Friday, August 31, 2018

Fellatio Friday #103

Hello and welcome once more to Dog Star Fellatio Friday! This is #103, 103 like the minutes the big blood moon event lasted this summer! Which is not bad, really, I wish everyone could do that!
Anyway we're not talking about moons, astral globes, no need to worry about a waxing crescent and other configurations, because this aaaall about the mouths, and tongues and obviously, the object of such oral attention! So without further ado...

There you have Alexandria Topaz with some Pole Smokin. The healthy smokin!

....let's get into the disclaimer that so gets in the way! Scroll, scroll! Here I am just reminding you of the Dog Star Fellatio Friday Flickr Group, since the pictures come from there, posted by their members. Join and let's make the biggest oral sex group in SL even bigger! This blog post features one pic per person tops and we have members with hundreds of photos, and dozens get posted every week so please, no hard feelings when your photo is not here: it may be in the following weeks (I dig deep back!) and there's nothing to win anyway. Just scroll, check out the cocksucking shots, well done, inventive and varied, and see it as the contribution from Isa and I to the FF meme going on guessed, Friday! Ok, pics to follow, see ya!

Mine - Zunx

Mouth or hand - Jade Doet

Oh my God! - Vii Bellic

Let's Play Dirty - Abhati O

crossed - Torsten Holst

Morning Glory - Scotty

Tasting - Paula Berger

And this is Snapshot_020 by BigD Elcano!

A day at the cottage - Brea Brianna

Happy Ending Indeed - Chase Stone

Clenches... - Damien Godard

Bound and Inked - Curty Dovgal

Well. That sucks. - Laina (and read the whole short story for the full effect!)

Jewell and Koz FF - Kozmo Reitman

A New Kind of Hunger - Kalika Juliesse

Foxy Foxy ( rob zombie ): Frenzy & Katheryn♥ - Frenzy

BBC Slut 2 - Ava Guapo

Dancer on her knees - Dax Rahl

Dog Day Summer Afternoon-9_001 - from Tommy Gun's fave album of mine

Street art of making a mess - Sandra Palletier

Wanting More - Eamon

Happy Ass, Happy Cock, Happy Mouth - Kara Hawk

Sharing the attention - Ted Dosei

We interrupt this blogcast for a Public Service announcement  by Marcus Strong. Thank you.

Double pleasure - Mirko Panacek

Donation gratefully received - Isla Grace

red light kisses - Argosi Domenici

But we are only getting started - Ayany Beaumont

Just a little kiss - Cronus Storm

All eyes on you - Talisker Braveheart

Was it Poker or Blackjack? - Koko Tigerauge

M.V.P. - Kera Firecaster

Carrie - Ricky Kariunga

Smile :) - Satomi Kano

Her Favorite Lollipop - Fellatio Friday - Storm Greystoke

Snapshot_237 by SamySaintClaire

And I am closing the blog post today with a couple screenshots from movies done by our group members! One is actually from our group founder herself Isabelle Cheviot, who gets stranded at Mature Doggers and does all it takes to dial home in A quarter short with Grunter Little, part of Isa's Shorts vol 2.
And the other is from Kayla Whittaker: she has been doing new movies again and here we have the pretty Nuur in the latest episode of Second Life Pornstars.

Enjoy the rest of your week, the weekend, and think about savouring the fine pleasures of life 24/7!

Thursday, August 30, 2018