features also a quality interview about Hills Gallery. On the staff roll, River Anwyl joins as Fashion Director of the magazine, providing a qualified point of view with excellent outfits.

River Anwyl is an expert on style. Check out the shoot in entirety in the mag (photo by Marika)

The magazine is always impeccably put together in either versions, easy and quick to browse and providing you with the relevant (and clickable!) information, so get the newest issue in world through Marketplace , browse it on Issuu.com and don't forget to check out the Aroused blog in the next days, as there's extra content coming up (together with Larah's picture gallery)!

Speaking of blogs, and before the appropriate section comes up, let's deal with the creation by the most zealant adult entertainment blogger...

" Valentine edition, extra Pet of the month to keep you hot, enjoy and thank you for reading it :) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SL-Connoisseur-Magazine-February-2017/10866340 

Well this sums it up pretty nicely!
Edvard Taurion's magazine has a lineup full of stars from the porn industry in this issue! I admit it gave me a little shock to see a different cover artist but the talent of Eva Brunswick as Executive Photography Editor delivered a beautiful centerfold.

 Cheryl Reddevil is Beauty of the month #1! (photo by her)

Included in this valentine edition, highly erotic pictorials by and with true beauties like Murderdolls and my personal photo crush Cheryl Reddevil. Not just that, but also a new name on staff with the location report by Danielle Mannequin, adding in that department to one more beautiful and whimsical photostory by Kayla Bombastic. Completing the magazine lineup, the classy yet raunchy erotic story by Laura Richards, fashion finds and interviews by Onisa Lundquist, the writing by Edvard, and the photos by Kristina Deschanel, responsible also of the layout.

Murderdolls is Beauty of the month #2! (photo by her) - yes I am so original with my captions today-

Get your copy of the magazine at the url above (ahh I'll just repeat it)
and stay tuned for the party on the February the 2nd, and speaking of parties...ah, damn, not time for that yet! First, blogs!


Midnight Shinja's blog shone again for activity this week. Midnight gave a shoutout in the porn groups asking if there were interested models avalaible, and went on a little bit of a tour de force that will bring many more shoots to his flickr and blog. Published so far , newcomer Miss Tina and LaurelKink, and the star that opens and closes this digest, Brea Brianna.

Tina is the first beauty shot by Midnight last week

Be sure to check the posts, because they contain the full photo spreads and also two interviews that will prove to be rather informative, both for the newcomer you want to explore, and for the veteran that is actually in the industry since little more than a year .
http://midnightsunstudio.blogspot.com/2017/01/introducing-laurel-kink.html http://midnightsunstudio.blogspot.com/2017/01/catching-up-with-brea.html

Laurel is the second beauty shot by Midnight last week... Ok I'll stop!

Ali Lancrae always deserves high praise for her work on the Sexiest Pornstars blog, and this week is no exception, with her galleries. Ass Monday and Topless Tuesday are blog traditions and the ones that are all the rage on flickr, but the original invention by Ali , 10 at 10 and Ladies Night (sometimes Couples Night)  were beautifully compiled this week as well. Not just that, but you can also enjoy a spotlight gallery with Bewitched Difference.

Be invites us to Reflect ! I came to the conclusion that she's hot.

Not just that (part II): Ali keeps her blog always active with her fun initiatives. Read the Nude World Tour at its 11th stop, and of course read the monthly blonde jokes that never cease to be fun - on top of being a delicious excuse to see Blonde Ali's tits and fluff! http://slpornstarconfidential.blogspot.com/2017/01/nude-world-tour-2016-stop-no-11.html http://slpornstarconfidential.blogspot.com/2017/01/blonding.html

That is a lot of pencil!

Another blogged and photographer who never leaves us hanging for a week is the Notorious B.E.N. with his kinky smut! This time his kink was..well a pencil kink, as he manages to put together a shoot with a 'drawing' look of the bodaceous Lara. But also, he breaks all rules making up a Threesome Tuesday!
And does it with PJ and Cheryl! Gasp!

Everyone likes a good porn party! It's a good place to show off your new Bento head...as Mr.Dai can tell you

Finally, the SL porn blog, that leads me to the whole "And now let's see party pictures" bit, of course. Because you WILL find plenty here. Together with a gigaton of other material, from a well structured archive to the latest thanks to the work by Racheal Rexen, Miss Emily and the blog photographers.

Tegan interviewed for the SL Porn blog. "Fantasy porn scene: GangBang. The more the merrier" Rawr!

And if you follow it , you'll also see the news about the King and Queen of Porn contest - which is your easy chance to have quality photoshoots, a chance of a movie role and a bit of bragging rights! - and in the next couple of weeks also to soak up the buzz about the whole SL Porn Movie Awards. Plus, let's not forget that you are entitled as a SL porn member to an interview - such as it happened to Tegan Malone.

And now yes, let's move on to the party things!


Every day a party with the pornstars! At the very least one!...and with pretty darn gorgeous pics taken, more often than not ! Even as this digest comes out !

Marcus Strong at Rachel Swallows' Club Fornicatio in his "Only at a porn party"

What's more to add than that? Just like I take my time to remind you dligently to submit your work through notices (ask me, Katina Cazalet, for the Sexiest Pornstars group, or Miss Emily / Zoey Winsmore / Erin Cedarbridge for the SL Porn group, and anyone with the appropriate role for other groups) , I'll never grow tired of telling you to take your time to do a walk-in at the porn party of your choice. It may come as a surprise, but meeting people actually helps getting things done! Just saying.

Thorgal took one spectacular shoot after another in his visit at Yana's beach party (full set here )

As a whole, the pornstars community is respectful and the parties have no tolerance for unpleasant behaviour. It can be a great place to have sex with other -consensual- individuals, but also a lovely place to hang out with friends, your date, anyone!

Kay and Naughtius Windstorm enjoying a nice evening @ Yana's party, as Anyka and Cody do!

While the official parties are meant to be the only ones with official 'endorsement' and make the group a safe space from excessive advertising and soliciting, of course nothing forbids you from having fun and doing your thing giving a shout to your friends. Just be respectful and do not conflict with the established parties!

BeeQueen Smythe knows how to throw an impromptu party!

The groups are also meant to advertise all those special events that bring erotic art on the radar. By all means if you have an exhibition coming up, feel free to let anyone know.


I am always wondering about what to use as an icebreaker pic for this section that is necessarily so incomplete and fragmented, and this time Jill Jillybean makes the choice obvious with this themed photos!

"Do You Like My Beaver?" by Jill!

A big thank you to Jill: oh, no it's not that she did this picture for the blog - she is more of a flickr creature and I do not think I count her amongst my readers (and I can use my fingers for that!), but I thank her for her always enthusiastic presence on flickr, comments, and all around naughtiness that makes the community at large a much better place!

Look up Abby's flickr for the full joke...

Jill is the first commenting on this blonde joke photo too! Abby Fraser is another one of those models I rarely get to mention, but her flickr speaks by itself, and you'll find lovely shots just from the past few days alone. She is also one of the beauties featured in John Pearl's nudes.
The guy knows how to make location shots VERY interesting! https://www.flickr.com/photos/johnpearl/

  Brea and her 1.5k Topless Tuesday Followers
Bane celebrated his 1'000 followers a few days after taking this picture

I am impressed by Aria Horan's figures (and figure) , especially by the 13 gigabytes of space used!

Ah yes, milestones. This week I remember Brea Celebrating her 1500 followers, and Bane reaching quadruple digits. Flickr is a community based on the interaction with others, and I am pleased to see people enjoying the sometimes overwhelming figures they reach. Flickr has some interesting stats for the pros, as shown with Aria celebrating her total view of over 5 millions (!) with a great growth progression in just the past four months (of course I'll say it's all readers of the Beaver)

Curty's "Making Heather Useful" and Adrenalynn's "Sammich" , featuring the gorgeous Heather

When Curty Dovgal misses for 24 hours or so, you can almost hear the howling sounds of withdrawal and strange things happen! I am joking of course, but it is a fact that for the cooperative nature of the adult arts community , active and proactive individuals like her are a real blessing. You can see in these pictures the cooperation with the ever fine submissive photog and mod AdrenaLynn Ling, and Heather Ashford, who has been doing just beautiful photo work lately, and falls in the category of "I wish I could cover all the things she does" category. Congratulations to everyone involved.

PJ's "By Request" is a real display of talent (follow the link and have a peek at the original!). 
What can I say: Make her pose!

"Les" with Tartarus Hekmatyar and "Roll out the Barrel" with Bart  are two of the photo sequences captured and set up beautifully by PJ Thornton. Since my last Digest, PJ shot: Edvard Taurion, Rocco, Scotty, Anthony, Larah Sa'fir, Sasquatch Rhino, Gillian Easterwood, Jed Penne, Notorious B.E.N., Rachel Swallows, Zois Clip and uh....Jill Jillybean. See, those names get around!
PJ also modeled for Tartarus (do yourself a favour and do subscribe to her gorgeous flickr...)  and for ...
Marcus is way more than 'the card guy', but heck, everyone wants to be in those ! Are you in his album?

Ah , yeah, of course Mr. Strong! Compiling the full list of models would take me a couple minutes I am more than willing to put in, but I'd rather point out the excellent job done putting together sex sets this week. Briana Belmont really stood out with her eagerness, getting a double dose of double b c!  also hot pics with Deci double teamed with Steel, Katherine Coberts, Kemi Miles and lenghty sex shoots with Tempted Passion, with one sexy Annie, and with Ivy and ...Jill! Dang, you go girl!
Ivy and Briana get also new cards, with Alisa Bedwell, Curty, Devi Nicole Reaper, Celeste Waverider, Katja, Sara Sheperd, Veigh, and entering the 1k club, Mrs Reynolds, Cheryl, Kayla Bombastic!

I really like the decor of that place...

Zepp Zander outdid himself this week in terms of photoshoots, with some major hotness. Kaylei Vieria and the lenghty set with AnnaMoon are great for your viewing pleasure.
https://www.flickr.com/photos/zeppzander/albums/72157675987630993 https://www.flickr.com/photos/zeppzander/albums/72157677851898911

This might be a Rough Ride but Mitzy has a very gentle touch (for those keeping score, 2 Rough and 3 Fun)

Mitzy Broadway is using her flickr in an effective way to promote the new movie,Rough Ride, soon to be released. It will be again a big production, including lines recited professionally, so keep on the lookout for that...with the in world group, and on the digest here but hey why not getting the inside scoop subscribing to Mitzy's flickr? JS!

Ted tackles the Happy Ass Monday tradition in style!

Speaking of flickr stream from movie creators: Ted Dosei is a name that might not ring a bell, since he is a director without recent movies to show in his resume. But he is working on one - for what it is worth, I can attest his professional attitude - and you can catch a glimpse of his talent with visuals through his flickr, right here. We'll hear about him again very soon!

...Ay oh, whey oh, ay oh whey oh?

Rob Roxley did yet another impressive erotic comic. Starring himself and the heavenly body of Sindee, it has the type of cheeky fun we so love, starting from the title, "Fuck like an Olympian". Someone should make him gubernor! https://www.flickr.com/photos/58138613@N03/sets/72157679697519646

STRAYA!!! by Alex Bristol because hey it WAS Australia day.

Ok, time to list some more shoots! Starting with 'Darkroom Captive', the erotic comic by Nikolas Frederik with Athena, the dazzling conclusion of Sindee's set with Jake Raven, "Forbidden Spa" by and with Tatusia Snowflake, Sime Stormcrow with Ayara  and if you are into interracial, once more Dre's photo stream is your stop!  ...that is , after you have perused one more of Aria Horan's epics, with 'Hawt Dawgin'

Pornstars continue to ride with Dax Rahl! Amongst the weekly victim, Felicity Fetish above.

This of course not to dismiss the pinup shoots that are so abundant and that alas can't be listed, from Elroy Click's work to the so many pictures by KirstiSummer,  from Carola Conover to Dokie, and so on from the porn A of Alexis Futanari to the assorted gorgeous Z of Zuby Gloom. Just. To. Name. A. Few.

Morgan St. Cyr was one of the weekly victims of Ellen Saint. Let's get them one pinup at a time!

We can wrap this up for this week.
A huge thank you to everyone who has been doing photos, videos, magazines, or simply commented in chat, shared with friends, took time to click on the coveted star in Flickr and perhaps let the creator know in some way that their work was appreciated or simply seen.
You really make the SL adult world a better place.

This is indeed a breakthrough discovery in the mating habits of Sasquatchs...and might see the sales of koalas as house pets reach an all time peak. (photo by Sasquatch Rhino)

Aside from this horribly corny line, I remind you that on this blog if you missed out you can have a good look at the beautiful Veronica and Vanessa seen through Isa's amazing, I can really say it now, amazing photography , and a beautiful shoot of a girl whose name couldn't be any more beautiful: Liberty Justice. Thanks to the great photos by Tegan! Bye and catch you next week!