Monday, April 11, 2022

Dog Star Productions Featured Model #347 - Adele

Isa: Where are you from?
Adele: Copenhagen, Denmark

Isa: What do you like to do in SL?
Adele:  I like meeting new people from all over the world, I like dancing and going to beaches ~ I like nude beaches ~ and I also like having fun with people I meet.

Isa: What turns you on?
Adele:  I like to try out fantasies in SL and I like especially mature men, especially if they LOOK mature. And I like when others see me nude.

Isa: What turns you off?
Adele:  As I said I like mature men, but if they try to make it age play, that really turns me off. I am 26 and I am not a child. 

Isa: What mesh are you wearing?
Adele:  Maitreya / Catwa Susan

Isa: What are your sexual preferences/orientation?
Adele:  I mostly prefer men but have been with some women and she-males.

Isa: What would you like to do in SL some day?
Adele:  I would like to be a dress designer some day.