Friday, January 6, 2017

Fellatio Friday #20

Welcome to the blowjob gallery! I know it's how you affectionately call it. Well actually no! Fellatio Friday is a thing, and what we do here is just aknowledging it. And embracing it.
Like Isa's lips embrace Mirko's peen right here...

"My happy meal" by Isa and Mirko. I want a happy meal too, a rubber toy at least!

I look forward to see what this Friday will bring in term of sword swallowing. Incidentally, if you want your picture to be featured in this post, it is simple!
Go on the Dog Star Fellatio Friday Flickr group and join it. Membership and submissions are controlled to avoid spam. You may submit as many pictures as you like - I am only posting one per person per week - however, if you submit more than one, I will have plenty of pics to choose from in future weeks so there is no limit. Hopefully before you change your face entirely! Pictures must be themed around blowjobs and all models must be human (the caveats one must use for SL!).

Fellatio Friday - Last BJ of the Year 2/2 - Notorious B.E.N.

Floor-to-Floor Facial - Dokie

from her At the Masseuse set, Isobel Ohmai

 Glory Glory! - Louise Kristan Faulds

 Playing Pool - Yannick Whoa

Another Couple Night - PJ Thornton

 Fellatio Friday 12-30-16 - Mezzman Darkmist

Igor Romanov's Cleaning the Pool Guy and Leanna Mai's version, Floa-latio

from the 'Audition' shoot with Lesley, iSwallow Studio

 Fucking Amin - Abhati O

Keep Him Happy (2) - Ramos Darkfold

 Garage Payments - Sara Runo-Reed

After Clubbingpicture 12 in the series by Rikki Sixx

 Logan and Tegan - Logan Oleary

 Lick for the Camera - Rachel Swallows

 lick it ... - Larah Sa'fir

 Lick Your Lips - Laura Demonista

 Lickity Spit - Ditta Bruun

 Licking like a Ice Cream Cone - Marcus Strong

 Long Neck Style - ChrisBearz

Threesome-Big Finish  - Cheryl Reddevil

With Renay at Tropical Futa Fanatics a set by Drakaina Lamia

Rachel the Skater Girl, part #1 of a shoot by mr. Hoobs

 Razor's Edge - Slither Studios

 from C and SpankyChristina Vilda

 The Cabin with Mary Solcito - by Nicko

 The width of your circles - Sandra Palletier

 Deeper - Alexis Futanari

from her Sashiation set, Aria Horan ,

And in closing, why not sending a belated happy birthday to a protagonist of many Fellatios,
Larry's Birthday Blowout :P - by Barracuz through the always gorgeous Ella Tyran!

Enjoy your Fellatio Friday and have a great week!

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