Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Beaver's Digest - Volume 25

 Hi everyone!
This is the Beaver's digest and we are already 25% towards our 100th issue! Ok, trying to get some hype here, bear with me.
What we do here on a weekly basis, in case you didn't know, is to list movies, magazine releases, notable blog posts, photoshoots and happenings in the world of what is identified by its partecipants as "Second life porn". For a thorough update of everything that happens, tune in the largest porn group in SL, "The Sexiest Pornstars group", coming with a huge flickr group and weekly galleries on its blog by Ali Lancrae, and join the SL porn group, with daily update recaps by Racheal Rexen. Enough about that, let's get on with it!


Aahh I was waiting for this! Just that couple of years or so....

A new Erotique movie!

" The first installment of our new fun porn video series. Starring Alexandria Topaz-Rodgers, Louise Kristan-Faulds, Serenity Kristan-Faulds, and co starring Kitty The Sat Nav.
Hope you enjoy. 
Sere and Lou. x
http://cluberotiqueblog.blogspot.co.uk/2017/02/movie-release-sere-lous-grand-tour-ep-1.html "

I anticipated being a little emotional about propagating the news of this movie release. Serenity is the reason why I even began having any involvement in porn, the one that showed me how fun and remotely close to meaningful blogging could ever be, and I am such a big fan of the movies she has been doing alongside Louise/Arwen during their career. So yes I kinda AM emotional as I write, but in a way I did not anticipate. Because the movie is here, and any anticipatory tension I had, this movie melt it away, or rather, swept it away with a hearthy laugh.

Truly this is a movie that leaves you with a good feeling, and has literal L-O-L spots. I am delighted to see that the writing of this new Studio Erotique film is just as pleasant and inspired as ever. That, with absolutely crisp visuals and all sorts of visual titillation, as if it could be any different with such a cast! These hyphenated bishes with the double decker names look awesome! Even when they don the paper thin (not to mention rubber thick) disguise.

I am such a sucker for the type of humour in this movie: it consciously employs tropes and conventions in everything style-wise, and makes cheeky references to pop-cultuere while cleverly playing with the specificities of SL and porn (and do not miss the 'crazy credits', with Lou's artwork).
Gosh, how embarassing: being so focused on the whimsical aspects, I may not adequately affirm the sexiness this video is capable of. But, the screenshots do a great job of that! I mean...you like curvy girls, where are you gonna find a better line up than THIS?

Big congratulations to Sere and Lou for this video, and as reported, it's just the first part of a very involved project that will make good use of the blog.
Enjoy Sere and Lou's Grand Tour, again, on the studio erotique website!

And now, inspired by these powerfully chestly endowed girls, let's move on with Busted! No this is not the magazine section just yet...

" A husband and wife come home from a night out to discover the babysitter doing a little more than babysitting. Ashley Rose Sugarplum stars in her debut film with Dog Star alongside Mirko Panacek and myself. Watch what happens when the babysitter gets Busted! 💋http://dogstarproductions.blogspot.com/2017/02/busted.html "

The first Dog Star movie of 2017 has quite the exciting lineup! The on-screen pairing of Isabelle Cheviot and Mirko Panacek is great in pics, about time to see them in a film! And hopefully you are already familiar with one of the best bodies in the industry, rocked by Ashley aka Amosa Sugarplum. She certainly does not disappoint in this flick, that teaches us once more how hiring babysitters definitely allows single mums and couples alike to spend a great time.

Isa always knows how to showcase the actors very well, pick the best angles and take her time with the sizzling hot views while still keeping the flow hot. She also looks so playfully wicked and naughty in this, she is a true delight to watch and makes 'believable' if that's possible her role. All in a total porn logic sort of way of course! But hey, I am not gonna spend paragraphs saying how good my boss is in the hope she'll double my current salary!
Just check out this highly erotic movie by yourselves!

One movie that definitely deserves a lot of attention is the latest from Erinyes Celestalis, her 13th production (thanks for keeping score!) "Tales From Erin's Secret Diary" http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph588f830e50c85

Erin has been showing throughout her porn career as photographer heaps of imagination. Always with a view to involve other people, a tendency she carried over in her videos, starting with very simple ideas like her Erin's playmates series. This video is the crowning of it. It's a very auspicious marriage between simplicity of a concept and creativity in execution.

Simplicity because, Erin fucks in this flick. She fucks a lot, no elaborate choices of outfit or special setups for the guys. It's all sex with these dudes. Who by the way are Larry Vinaver, Marcus Strong, Don Roodborst and Brennaghan Bailey. Hot choices and some of them hardly get movie breaks normally despite their notoriety in the porn circles, so, big props to Erin for that already. Simplicity, I said...yes.

...but at the same time, with such creativity. Erin uses as fil rouge for the meetings with the boys the narrative device of the title, a diary of her encounters. Plus some other devices of the vibrating kind, who make for hot hot hot fade-ins of her playing with herself. This asynchronous structure is implemented so well from a technical point of view that elevates the movie to much more than the sum of its parts. Erin could have made at the very least 5-6 vids out of this, but instead she preferred to make a memorable movie that keeps sex a two way affair (but also a single player game!) interesting and exciting all the way through.

From a technical point of view, the movie has absolutely crisp video, well synched audio with sexy sound effects, and nothing bad can be said about the camerawork or any (nearly non existant!) instance of clipping. If you read enthusiasm for the movie in my words, you are right: I have a true passion for non banal ways to handle ideas that are in theory within anyone's reach, and practically are so difficult to put together with this degree of suavity.

Speaking of simplicity, someone promises that there will be some....or at least, she'll restrain herself....a bit, when writing the plot of her NEXT season. Ha, like I believe her!

I have often talked a lot about Her Revenge/Revenge Reborn, and for this episode 10 aka season finale I'd like to keep the words to a minimum. What is it that you need to know? First of all, where to see it, and where to read all about it.

Carly Morrisey describes perfectly every bit you see and even hear (her musical score choices are always compelling and such mood-setters), and if you have any curiosity about the meaning and value of what you've just watched, you'll find real eye-openers in some of her remarks and whispers from backstage.

If I can help you getting any interest, the episode is made for the largest part of hot, forceful lesbian sex between Rachel Avro and Sindee, with nothing left to the imagination...Imagination that still gets massaged and titillated by Carly like nobody else does. An idyllic sexy beach view completes the episode, as new questions are raised, with the wheel of time ready to spin back for the third season. Just watch the poetry in motion and enjoy!

Moving on with what goes on on NM and is not Sonic The Hedgeog porn, "Sex, Discipline and Gags" is the latest from Ivana Hanni, and it's definitely one of her most interesting ones to date. The notorious mistress of Castle Ivana seems to have found her dimension when it comes to filmaking.

She worked very well with the soundtrack, as she showcases her favourite subject: scenes of domination and kinky hard sex at her establishment. Her experiments in the previous videos pay off, I'd say, with the occasional change of color tone and a measured use of iris and fade-ins.

What the video does best is focusing with true fetishist eye on the details of the painful experiences and time it to the music. Some nice reaction shots as well for, again, one of Ivana's best. http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/22460/sex-discipline-and-gags

Now, on to another simple plot ideas well executed, here's one to Carly Mode and her "A night at the Diner."

I am really amazed by how the simple story could be made so entertaining by small details and effective direction. A couple (Larah Sa'fir and Nicasio Ansar) are eating at the diner where Carly Mode is a waitress. But he is kinda...having a liquid meal (honest, Nica pouring beer on his bacon and eggs made me LOL nearly as hard as the nuclear explosion in....ah, no spoilers).

So the Annoyed Gf Larah gets seduce by the Exotic Stranger (Marika Blaisdale) and they end up having hot sex in the cold outdoors, just in front of the pretty hammered guy. The devil is in the details, and the cast was a bunch of smart and sexy devils who made this movie work in the most entertaing possible way.
Marika and Larah look at the their sexiest and Nica at his drunkest...or maybe not, he can still do worse.

Those who follow the various SL movies and Dillon and Carly's adventures may have noticed how the set is the same as Dillon's "The Diner", and that's correct, as Marika Blaisdale's diner set was so nice that it gave inspiration to his fiancée to reprise her role there in this production.
Check out this movie, A Night at the Diner, right here!

In return, Nica's drunk look as well inspired Dillon, so we end up seeing him also in another flick...
Yep, Dillon's movie that we are gonna peek at now....

 Damn, we have basically all Dillon's cinematic creed in this frame alone. Wheels, whores, lens flare...

In his movie we have Larry Vinaver as a cop who is really bad at keeping his patrol car clean, Jennifer Marie (bwillie) as a delightful well undressed hottie on her knees, the super hot couch and radiator tester Damien Godard and the gorgeous set designer and human ashtray Partee Mytili. Also, of course, the mauve-haired whore Carly Mode and the dillonest of them all, Dillon. Ah, and drunk Nica cameo of course. We may get more of those again, just a hunch.

Dillon put together a really well made movie. Being a director that does short movies themed around a song, he has always been smart at picking the angles and editing, but in this video he really gets in my opinion some of his best results of his numerous flicks.

Nicely paced and gives double the exposure to the co stars while putting together one heck of a hot sex scene with Carly: here's the url for you to check the movie out! Enjoy http://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Wheels-Whores-30032131

Also, another really cool video for our viewing needs, taken at Club Yana! So , with a plot twist, here's your section about ...


Ah hey, because why not? In group just yesterday there was this post by AndersonCruise resident!
" My super hot video submission to happy ass monday! 
so smooth.. a music video celebration of some of SL's hottest pornstars.. fuck yeah... "
Now if you have a look at the video, you'll see reasons for the enthusiasm shown!

Like wow and such! Taking videos at parties is quite taxing on the hardware to say the least, and yet we see the occasional one pop up, like it happened with Ayara's and others.

Congrats to Anderson Cruise for this hot video, and I am sure everyone will enjoy it and go "auch" at missing out. Especially when you consider that at the party this Sunday there were also guests of the caliber of mr. Avi Choice Awards Monopolizer, Skip Staheli!

Photo by Tammy Jones - IN Studio (check out her totally massive Club Yana album! )

But besides this eventful party at Yana's, truth is, regardless of photos taken, porn parties are always a great place to meet new people and those you don't hang out with normally.
They happen every day (or so!) for EU hours, and there's always a lively US circuit of parties thanks to the activity of the guys at Hard Alley on the Stroker Toyz sim. Names that meant a lot for the porn community throughout the years and helped it become what it is now.

Yes, yes, directors and generic pervs run amuck on the beach on that sim! ( picture by Jadelyn McAuley)

And there are also events where pictures are certainly taken and will end up published, like the SL Connoisseur party that was held Thursday, or ...just about every party at Miss Emily's!

photo by Erin Cedarbridge, courtesy of the SL*porn blog (hey look, behind the old chick, people fucking!)

As a little sidenote, at the time when I am compiling this Beaver it sounds like the regular Tuesday party at Rachel Swallow's Fornicatio club won't take place due to some 'inconvenience' , to put it mildly , between Rachel's landlord and LL. I hope next week I can happily report about another week of parties double booked for EU and US evenings alike!

'Homeless' Be and Rachel ! pic by Rachel Swallows


So, that Sunday party at Yana's happened to be the release party for..  "The most romantic issue of Attention!

" Dear Readers,

Attention Magazine returns for February. This month, the first thing you'll notice is our amazing cover. Shot by the incomparable Kaelyn Alecto in a special commission by Attention Magazine, it features SL newlyweds Skip and Dee Staheli as Attention's first "beautiful couple." I hope you agree that it's a lovely way to celebrate Valentine's Day! "

Attention explores also the 'other' side of V-day through another heart-pouring article by Miss Lumipro Samantha Ansar-Buscaylet. With this photo by Athena being a fitting illustration.

"Featuring Skip Staheli, by Kaelyn Alecto" is a concise sentence that sums up anything that needs to ever be said about the stature this magazine attained in the 'mainstream' scene. High profile names who wouldn't just commit to any project, returning for this feature. Now let's focus on the names from the adult entertainment scene here. On this issue, featured as models for Partee names like Rachel Avro, Ashley, Creamy Au, Heather Ashford, Izzy Ohmai, Jennifer Marie, Kassie Martian Shaw, Katmee, Severina, Stacia Reinoir, Tammy Jones. And the gorgeous Severina appears also in a feature that I am gonna call thought-provoking, because it's one of those fancy adjectives that mean anything and nothing. I forgot the name of the photographer of that one, but I think we'll see a pic or two from her again.

Shyla is one of the highlights of the issue, appearing as model in 2 photosets and photographer in one

The staff brought together a great mix of classic sensuality that serves well the purpose of the columnist in Brea and Ella's case, and the unique madness that only talents of the caliber of Whims, with Graham and Shyla, could ever bring (I know Whims reads this, and I think this is the third time I question her sanity as a form of sincere flattery...don't worry, it's just me!). A lineup full of stars with excellent photography, from attraction features like Amy Beebe interviewed by Brunella, to every name in the flickr group roll. Check out the issue on MP, subcribe inworld, look it up online , but just don't miss it !

Names regularly seen on the dazzling finishing pages of Attention, together with the co-owner of the magazine Brea, bring me inevitably to...

Playmates comes out punctual at the beginning of the month, with a brand new covergirl who emerged victorious from a heavily contested struggle for the spot. Playmates is truly a historic name in the world of publications in SL, having raked up awards and recognition, and with the success of its monthly competition to attest how coveted a spot in the Playmates family is - oh boy, don't even get me started on the yearly one too!

Tatiana Alexandra is one of the beauties getting wet for the issue!

Name value and  ambitions of the girls aside, Playmates has consistently been a solid, entertaining read with good photography. On this issue, tips about your valentine purchases, a tongue in cheek article about relationships and...ah heck, you're in for the girls, I know! Aaliyah Hana, Anna Darkmatter, MissLina01, Cherries Tala, Courtezan Quintessa, Bluearctica, LadyEmmy, Lacieanne, Tricia Danielson, Missylovesu, Cinnabunns, Hayden Mcbeth, Jennifer Beverly, marianne Montenier, VixenTheFoxyOne, IzeMybella, BritniLynn, RaziSkyRivers, YourRoyalShyness, Compoqueen, SarahSwords18, Beckie Turbo, Tatiana Alexandra, Adisa Serenity, Yvonne Tremmor, ZeldaStarcastle, Zeedria, all shot by ImaHotone!

Imminent passing of the torch for Brea after a year in rather emphatic fashion. Her role as manager is a testament to her abilities as much as all these beautiful photos (that continue when you flip pages :p)

That's together with the covergirl Chrissy Sparrowtree, and the playmate of the Year (still!) Brea Brianna. I recommend you to check out the blog of the magazine because the schedule of parties hosted by the girls was impressive this week, and there's so much more to come....and of course get the publication from MP or one of the many kiosks.

I am also always happy to report (especially on a Tuesday!) about a new release of one of the finest titty mags around, Brit-x!

Brit-X traditionally comes in-world with a real premium package, featuring posters (still one of the most original ideas in porn mags, imo!), vendors in case you are interested in helping it circulate, and this time, also with a notecard that allows you to vote for the Brit-X awards, recognizing the talent that contributed to yet another full year of Brit-X issues.

Lesley Aristocrat definitely is Brit-X material, and Dag (GideaNinja Dagger) shot her beautifully (just a teaser take!)

This issues' beautiful girls are Melany Herrera (by Marika Blaisdale), Paige Snowpaw (by Kat Kassner), Lesley Aristocrat (by Dag), Marie Mirajkar (by Kat) and Roxxxy Foxdale in a collaborative shoot. Holly Arkright is interviewed in yet another issue of excellent photography done in the unique Brit-X way.
Check out the magazine right here!

Finally, the online publication SL Confidential deserves mention for the two pictorials they released in a busy week, complete with interviews.

We're happy to introduce February's Man of the Month, Bane! He's been a fixture in the porn industry for a while, please read and enjoy!!  

Laura is sexy, talented, hot and she's our February Girl of the Month! She came to see Naught in our office and he enjoyed pumping her... for details to tell our readers!!!

Both intriguing reads with their different backstory, are definitely highlighted well by Kay and Naughtius' work! This sort of feature is great not just for the obvious 'feel-good' moment for those involved, but also to to showcase the talent and draw attention to the existance of a real 'scene', helping it develop as a whole. At this point I really feel I should introduce the section about...


I'd be a bad girl if I didn't mention first the beautiful teamwork done by Tempted Passion and Curty Dovgal on their new project. Of course their choice of first model for this feature could have been better, but hey!

You won't believe it, but ALL the other clothes flew away with the breeze and I could only keep hold of the hat.

It was great fun to answer Temp's question, and Curty carried herself like a true consummmate pro throughout the shoot. DV8 attracted my attention when I first saw the 'brand' through Temp's amazing flickr stream, and seeing this project thrive is definitely something I look forward to. Props to them and best luck to the blog, I am sure I'll have chance to report here many more of the posts by them and others!

BabyDoll Candy aka KittyInda Henhouse's artistic talent can be admired in the DDD blog...

But there has been more celebration of talent this week, as Barracuz and Ella's Drop Dead Diva blog as promised would honor the talent of 2 excellent pornstars. Very informative reads alongside first rate photography in both cases. Everyone who has been following porn through the years has been exposed to KittyInda Henhouse's excellent artwork (just reached 2'000 followers!), and who of the peeps around hasn't had a chance to bump into "DJ Hot Hass Motherfucking Panty Wetter" JohnnyWhadd? (can I stop calling him like that? I did not get the memo!)

...together with the photography of high standard Barracuz got us used to!

" Here is our Diva and Stud for the month of February! BabyDoll Candy & JohnnyWhadd Come check our their interviews at the links below...Enjoy! http://dropdeaddivaproduction.blogspot.ca/2017/02/diva-for-month-of-february-i-could-not.html
http://dropdeaddivaproduction.blogspot.ca/2017/02/stud-for-month-of-february-ok-ladies.html "
Yes, enjoy indeed!

Heather Ashford rendered a thoughtful and appreciative interview to the blog

Midnight Shinja's blog takes the cake when it comes to activity: I did tell you last week that the man went on a shooting spree, and oh boy, was I right! Offered to your viewing, but also reading pleasure, posts with RosedeAmor, Celeste Waverider, Raven, Heater Ashford, Kaylai Cucco, Partee.

" Once upon a midnight....". Cuz...Raven, you know. Ok, nevermore, sorry.

A great mix of debutantes and experienced girls who without a doubt will leave you readers want even more (and there IS already more as I release this digest.... :p )!
http://midnightsunstudio.blogspot.com/2017/01/introducing-rose.html http://midnightsunstudio.blogspot.com/2017/02/introducing-celeste.html http://midnightsunstudio.blogspot.com/2017/02/simply-raven.html http://midnightsunstudio.blogspot.com/2017/02/catching-up-with-heather-ashford.html http://midnightsunstudio.blogspot.com/2017/02/introducing-kaylai.html http://midnightsunstudio.blogspot.com/2017/02/catching-up-with-partee.html

Because she doesn't have just a great BUTT....

I remember when some years ago I included in the blogroll of Sexiest Pornstars a blog from someone who has never really been part of the community, but what a sensual creature she was and is. Her blog is to my day still one of my favourites when it comes to eroticism. It's the blog a woman with all her vulnerabilities and often contradictory desires. Unbethical Behavior this week came out with an especially titillating post I recommend without reservation. And I do suggest you to check way more about the blog owner, Beth McBain, from the newest experience with Bento to the more personal and intimate posts. Beth bares it all and does it beautifully.

from her "Bento'd as f*ck" post, Beth McBain

Compiling the previous Digest I was as usual going through the weekly photos, and seeing Catherine Palen on flickr in a photoset by Elroy Click, I thought "I wonder how long it will take before..." And there it is! An interview with Elroy, and a photo story about ...the story of the photos, so to speak! Written with the usual pleasant flow, in the 'porn' section of the Caroline Travels blog

Elroy enjoys a nice glass of uh, milk I assume, in his interview with Catherine

The Notorious B.E.N. continues to bring his smut on the blog, continues to make up his own celebrative days, and continues to make covers too! Check out his Straps Suspension Saturday with the smashing Adrenalynn Ling!

It's the smile, I tell you, it's the smile that makes them go topsy-turvy

I don't speak German so I am not quite sure what happens here, but when Taylor Shamen describes this post with Dax as
Horny fun ;)  "
I can definitely see the fun, and the horny factor! Now I don't know anything about this visitor. I assumed initially Taylor played a Jehovah's witness, but then again, she wouldn't leave that early. Well, I swear these posts intrigue me and I will figure out more someday!

If he was not blindfolded I could swear he's checking her ass.

SL*Porn has the best selection of party photos you can imagine, the complete export of in-world notices, and for a while now some incredibly hot pictorials, linked to the King and Queen of Porn contest . This week, it was the turn of Jamezz Doulton shot by the wonderful Partee in his 'solo' pictorial , and then in a smouldering hot photoset with the monthly Princess, Vicki Concertina, photographed by miss Emily herself. You lucky bastard!

Gotta keep warm...I know from experience!

So, besides the huge thank you for the exemplary work done on the blog, what else can I say about the ever succulent Racheal Rexen ?!
Do check out her own work on her flickr, on her own blog and ...sooner than you expect for more pictorials on Miss Emily's blog too, not to mention a Naughtymachinima near you.
And big congrats to her partner and other member of Porn Kitty Studios, Jezzi Mornington, winner alongside Talisker Braveheart of the monthly contest.

This picture inspired me to make pizza!...since I can't make my personal Racheal :-(

Lastly, if you are not scared by text intensive posts, you may want to check Marika Blaisdale's excellent job covering in detail the functions of Anypose. You can find there adequately illustrated and explained everything on the magic hud included the most obscure buttons.
Look forward in particular to the final tips section and do not forget to send her some feedback for new future 'lessons'. Marika has a real gift for these thorough but never boring posts.


With each other section of the digest being so rich of content, I get to make this one quick, right? You must be exhausted if you read this far!
I am tempted sometimes to compile statistics here, but do it for a community as big and varied as the one that gravitates around The Sexiest group would be problematic, and it gives scarce indication about the real interest and opportunities offered to models. I am always grateful (personal involvement aside) to all those who manage to feature different models and make the picture game so much fun, but even those who make single, inspired, sexy, breathtaking pictures contribute not any less.

 Anyka in one of her masterful compositions, "Close to the fire"
Cody's interepretation of the scene in his sensual "A taste of passion
(...which might become a movie if Isa finds a hot girl called Passion somewhere)

Fortunate series in sl porn continue, from Pornstars and their rides by Dax (models shot since my last coverage: Jori , Kitten, Ali Fox, myself , together with Sasha Johansen,  Izzy and Lesley ) and the In Good Company cards, with this week Laurel Jones, Heather Ashford, Sharon Mitchell getting the 1k green metallic bump, and Dokie Maddie Zenia and Madisyn Too, too!

Above, Jori from Dax's series, and below, from Marcus' trading cards ..well, you can read that !

Needless to say, many many other girls came over for as many hot porn shoots as Marcus could fit in a pesky 24 hours in a day limit, such as Erinyes, Tempted  and even anonymous ones like a cute fluffer!

That's a beautiful visor, although it can kinda suck if you are hyperopic...

A huge, and I mean it, hyyyyyuge undertaking now is gonna be TammyJones's new series of her sci shots. Huge for both the photographer AND the models who are gonna try to put together original looks for it. Check the ever growing album, and think about your next outfit for it! https://www.flickr.com/photos/124844755@N02/albums/72157677815731492

Hey I do love the clever posed shots, but this is simply fantastic!

A constant presence in this digest, Aria Horan this week provides the conclusion of that panty-twister of a set called BlackWolfed, a new one (All That Jazz ) begins , but my link once more is for a single picture, "Sacrifice to Kukulkan" , with again a step by step, kinda layer by layer , dissection. Truly a great example.

That's one "Happy Ass Gym Workout" by Kyle!

Kyle Devonson is making a real impact on the scene with one brilliantly taken shot after the other. It comes to no surprise that they are staged well, but the styling and lightling are quite impressive. Amongst the models involved, the likes of Rachel Avro, Eva Brunswick, Tiffany Mclain, Partee, Rachel Swallows, Kay Windstorm, and obviously Athena,  That enuff?

Dokie does Darnell, who 'did' an excellent job as photographer, with work that looks as good as he does and more

Allright, I could again go on and on, and I am going to mention just other two emerging models and photographers like the quite talented Darnell Carter  and the enthusiastic Alleria , who made her own version of the shoot she had with the fella I mentioned last week, the excellent Ted Dosei.
There have also been some interesting makeovers , like Nikki T's, Dakota Faith's, Ali Fox's and many more, bento-related or not!
I have spotted quite a few 'new' models to the scene (one even joking in her own profile about either being the most amazing 1 month noob or ...you know), and I can't wait to see this new (or freshly repackaged!) talent be a part of the scene more and more.

I did appreciate this week again the fun shots by Sonia Igeria !

Some sex shoots? In a nutshell: Nuur playing Schoolgirl with Mysy, 'Tempting lips' by Lena Storm, The JennyLou Experience by Ted Dosei. Also, a variety of model/pinups shoots like 'Be my valentine 'by Alectra 'Alley Cat' Somerset , 'Love is a Battlefield' by Jugulator Foxclaw , and the incomparable shots by SolidX, this week with Gail.
Wish I could mention extensively the selfless photography job by the likes of Kristisummer and the talent of all the sweet and sexy gals and girls around, but man, I do need to wrap the digest up, at SOME point, right?


That's it for today, or I should say, this week...err, or last week. So confusing. I hope you enjoyed the hotness that Dog Star brought you. Kellyanne Sommer by Isa, Rikki Sixx by Sunday Whitewood and oh yeah , Isa's newest movie, you know! A bon voyage to Rachel Avro,  I am sure you won't leave us without you for too long (but do have fun in your RL!), and a goodbye to everyone reading this! Till next time, guys.


  1. Thanks Kat for a wonderful review. Hope viewers have as much fun watching, as i had making it. :)

  2. such a wonderful blog we really need to make a special award for your work Katina (you will probably humbly say no to it) but just know that your hard work and dedication to this infomative masterpiece every week does not go unnoticed or unappreciated . Love you so very much.

  3. Thank you very much for your appreciation, Sere. I hope so, I know I had a blast watching it. :-)
    And thanks Brea! Put me in line for such an award after Racheal, Ali, and all the awesome authors of pictorial and interviews, starting with Isa, Sunday, your mistress...and the list grows. :-)

    Again huge thanks to Serenity, I owe her even considering doing something like blogging in the first place. xo