Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Customer Service: Checking Her Tailpipe

I love cheesy porn titles! In this short film I play a young woman who encounters a horny mechanic, played by Xalted, who is lucky enough to later encounter the young woman's mother, also played by me. Enjoy :)

Friday, December 11, 2020

Dog Star Featured Model #328 - KittyKaty96 (Kathryn)

In SL and RL it's always nice to meet someone who is simply comfortable in their own skin.  KittyKaty96 (who goes by Kathryn) is such a person.  I met with her at her house which was nicely decorated for Christmas and got to know her a bit while I took a few pics.  Enjoy!  💋 ~Isa

Isa:  Where in the world are you from?
Kathryn:  I'm from the south of England.

Isa:  What do you enjoy doing in SL?
Kathryn:  Well, mostly hang out with my SL friends. I have a few RL friends on here too. We all meet once a month since we can't see each other IRL. I'm also a host at a club called LSH.

Isa:  Your avatar is very petite; what is your motivation behind your overall look?  
Kathryn:  My first thought was to try and match my look on my real look. I've tried many different avatars and none felt right. Someone suggested I try Tonic, the body I have now and... yeah. I instantly felt this was more me. I'm 23 IRL.

Isa: What are your Turn On's?
Kathryn:  Umm... I have a few but I'm really into dom/sub.  I'm definitely not Domme but I'm also not very submissive lol. I disobey a lot.  Also, I like pain. My main kink is consensual non-consensual role play.

Isa: What are your Turn Off's?
Kathryn:  Blood is a definite turn off. Any mention or any sight of it, I instantly go lightheaded, feel sick and turned off. I don't like the terms slut and whore either. (Isa - totally agree!  Let's stop slut-shaming!)

Isa:  What is your sexual orientation?
Kathryn:  Pansexual. I like people based on their personality. I still have a preference like most people but if I had feelings for another girl, i wouldn't deny those feelings.

Isa:  Flickr page?:  

Isa:  What is your happiest SL memory or experience?
Kathryn:  Oh. I was asked to model for an item of clothing at K*Zhu Fashion and my picture is up in their main store.

Kathryn wears the Tonic Fine avatar with the minimizer chest add-on and the Catwa Catya head.  

Photos by Isabelle Cheviot - shot on location at Kathryn's private residence.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020


6 friends reunite at a seedy motel in the desert for a weekend of hiking and debauchery.  But their fun soon turns to terror when an unseen presence, and some unseemly characters, change their plans.  

Starring (in order of appearance): Elesha Aleixandre, Rachel Avro, Isabelle Cheviot, Carl Bartholomew, Xalted Violet, Hemy Haber, Katina Cazalet, and Larry Vinaver.

Click here to watch the film click me!, or watch it below:

Monday, December 7, 2020

Dog Star Featured Model #327 - MariahDoll

I'm thrilled to feature Mariah today!  Of course she's a stunner but she's been super friendly as well and I'm glad she's todays Dog Star Featured model!  💋

Where are you from in RL?:    Denmark

What do you enjoy doing in SL?:     I like to build and landscaping...I like to take kinda like it all...

Flickr page?:

Turn Ons:    A well dressed man ...romantics... intelligence.

Turn Offs:     Rude people.. arrogance and yes, the opposite from what I just said. :)

Sexual Preference?:   Straight.   I am a little submissive when it come to sex (not at all submissive out of the bedroom) and I prefer the full quickies!

What is your happiest SL memory?: I guess falling in love with my best friend...and still having him as my best friend, even after we broke up our partnership.   (awwww - Isa)

Mariah wears Catwa and Maitreya.

Pictures by Isabelle Cheviot

Saturday, December 5, 2020

FEAR - Film Premier 12/8 1-3 pm SLT

Be VERY afraid...or be brave and come to the premier party for Dog Star Productions latest release, "FEAR".  Starring (in order of appearance) Elesha Aleixandre, Rachel Avro, Isabelle Cheviot, Carl Bartholomew, Xalted Violet, Hemy Haber, Katina Cazalet, and Larry Vinaver, FEAR explores what happens when 6 friends reunite in the desert for a weekend...there is plenty of pleasure, and plenty of terror.  No wait, fear (and maybe a laugh or two)!  Just come and watch the damned movie, ya snowflake!  💋

Tuesday December 8th 1-3 pm SLT at the Gemini Gallery.  Clothing optional.

Friday, December 4, 2020

Dog Star Featured Model #326 - Stacey Munro

Please enjoy today's featured model, Stacey Munro!  💋

Where are you from in RL?:    Edinburgh, Scotland. Its a wonderful city which changes throughout the year, especially in July and August when the Festivals take place. 

What do you enjoy doing in SL?:     I DJ (Mondays at Saffron!!) as well as going to clubs, listening to good music, DJs as well as live. I enjoy meeting interesting people, and finding out what makes them tick and gets them going. I enjoy photography in SL too - both taking photos and modelling. And I love being with my partner, especially when she is having fun!

Flickr page?:

Turn Ons:    I am a traditionally feminine girl. I love heels and stockings, which sadly aren't worn in RL so much these days, so I like to wear them as often as I can here! Dita is one of my heroines - I was lucky to see her perform once in London.

I love strong intelligent people who know what they want, and can make things happen. Guys or girls, or anything else which makes my juices flow!!

I am also a bit of a cuckoldress - I love seeing my partner being seduced and used by others. the harder the better! She loves me being there too - we will have been partnered two years in January, so it is working well for us!

Turn Offs:     Ignorance and arrogance are the main ones. If you have to have a label which announces how special you are, chances are, you aren't. And boring sex - one on one, in a bed, in private? You better be special!!

Sexual Preference?:   Bisexual.

What is your happiest SL memory?: I have met so many wonderful people in SL and done so many amazing things, its difficult to pick one - there have been so many. But I will hope that my best memory is yet to come!

Stacey wears Lelutka Nova 2.5 head with a custom shape, and Maitreya Lara 5.3.. Currently wearing the Skinnery Karima skin.  She also wears Eredita body mods to give her a tighter tummy and better thigh gap!  She has a good selection of makeup, and also hair. She is normally a redhead, but can be blonde, black and any colour in between!

Pictures by Isabelle Cheviot