Friday, August 17, 2018

Fellatio Friday #101

Hello and welcome, to Fellatio Friday 101! Oh dear, with such a number, I feel like I should give you an introductory course or something, but the pics below show how you may have a few things to teach me! Let's learn more with these weekly lessons ! After our celebratory (first) #100post, with photos from the party and such, it's time to get back to business. As usual, this is based on the great submissions posted on the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group. Join it if you haven't yet, it's without a doubt the biggest of its kind in SL and you only contribute to make it grow ! No pun intended!

Today we open with Hypnotised by Jewell Infinity. And they say that hypnosys is balderdash! Pfft!

Hmm, what is it that I put here besides 'join the group' ? Ah, yeah. I wish I could aknowledge the work of each and every one of you, especially since the group tries to be very inclusive and feature a broad spectrum of 'fellatio' including cock worship and fun pics that simply evoke oral sex (there's also a Pussy Licking group for you to join !). With the pics potentially eligible being always in triple digits between galleries, it's bound to omit a lot. It's the nature of this kind of post, so don't think too much of it and just enjoy a glimpse of FF pics you have seen already or you are discovering for the first time! Let's start then with the orally busiest model of this couple of weeks aka Jewell in...

Don't Bite - Grim Skall

Pipe Job 2/2 - Notorius B.E.N. (as usual, with plenty more in a fantastic blog post )

Hold Still - Leannan McCormick

Fellatio Friday - Cock Worship - Cheryl Reddevil

A matter of life and depth - Sandra Palletier

Spread - Renee Melendez

Savor the Moment - Cykes

A moment that every man should experience - Ted Dosei

Mouthful - Cody Aethmorot

it's her again: Jewell on my jewells - Gidea Dagger

Colin and Logan Angel - Logan OLeary

Taste of Heaven - Kalika Raven

Morning, planning, BJ's.. no breakfast :( - Victoria Oryl

Giggle Snorts - Ashlynn Jameson

The flautist, the Oberleutnant, and his wife. - Ash

Eat me Drink me - Domizia Rosea

Debi Gets Closer to Deep Throat - Luke Fortacos

Good Morning - Traci Quandry

Clean Up - Chase Stone

Family Guy - Bech Hellershanks

and Public Sex ,  Sara Hellershanks' version!

Blew.... I mean Blue - Rebel Liousone

Tonsil tickler - Nikki T

Snapshot_015 - BigD Elcano

Obcession - Jasmine

all night long - Abhati O

Hot tub blowjob - Ayela

Thirsty - Jade Doet

Tease me please me - Dax Rahl

Good to the last drop! Fellatio Friday! - Storm Greystoke

sunday pool afternoon double lick - Ludwig Sabretooth

Nevoir poses @ XXX original event [ Im Your Girl ] - Bibble Sugartooth

D&C Contest ~ Something In Your Mouth (FF) - Kozmo Reitman

Tasty Treat..No BOYS allowed - Marcus Strong

One Of These Nights 4 - Jugulator Foxclaw (and check out the album!

Happy Friday - Forbidden Fruit

Open Wider Babygirl - Vixxen Rainbow

Gag reflexes. - Goo Mami

Watching You, Watching Me - Tegan Malone

And how do we close this post? Well, one more pat on the back for the fuckiest party of the year (or something :p) at Gemini in this insta-pic by Tricia Danielson with Celebrating Fellatio Friday #100 . And here's a beauty by Willow Ishmene in FridayRemi!

Enjoy this Friday!

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