Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Don't Tell Your Mother

 Larry and Isabelle are both having trouble sleeping.  You know what happens next....

Watch the film here!


Dog Star Productions Featured Model #354 - Alexis Tsuki

Isa: Where are you from?
Alexis:  I am from a small town in Mexico, I currently live in one of the largest cities in the country now.

Isa: What do you enjoy doing in SL?
Alexis:  I love exploring my naughtier sides, in addition to shopping and visiting beautiful places, I love meeting new people with new paths to follow. I think I'm an explorer at heart, so I like to leave the door open to all kinds of new discovery.

Isa:  What turns you on?
Alexis:  Well, I think I'm a girl with simple tastes, although I also have some specific desires. I think my greatest pleasure is discovering completely new things. People who are open with what they want is something that I totally like. Sincerity and camaraderie. The best place to start with me is my mind.

Isa:  What turns you off?
Alexis:  I think I don't like people who are rude or who simply don't respect the wishes of others, I think there is a lot in RL that prevents us from doing so, but here we are all free. In other ways, I hate blood and things that have to do with excessive physical abuse.

Isa:  What mesh are you currently wearing?
Alexis:  Legacy Perky and Lelutka Raven

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Dog Star Productions Featured Model #353 - Alison

 Isa: Where are you from?
Alison: UK

Isa: What do you like doing in SL?
Alison: I like to explore creative sims, especially fantasy sims.  I often dress as a fairy and regress into my childhood a little.

Isa: What turns you on?
Alison: I like natural settings...SL or RL...I love sex outdoors.

Isa: What turns you off?
Alison: Pushy guys, and guys who think they know best.  Also, romance...or at least the male version of it;  such a buzzkill.  A lot of guys tend to follow the same patter expecting us to fall into bed.  It's kind of pathetic, really.  Give me imagination and originality!

Isa: What is your sexual preference?
Alison: I prefer guys but sometimes there's an itch that only another woman can scratch.

Isa: What mesh stuff do you wear?
Alison: Legacy Perky and Lelutka Ora, with Session EvoX 'Erika' skin.

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Welcome Home

 Isa gets a text that her man is coming home from a business trip and spends that time getting ready to give him a very special Welcome Home.

Saturday, November 11, 2023

X Girlfriends

I'm proud to offer up the latest film from Dog Star Productions:  X Girlfriends!  

Starring Callie Jillybean in her first porn role, Isabelle Cheviot (who also directed the film), and the always willing-to-help Xalted Violet, X Girlfriends tells the story of what happens when Callie reaches out to Isa for some advice.   Click here to watch film...but be sure to have a towel handy! 💋

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

My Step Sister's Problem

 Poor Julie has a's kinda personal but luckily her step brother is available to give her a hand.  And whatever else it takes to fix her problem....

My Step Sister's Problem

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Dog Star Productions Featured Model #352 - Callie Jillybean

Isa:            Where are you from in RL?
Callie:        Florida

Isa:            What do you like to do in SL?
Callie:        I like meeting people, exploring new places , live music and of course dabbling in all the naughty stuff.

Isa:            What are your turn ons?
Callie:        I am turned on by intelligence, wit, and humor.

Isa:      What are your turn offs?
Callie:   I am turned off by rudeness, aggressiveness, or arrogance.

Isa:          What mesh head and body do you wear?
Callie:       Maitreya and Lelutka

Isa:          What are your sexual preferences?
Callie:  Straight