Monday, June 21, 2021

Dog Star Featured Model #334 - Dae Yerkinov

I am SO glad to have FINALLY connected with my good friend, Dae Yerkinov.  Dae is the long time partner of my friend and sometimes film performer, Ivan Yerkinov.  That's how Dae and I met anyway but she has come to be a friend as well and is truly one of the most authentic and friendly people I've met in SL.  I'm happy she is my friend and I'm happy to feature her here on my blog.  

Shot on location at Chankanaab.

Isa:    Where in the world are you from?

Dae:    Midwest USA

Isa:      What do you like doing in SL?

Dae:   That's a complex question.  I think people come to SL to fulfill a need or desire.. I did not realize what I was looking for until I found it.. Corny but met a man who I really care about.  Of course you know Ivan.. we met by chance but I feel a strong connection to him.

Isa:    What do you aspire to do in SL?

Dae:   Before I met Ivan, I just enjoyed having fun and meeting people.. of course sexual gratification was always there though not all my friends were sexual partners. I have discovered I have a sense of decor.. It has been fun to shop and explore that here.

Isa:     What are your turn On's?   

Dae:  Turn Ons? A man who makes me laugh; intelligence is vital. to me, it is not a sexual position,, it is a connection.

Isa:  What are your turn Off's?

Dae:  Someone trying to Dom me *shivers*   our sex organs really are our brains and in SL where you are using a virtual avatar to connect, it is more important than ever.

Isa:   Can you share your 'standard' avatar specs?  

Dae:  Dae is a Catwa head with a Maitreya body and Deetalez skin