Wednesday, May 27, 2015

From the Archives - 'Lost' Dogstar film found

Many of you know that Dog Star was started by a guy named Liam Erde.  He and I made a few films together before RL called him away from SL.  He occasionally pops in and has done some voice overs for MY films.  Liam is who taught me how to film, how to do all of the 'technical' stuff behind the scenes and really got me started with being a director.  He gave me all of Dog Star movies HE had made and most of them are on the blog - all except one (until now). I owe him a lot.

This early film we made was called 'Lust - Arienne' and shows me as a brunette (I used to be for a long long time!). I thought it was lost forever when went down but I found the file in the wrong folder.  Yay!

Here it is:

Anyway - it's a fun film to watch; hope you like it.  :)

Isa - xoxo

Trick Shot

Watch Rachel Avro in her first Dog Star film as she makes good use of Rob Roxley's 'pool stick'.  Ha ha!

Where it all started...

I found an old film recently (post coming soon) in which I get my throat ravaged, and it got me to looking for my very first film ever..and I found it as well.

'Poolside' was the very first porn film I was ever in (and the only one I've made outside of Dog Star.

Directed by Priapus Moelenaux - I remember how excited I was making this film and how eager I was to see the finished product.

Enjoying some nostalgia,



Saturday, May 23, 2015

Brazilian Nut - new film release

RL kept me from putting this film together as soon as quickly as I would have liked but I think it was worth the wait.

Watch CrisaV, Rob Roxley and I in Brazilian Nut!

Enjoy - xoxo - Isa

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Exclusive!! First Time Lesbian scene

I am honored to have been able to film the gorgeous Miwa Jie in her first time with another woman and more importantly to have been that woman. Check her out in First Time.

New Film Release - A Legal Affair

Introducing Urmeli Ellisson to Dogstar Productions in the best way I know how.  :)

Urmeli & the incomparable Rob Roxley work out their differences in A Legal Affair.

Here are some pics from the film - enjoy!!

XO - Isa