Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Beaver's Digest - Volume 27

Hello and welcome to the Beaver's digest! Recapping the smut that has been happening in the world of adult entertaintment and arts. It's Mardi Gras aka Fat Thursday (can I say fat? Overwheight is less triggering maybe?) and it's gonna be one pretty chubby edition, so without further ado we get to...


The first movie I am gonna cover in this recap of the post-valentine half of February is one of the latests from Prurient Pictures, It's Closing Time...?
Well, damn, I have to open the thing yet! No, it's the title, question mark and all!

Not a hard plot to follow:
Working late at a roadside bar, Harley is about to close up when during a terrible storm a handsome stranger arrives. The smell of gas and sweat, the miles on the road and his rugged good looks stir a deep wanton lust within her...

Like in the previous Prurient Pictures flicks, first of all props to the director Night Gaunt (Cornelius333) for the choice of the actress: showcased perfectly throughout the movie, Harley oozes personality in her avi and fits very well the role. Credits to Cornelius for showing the wild side of this girl with some stunning, hot and dirty visuals, but it simply would have not worked the same with an actress all clean cut and barbie doll-y. The chemistry between the two characters is just palpable.

The very talented Harley Snakeankle of Slither studios fame also treats us with some remarkable backstage shots. Take a look on her flickr  and then come back for more, with 'more' being this video version, that features precise animation and a terrific mood.

Speaking of mood, Cornelius has been very active in his moviemaking, and one of the many perks of his style lies also in the way he is able to set up a different scenario enriching the rudimentary if non existant 'plot' with inspired vein. Once more a happy union between the scenery and the look of the model is this "The Oyabuns Gift".

The plot goes like this:
A trip to Japan and a surprise gift from the local Oyabun; a visit from the lovely and talented Kiko Phuksalot (pokey snoodle) ;)

Now, that's certainly one heck of a gift, steamy oyabuns! Ms. Phuksalot (I kinda wanna see her going to Phukett, or seriously Bangkok...hey not to mix my asian references and be culturally insensitive!) has the perfect look of the asian pornstar, the curvy, kinda mature type . You know, the kind that doesn't make you wonder how many articles of the TOS you may be unknowingly violating.

The bathhouse cum massage parlour is explored pretty well and adds to the mix in what are 9 well paced minutes that get everything rigth about a movie of this kind. Just about the right amount of setup needed to make you squirm with anticipation and then get right to business. If you want to see some hairy gaijin sink his claws into a japanese beauty, forget that Wolverine movie and watch this instead!

To complete the (non) trilogy of movies directed by Cornelius in the past days, something more 'classic', aka a movie about a director banging the model! Well that NEVER happens, right? It's time for 'scene 2' of Ravenous SLuts, featuring Mariann Beres!

I had seen and chatted with Mariann on a number of occasions, nothing more than a bit of light flirting, I'd often find my eye drawn to her gorgeous looking body and the way she'd dress...anyway we got to talking the other night and when I asked if she wanted to model in a porn scene , she was thrilled at the prospect...well we all know what happened next right? ;)

I myself had the pleasure to work with this Norwegian beauty a couple years ago in the movie Serenity and Louise honored me with, Kat's Anatomy. Mariann was a runner-up of the tightly contested XXX Factor contest together with her friend Shae Bellambi, and having them both in a sex cameo in the green room was the least we could do! It's such a pleasure to see her now in a movie entirely dedicated to showcase her, and she retains the same charm in her looks I remembered her having, only updated as needed.

What else to add, besides the fact that everything about this vid is positively 'prurient' ? Again a simple premise for a great display of sex that will get you certainly interested in the actress on display. It's somewhat difficult to get your video seen, unfortunately, but I am telling you, that if looks were everything, these would be starmaking movies, as each of these avis truly look like they belong on set and just work delightfully. Props to Cornelius for capturing the actress so well.

Now let's get to the work of the rookies, shall we?!
Here's someone we're gonna see mentioned again throughout the digest and we see all the time checking out Racheal Rexxen's daily notice recap. The most active (t)girl in porn today, Curty Dovgal and her True Ginger Photography studio.

I am proud today to have accomplished making my first (Of hopefully many) films. Starring Monique Lefry and myself in some hot bondage and anal action!
Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/transarcadia/33006209751/in/datetaken/
The Blog: http://truegingerphotography.blogspot.com/2017/02/blog-post.html
Xtube: http://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Beach-BDSM-30199711

Ok, listen to my heavy bias when I say that Curty couldn't pick a better actress for her debut flickr than the ever delicious Monique LeFry. A patient model with plenty of experience, she also happens to have one of the finest asses in the biz, and Curty gets to use it plenty throughout the movie! She is also used to the rigors of the Canadian winter and I am sure she can go without food for long periods of time in case Curty forgot to feed her when she just walks off to the whimsical movie score leaving her all chained up.

Curty has one more hat to wear on top of her ginger head now. This is a solid debut for Curty the Director, and again an example for everyone. We look forward to see more movies, and see her making an impact the way she is able to. Her success in photography and determination to get her name out there not just waiting on the opportunities - opportunities that still she is more than apt at capturing- are very encouraging in that sense.

Not a newcomer by any stretch of the imagination is the avatar behind the NM name of "NightCreature". Forgive me for the rather cryptic entry of the digest, but I simply desire to point you to this brilliant piece of visual arts that is "Hold me down".

The beauty of this video lies in its simplicity. Few times if ever it happens to witness the intimacy of two virtual bodies with this degree of arousing (im)perfection. You know someone is trying to be a movie critic or something when they start putting bits of words between parenthesis so I stop: just take a look at this video and squirm with me!

But it's time to show more porn, and more multiple entries from some of the most active guys in the biz. That's what I get for taking a week of break thinking that maybe i didn't have so much to cover...I come back to tons! Let's take a look at Jennylou's work!

I found this Cheating Couples to be a movie of real interest. The general plot goes like this: a man (Storm Manx) is in bed with 'the other woman' in his life, Tina. His wife played by (and being!) Holly Max waited for him in vain as he is too busy following his cheating instincts to care. But it's a game that two can play, as she happens to walk into the room of "The Friendly Guy", played by Sawyer Ford.

The movie follows into the steps of the cheeky "blur the line between reality and plot" gimmick we already saw used in Before my date Arrives, sharing also one of the locations. But it doubles up on it adding a real thrill. Also, it has way more car innuendos than I anticipated! Save some of those for your next road movie, Jennylou!

This movie allows Jennylou to experiment more with her direction. The back and forth between the two newly recombined couples offers an intringuing contrast between the frantic pace set by the cheating yet somewhat preoccupied hubby and the more leisurely tempo established in the not-so-lonely wife's encounter. The cross-cutting montage towards the end is a great show of imagination.

We get another evolution of an idea already seen at work in a previous movie in her following The Interview (at the Reproductive Office). Obviously The Reproductive Office is the film referenced.

'The Interview' amps up the fun banter that was part of the enjoyment in the original, with Jennylou 'as her own bad self' interacting with Amber, the star of the movie together with one of the most dependable actors used by Jennylou, Mike of Legend. Dru Lambert has a cute walk in cameo that will get a laugh out of you for sure.

What else to add if not that the movie is entertaining as it plays its humor right, the sex is well shot and the actress is a cutie? Check it out at

And to close the list, I have to add Riennamation! Much to my disappointment it is not a Lovecraft inspired zombie movie but much to your joy it's a threesome flick with the beautiful redhead Rienna Claridge as focus, with Jimbo20000 Quan and MikeofLegend as her partners.

The movie takes the opportunity to open up with the traditional Jennylou brand of humor, using the trope of her opening on the shore already seen previously, but with of course Rienna taking her place. From then, it moves in traditional threesome territory, but I am sure there are no complaints there! Presented in glorious Riennamation colour, here you have it:

Now, what's not to love about Kayla Whittaker's porn? We have two from her since the last time we saw her on these pages. The first being Love Session!

Thadd Maxim is Kayla's co-star in this, or viceversa. Can the porn world have enough of interracial porn with a well endowed black guy with a mature look and one curvy chick who is more than eager to please him?

Of course not, and you can admire the video at this address:
Now for the next one...we even have the poster!

The second movie is The Pool Boy (and the Twins), and brings on the scene two sexy stars like Johnny Whadd as the pool boy, and Kayla Bombastic as the twin of Kayla.
Yes you heard it right, this movie puts Kayla and Kayla together!
Can Johnny handle this Kaylageddon?

He certainly can: 20 minutes of threesome porn with just that fresh aroma of twincest that the pool chlorine can't scrub off! Needless to say, with both Kaylas this had to be a bombastic, and boobastic vid that sets the events in motion quick enough and lets you feast on hot bods no-stop, to the sound of the very screamy audios that only ms. Whittaker knows how to pick so well!


Carly Morrissey did not come up with a new episode of 'Her Revenge/Her Ambition', but she is not one to be idle, as her interview project carried through the blog continues. I can't refrain from placing in the movie section the glorious video she did to hype the post about Sindee.

Bearing an uncharacteristic Game of Thrones iconography, this ends up being a complete feast for the eyes: Zepp always seems to bring a strong presence whenever he lends his trademark look to a new role, and Sindee literally graces the screen with her presence. What an absolute stunner: for sure Carly hits the mark when it comes to showcase her actress.

Since she tells me that I never say anything bad about her movies, I will be nitpicky and say that the flickering of the tattoo on Zepp's body are an unfortunate blemish in the otherwise...completely flawless and amazingly display she put together, ah fck, I just can't manage to say anything bad with such an orgy of visual excellence.

Okay, now it's kinda time to get serious, because there are so many things I'd like to quickly point out about these, it's not even funny. First of all: the Backlane dudes were back, with their "Backlane Dudes on Tour"!

The plot is simple: after the first movie, boy band members Dillon Lecker, Damien Godard and Nicasio Ansar aka The Backlane Dudes made some friends / gained some creepy stalkers, namely the director of their past video the saggy boobed Katina Cazalet, the (as)set assistant with the killer smile Monique LeFry and the...blue haired hooker who was on set for some reason, Carly Mode.

Who of course decide to chase them when they go on tour, foregoing their stop at one restroom during their trip. Well, Moni and Kat chase, the blue haired hooker was already there, showing that she is either the tactical mind of the trio (God save us) or she is just that magical.
The cast is actually more varied than this, as there's just a lot of pussy stuffed in the glorious ending credits, but I leave you the pleasure to find out.

Besides all the silly stuff I am babbling about, this movie deserves serious praise for Dillon's editing. Dillon is one light hearted director who like to act casual and shoot like he is playing by ear: well, his ear certainly didn't fail him here as the song works very well with the movie, which ends up being paced quite perfectly. With him at the helm, you can be sure that every scene will have 'the cool angle' and it will all blend together and the work in montage both video and audio was very efficient.

But you can see (and hear) that: what I want to point out quickly, and that takes up this bit of extra space, is how much of a coral effort this movie has been. Shooting effectively the driving sequences (yes, there are cars in this Dillon movie, don't be shocked) for instance needed a lot of effort. I had again the chance to work with Monique LeFry in this, and I can say that she does all her driving with as much skill as she has to put together an outfit. She is definitely uber skilled.

At the same time, Dillon needed good scenography for this: together with the scenery at Ballz Deep, big praise goes again to Partee who selflessly just happened to put at Dillon's disposal the whole suburbs he drives through, and to Nicasio Ansar, who did for this movie just so much.

From the set design of the highway and restroom, to a definitely non marginal aspect like coreography (these Dudes can dance!), and many ideas part of the creative process, including the aforementioned crazy credits.
Enough of this, just check it out

Nica had a great part in the set design and his own , outrageously funny 'costume' design in Carly Mode's video "Date Night". As you may infer by the phrasing of the notice.

Hi everyone,
Dillon and I decided to go on a date night this week, but just as we were about to get in the car, our plan sort of..........well, see for yourselves (make sure to watch it in HD to get better quality)
Also starring: the genius Nicasio Ansar and the always wonderful Katina Cazalet.
Love you all !

It was a real pleasure to help Carly out in her ever continuing mission to explore strange new holes, to porn up new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before and probably for a good reason! It was hard to top a movie with horse head porn, but I think that the beaujolais-on-xenomorph anal action in this video kinda did it. Again I find myself not 'wanting' to give away much of the movie, which is directed with her usual skill and with the crisp graphics she can provide.

I am of course too close to the source to seriously evaluate the reception an ideal audience can give to a movie like this: all I can say is that I found it hilarious and that I think that the recurrence of certain themes and characters is an element of interest to me. I hope that some of the people who are interested in appearing in machinima will take a few moments to watch Carly and Dillon's recent and past work and express their opinions and perhaps contribute to their next even just in term of ideas that would resonate with them.

Enjoy the movie! It has aliens but it's not scary!

(by the way: the new episodes of Space Sluts are out. For ONCE I have a valid segue to "porn with weird looking aliens", can you imagine THAT?)


Again, this cute plotless series sui generis is not to be mistaken with ...well, you know with what!


Fine, this overlong movie section has nearly come to an end - and I could have included more. The last movie for now is "Rough Ride"

From Rude Runner Studios a Filthy Penny Production Presents Rough Ride. A coast to coast three day non-stop sex ride. Starring Mitzy Broadway, Max Long, Jack Stroker, Peter Moore, Kandie Kox. Mitzy will do anything for a ride to Los Angeles because she is afraid to fly.

My description of this movie is gonna bleed into the next section of the Digest: just saying for now, that the talent of Max and Mitzy was crystal clear to admire since their debut already. Beach Bang was as impressive as it gets, packed with the finest smut, and the following movies, especially Minotaur, might have tackled really risque themes but did it with technical mastery.

One thing the Rude Runner Studios movies have, is ambition. Ambition to make the best possible product and make the ideas come true, sure. And ambition to be seen and noticed. Which is why, I would imagine, they expressed interest in a premiere party for the movie.


Ah, here it comes,the party section! It was certainly nice to have a premiere party for a movie once again. I already covered my view of this type of even in a post. I repeat here that movies require lots of work, especially one of the quality of Rough Ride, and holding an event for it seemed just idea.

 A detail of the drive-in set put together by Nica (with the help of Apple and others) for the premiere (pic by Tiffy)

It was really cool to be able to have on board for the organization Jadelyn McAuley and the whole Hard Alley gang. Jadelyn's tunes were great and the company was tremendous for a party which had a very satisfactory turnout and some 'live' feedback for Mitzy. Once again a big thank you to Nicasio Ansar for making it all possible (fun note: the drive-in is actually the set of Backlane Dudes on Tour repurposed)! And thanks to Tiffy for taking photos of the event, never easy with crowds!

Everyone had a great time at the event, and I am grateful for the great help ! (pic by Tiffy)

But, hey, what about the huge event that happened on the 18th? The SL porn Group Movie Awards were given, in a gala that was entertaining and well received on top of being a celebration for the talents who promote their work through the SL porn group. The event was hosted by Miss Emily, Erin Cedarbridge and myself, and hey, we even announced the winners correctly!

Brea Brianna celebrates the elusive Newcomer of the Year award! Now she can collect more the next edition!

A lot can be said about awards, but most important part to me , what a pleasure it was for me to see so many from the porn community have fun and enjoy the gala of what has been the award show with the widest selection of judges ever assembled in 'porn', with the highest voting ballot turnout so far recorded.

The sexy Moxxie was one of the most lovely partecipants to the award ceremony....and the afterparty

It was a fun event and everyone loves a red carpet, ceremony and after party. If we exclude the fact that (as shown by Carly's movie! some intergalactic forces at work prevented a couple of the winners from enjoying the spotlight, their accomplishments remain, as aknowledged by their peers. No lag problems to speak of: in fact the multiple time winner Miss Emily could break all records for dress changes during an award!

Thorgal struck again at Sunday's beach party!

Let's not forget anyway the regular parties going on at any given time, from the Monday party at the Abbey with Zuby and Pinky to the Sunday beach party at Yana's. Remember, special events or regular parties, no day is the same in porn. Meet new people (and fuck them...), network to help advance your career but throw the calculations off: just have -FUN-, that's the best way to help and facilitate your successful porn experience. Because, awards and faves and honeytongued praise nonwhitstanding, it's only the level of your own enjoyment to determine if your 'career' is a success or not.


The emblem of a successful magazine is for sure Aroused! by Marika Blaisdale, with the valid contribution by the Creative Director Cin.

This is the first truly 'themed' issue by Aroused, as from start to finish it features the work of male photographers. Bringing their perspective from Mars for this number 46 (46!) of the magazine are: Sasquatch Rhino, Solidx, Pierce Karu, Tyler de Leon, Marxx Portal, Mos Kitoz, Michael Nirevil, Phitphanatic, Shockersz, Toxx Genest, Vrir and Cin himself.

Cin (C1nner) relaxing between one issue and another... :p

The lads offer their images, but that can't help but involve some stunning female models, such as Bewitched Difference in Solidx's pictorial.
And the ladies of the magazine Marika and River are present in the issue for the fashion features, including the interview that highlights the -male- designer of this month. One of those magnificent captures Marika got now used to.
Just check out the issue through MP, or Issuu.com, and do not forget to check out the website !


Another magazine that came out in the past weeks was the Valentine issue of Sinful Secrets Magazine! With one beautiful cover by AdilynRae portraying Trouble Hazelnut.

Models of the month are the bodaceous Kimmy we all know and love, TillyTodd, Trouble aka lizzy Winterwolf and Piper aka babygirl181771. The photography by Babs is positively impressive in the issue and shows great range of moods and lights, if you compare the opening 'goth' shoot to the vivid portrail of Piper.

One gorgeous V-day photoshoot by Babs Hazelnut, editor of the magazine

Adylin also contributes again to the erotic writing, with Veronica SinClair's photos and Luci KoonAzz Hazelnut (deadmanjustin) and Sephrina Twine (sephrina1) as models.

Kimmy gets her beauty highlighted in this issue (what, you wanted a 'gets wet' pun? ah cum on!)

You can get the magazine (afaik) only at the magazine's sim, at this slurl. A launch party is in program, so, we may get some saucy scoop soon, who knows! Definitely it's a magazine to keep an eye on.

And finally, as usual pre-empting slightly the new month, we have the new issue of SL Connoisseur!

"This time, I'd like to thank you again for all the messages and ideas that you sent to us straight from beginning, my dear readers. Always looking for more of them.
We have given you the best from fashion, fun and interesting locations, to the world of adult furniture and buildings, as well as our hot Centerfold and Pet's of the Month for March.
Be sure to join our ~SL~ Connoisseur Magazine Fan group to keep updated and be more informed about what we are doing with the magazine.
Relax, have fun, and enjoy with the always hot, new and original ~SL~ Connoisseur Magazine."

The pet of the month is beautifully captured by Cheryl Reddevil

A relaxing issue for sure, but with exciting pictorials like Osiris LeShelle by Cheryl Reddevil or the closing feature by Laura Richards, especially inspired in her 'steamy' tale with Severina.
The cover model is a name familiar to many in our community, a supporter of adult entertainment and often featured in magazines: Rhiannon Skinstad, photographed by Eva Brunswick.
And look out for the new 'sim girl' as Ed put it, Midnight Darkness (midnighttornado)!

And if you think this pic by Laura is hot, pardon, steamy, just get the mag and read the story for it!

Edvard and Onisa's interviews complete the lineup together with the new addition to the staff, Lesley Aristocrat.

Get the magazine on MP and look out for the next release party, Thursday March 2 at 11 am SLT! Remember that you'll end up on the magazine if you show up. One way or another!

Somehow I find funny to imagine the WHOLE interview done through the blackboard. (pic by Kay)

And in closing, the month ends with the announcement of the SL Confidential Man of the Month for march: mrmaydaymalone aka Malone! It's always great to see talent recognized, and Kay Windstorm always brings her A game for the magazine features.


I was really happy to see a new interview on the Peaches N Cream blog by Alexandria Topaz, and with one of the finest and most positive personalities of our community (and a gorgeous one to boot!). We're talking about this article featuring Partee! As usual complemented by the spotless photography by Dusty Pedroia.

Doesn't she have the most iconic look and figure? (pic by Dusty Pedroia for PnC)

Midnight Shinja's blog offers an impeccable selection of delicious femininity. Featured since last time we saw each other:
Samantha Demonge, Athena Mariposa, Butterrcup Arcana , Zeedria and Kimmyoh.

LauraSpain's natural curves are the one feature that would attract the photographer attention for sure

Gotta single out the interviews, aka "catching up with", Ali Lancrae and LauraSpain Neox. Both make for compelling reads. Ali is truly one of the biggest personalities in our scene and her interview is full of her wit and cultivated charm. Accomplished model Laura delivers a REALLY FUNNY interview too!

One of the hardest working ladies in porn today, Ali's interview is informative and a pleasurable read.

One exciting news in the world of blogging has certainly been Curty Dovgal spreading her wings and putting together a new blog, with a help for the logo by Rachel Swallows. From her opening post:

" Welcome to True Ginger Photography. I know, another person, another studio. Well we all have our aspirations and ideas of how things should be in this crazy world of SL Porn and Erotic art. I in turn have my own. With my a new studio location and some recently purchased tools to get me started making film, you can expect to see both film and static art coming from this studio. 

Curty too is a real hard worker, although you wouldn't tell from this pose!

Being rather novice in the Porn industry of SL I have felt the challenges of trying to make a name. One of my objectives here at True Ginger will be to help launch new careers, get exposure for new models and help people into porn that are otherwise having a hard time finding a role. I will also as you might expect have a bit of a focus on my transgender friends and models.".

Dax Rahl gets to be on the other side of the lens for this one

Models featured so far, KimberLost, Jazara, Dax Rahl, Roxxy. And do not forget the movie with Monique! Also yeah do not forget the buttload of amazing photoshoots that on top of her blog's work she has been doing for us at Dog Star... Porn is definitely a better place when someone puts their mind to showcase others.

Kioke shines in her pictorial and interview curated by Catherine Palen

On the SLA Media blog curated by Caroline, here's the profile of one gorgeous blonde who has been protagonist of a few shoots with her rather photogenic look.
Here's Kioke Mio.

The gorgeous Sara in a pictorial that has much better caption than this!

Tempted Passion's DV8 Studios brought to life new beautifully done interviews. First class photos with the cute cheeky caption to liven it all up. And the models featured are all such beauties. Sara Sheperd, Gaea Danic-Doulton, Lin aka Malinda Talbot.

My eyes are up here...I mean....on the right...

A further reminder: the full interview with Sindee is on Carly Morrisey's website, and it's a pleasant read from one of the most active and positively Sexiest pornstars in the biz today.


Ben has always a taste for expressive photos, and stays true to the set title here!

Ben had a little bit of a break due to the flu, but guess what: before the break he indulged into a smouldering set with the super pretty Simone Landers, and now he is back in Full Swing with PJ Thornton!

Larry Vinaver adds another award to his collection, and you can read it all on the SL Porn Blog.

And finally, the SL Porn website contains the complete coverage of the movie awards, including the red carpet photos by Erin Cedarbridge, information about next year's , obviously the winners! http://secondlifeporn.blogspot.com/2017/02/the-golden-cock-goes-to.html
And simply put the best up-to-date information about what goes on in the porn world, by the wonderful, hard working Racheal Rexxen.


The good thing about Digests this 'top heavy', with so many movies to cover, is that I feel partially justified in a rather simplistic coverage of the photo aspect. Remember to follow the galleries edited by Ali Lancrae on the Sexiest Pornstars blog, and promote your photos the best you can.

30 followers? I thought she had m..Ooooh. I get it now.

I lost track of how many accomplishments and badges of honor have appeared in the past couple of weeks, like Carla Draesia's 7 million views!. IM me with some and I'll make up to you in a mini-gallery next Tuesday! Meanwhile, we celebrate with the wonderful Zuby her follower number 3'000.

Not sold in any newstand, no need to operate machines, no bubblegum to chew (swallowing is preferred)

Popular photo series continue, from the In Good Company Trading Cards by Marcus Strong, to Pornstars and their Rides by Dax Rahl (Anyka, Kayla W., Curty, Moxxie , Whims are some of the recent additions), from Carla Draesia's Porn on Tv that keeps reachign new heights (or lenghts), to Tammy Jones's sci-fi album v 2.0, close to 1/3 towards its ambitious 100 models goal.

Janna Sugarbeet Surrenders to Jack in this fine example of the series' potential and variants.

But(t) Jack Guru's new series 'Surrender' seems to be a success as well, and the concept is an interesting one! Fun to see how different the various models can look with just some details...And how differently girls can stretch! In just a couple days it raked up over 3 dozens of butts and I would imagine about twice as many feet!

It might be no transfer, but still most models don't trust leaving their watch on the table before sex.

Aria Horan amongst the many individual photos taken, shared with us what is the longest photoset since I started this digest - not her absolute record, though! Dark Desire is a photoset with a very natural progression and articulation - and it's freaking intense. Just like her Nocturne was the shortest, and yet it packs a lot of erotic punch.

Busty Redheads vol 19. Can you get any pornier than THAT?

Amongst the most prolific pornographers, another mention for Harley Snakeankle, with at least three photosets that are porn gold. Dirty Jake's , Breakfast at Sofia's, and the behind the scenes of Busty Redeheads 19 (no kidding!)  . What drives me crazy is that Harley pulls a lot of these shots from old material, even years back. Her style and uniqueness has rendered her look interesting and not a single bit outdated.

"How I Learned to Be A Pornstar", great set with Addy Summerwind. Marcus is the ideal teacher for that!

Harley was always one of the models for that man Marcus Strong. Yep, Marcus is relentless in his pursuit of the finest girls, and actually i should say, avatars. Truly unbiased and appreciate of beauty and sexuality, Marcus gave us exciting photosets with Lin, Addison Summerwind, Haku Yowane,  Courtezan Quintessa, Sindee, TarTar and many many more. Check out Marcus' flickr. You will find them familiar faces sure, but also the stars of tomorrow. It's not me saying it, it's pure statistics!

Kristi did some pretty spiffy shots with Ana (and her washboard abs) but also Ali Fox, Vikki...

KristiSummer's flickr is another stop if you search for new talent. She is a very active photographer with an eye for a sexy model - she has shot established names in our community but also brought us remarkable, eh, let's say, fresh meat! Her work deserves attention.

'Sole Survivor', part of the set with Zuby. Now that's one clever title !

Neil aka Don Stormcrow aka Sime Stormcrow aka this guy here has been keeping active again in group , producing many really cool photoshoots, more often than not involving a sexy model and you know, his dick !  Zuby Gloom, Francesca (Amyvickers) and Occasus are just some of his 'victims'!

So is this how you set up a 'rear naked choke' ? I think you are 'tapping' at this point...

Certainly one of the most active fellas in the business today is Elroy Click: again his flickr alternates pin-ups to shameless sex sets! I actually had the chance to pose for him in both fashions - although you will see on his flickr for now only the bawdy set - hey, I don't know about the whole fishing thing...Anyway, you will find plenty of the modeling stills (Kira Ragged, LusciousPink Faulds, Moxxie Malone, Tiffany McLain together with the very physical sets - VERY physical in case of Larah Sa'fir, but also Erinyes CelestalisOccasus Jayaram and myself!

Yes. Tiffany did such a lovely Mardi Gras set
And yet I show the pic with the pigs. My cute animals fetish is outta control..

Amongst the models that I don't get to cover every darn issue, I'd like to mention Jay Kay aka Riska Demina who produced 2 photosets of real interest due to the theme and her eye for a good angle especially in "Peeping.... ROOMMATE!?" and appeared in sexy photosets including the Mile High Club set by Izzy.
Sucu Uriza seems also to have found back her taste for photography, with one kinky shoot after the other, and for those who don't mind their females with just a lil bit...well a whole lot....of fur, Omaha Katt has one very detailed neko look and remarkable photo skills.

Also on Hoobs' stream you can see again the ranks of the Hotties expand! Need an album for that!

I'll throw now out there some ideas for your viewing pleasure for sex sets. For sure PJ Thornton's outstanding photosets, including, but not limited to, Party of 6  and her collaboration with the always unconventional Sonia Igeria in Sonia and Friends. Then Carola in the Dungeon by Curty,  Kioke's Rug by Ted Dosei, A night with Occasus by Jagger Draconis , Jamezz Doulton's sets with Charlotte, and Niki Cole, Nicko's photosets Nailing Zuthi  and Nailing Shaii , and Tammy in one of her rare XXX rated set in a while, with another aspiring porn starlet you'll see more of, the Naughty Nausi.

"The Lovely Suki', what a pin-up shot by Ryu Quasimodo!

If you look for pin-up shots, look no further than the continuation (even past the 14th) of Ebenezer Pixel's valentines, a japanese idol series by TarTar Hekmatyar  and the Mad Hatters remarkable photos by Rachel Swallows. Well, actually DO look way further than that, as there's so much amazing work out there !

Speaking of Rachel, how would you not have a Snack in the Beach Shack ?

We had busy weeks here at Dog Star! Missed the Beaver last week? We haven't had a single dull day thanks to great contribution by Curty (shooting Tiffany, Sara, Brittney Lexenstar, Jeza May. All of them amazing individuals that would greatly deserve a section of their own in this Digest!
But also Ali Fox shot SindeeTegan Malone shot Laurel Kinky and we had a photoset by RubberGurl!. Check also out the interview  Isa did with the beautiful and multitalented Moustique Heartsdale, supported by the work of Sunday Whitewood. And expect much more to come...in just a few hours!

If this picture by Laura doesn't make much sense to you, let's just say that unpleasant incidents can be turned around by humor quite nicely!

I am done for now, and I wish you a great week! See you on Friday!