Monday, October 31, 2016

Beaver's Digest - Volume 12

Welcome to Beaverween, or All Sinners' Day, a pagan festivity happening when the Dog Star aligns with other heavenly bodies. Lots of eye candy to be had. Let's get it on!


Again a week with a rich movie production, plus I saved some from last week, the theme was just too cool to pass up.

I mentioned last week that I would have liked to write a little more about this flick, and I happily open this Halloween post with it even if as you know, Miss Emily's productions certainly need no promotion, her blog and group activities have perfect organization, synergy and also, energy, being the perpetual motion machine they are.
What I wanted to point out, even as quickly as a Digest format forces me to, is astonishing amount of work that went into the production, and that perhaps only 'insiders' with a discerning eye can quite understand.

Emily pointed out with the funny anecdote you can find in her blog post one of the obvious challenges that this flick presented for the edit, aka the usage of lip animations. It surely made her edit work harder, she estimates that it took twice as long to edit it just for that. That is probably the most evident departure from her usual style. But the movie is bestrewn with not-so-obvious editing wizardry most directors don't measure themselves with. How do you think the effect of a 'possession' was accomplished? If you guessed 'editing frame-by-frame', then you'd be right.

And that doesn't even begin to cover less 'flashy' effects like having a semi-transparent character on screen and what we take completely for granted when looking at a movie like this, such as the the sound editing.
If you happen across the porn movie this flick is based on, you'll be amazed at how different this edit is: it's far from ripping the audio of a movie and sticking it on SL footage. Everything about this movie required a meticolous planning.

As much as I feel it was due, all this geeky talk about how professionally made this thing was...I certainly wouldn't want it to overshadow the entertainment value and godibility of the movie! My perspective is biased two times over: first, I live in sort of a bubble where all my SL is about enjoying endeavours in the porn community, and second, I had loads of fun on the set, thanks to my co-stars Sandy Miggins and Dillon Lecker who made the long hours of shooting completely enjoyable.

 But I do think the final product is a fun movie with lots of sex and laughs: the only bit that really matters, hmm? If you also appreciate the sheer creativity that went into it, that's a bonus!

Check it out here !

We had so much fun on the set of The Real Ghost Hunters that it was only a matter of time before the spirit of the 80s possessed our male co-star and drove him to do the inevitable. 'Drove' is the right verb, as the prospect to monkey around riding the Ecto-1 was just too hard for him to resist. So, inspired by Emily's thorough script, he put together his production notes as well (something like "Drive car. Fuck Carly. Katina as Janine.") and bam, instant Dillon movie! !

I make fun of it, but to me it is always fun to see Dillon work the trademarks of his production in the source material. In this one, he is a solitary ghostbuster, who in facts busts a nut in the delightful ghost that is Carly Mode.

With the partecipation of beautiful eyecandy Larah Sa'fir plus Katina Cazalet sporting yet another hairdo more weird than the protagonist's, this is a very welcome addition to your Halloween movie night! Could there be a sequel in the making?

Of course we don't want to have to deal just with the ethereal departed, not even if we have Dillon's gun that makes clothes disappear! Which other monsters do we have? We have Zombies , of course! it's about time I show a bit more of this real gem from director Jennylou, aka The Attack of The Horny Zombies.

Split in 3 parts, this is a one hour long porn flick that already from the title promises to be VERY tongue in cheek. What happens? Well... Jenny is one evil doctor who creates 'a new drug or virus' who would make all men sex crazed horny beings (no jokes please...) , so she can get laid! It just has a little side effect, turns out...they become horrible zombies!

 Oh lord, what to say about this? Jenny really is spot on with the humour, you MUST check this three-parter because it that much fun. Sex with the undead and all sort of creepy creature is not your thing? Everything is quite tongue in cheek, and I really appreciate how different the humour is (the 'finding the cure' sequence is a very incisive self-parody, mixed with plenty other visual gags throughout the movie)

I was ready to lambast Jenny for not including the names of the co-stars, but au contraire they get an ample feature in the credits at the end of part 3. Congratulations to everyone involved (Carter Leakey, Andress, Dark Star, Deci, Jimbo2000 Quan, Katie, Nicole, Rhienna Claridge, Samantha Van Damn, Tabitha Darkfury, Talbot Russell).

This was one funny movie that does not attempt virtuoso shots but is very solid, picks sensible angles, and tells a totally over the top story. Here's the links to the 3 parts!

All the things I mentioned, aka great use of captions, humour, and telling a story are traditional strong points of Racheal Rexen, and her 'Whoreoween' doesn't disappoint.

Whoreoween is a really fun movie, from start to finish. Literally, as it begins with fun banter and finished with....well, you should know by now how funny Racheal's credits are! I won't mention who appears in those just because you gotta check it out by yourself. I am just saying that FBI, KGB and PETA are now following Racheal closely.

And in the middle, well, some meowy cat-on-cat action. The star of the movie is in fact the curvy and witchy Mera Firelyte, keeping high the banner of nekos in porn. And her co star is none other than fellow feisty feline Katy Purry! Together they tell a story and they make a porn...oh, literally. No spoilers, you can read and watch all about it on Racheal's website.

As you can, well, read ALL About our most recent Dog Star movie on... the Dog Star blog, you know? The way I am, I feel a little conscious about giving praise to the movie on the 'official' website for it, and it's a movie i was involved with and all. But I have the chance to embarass the writer, producer and sound artist of it , mr. Nicasio Ansar, by telling him how awesome he is right here, and I can feel him cringe already!

Personal blah-blah aside, here's how it goes, cold hard facts. This was a very organic collaboration. Isabelle Cheviot put into film format with her cinematography and expertise what Nicasio Ansar envisioned. Nica wrote the script for the movie, designed the sets, ironed out pretty much anything needed for it including critical details in the costume department, oh, hmm, what else, oh yes WROTE AND RECORDED THE DAMN MUSIC (!) for it. Yes, the movie has an actual, professionally produced original score.

So, the 'insider' in me is kinda over with the part when I speak about the technical aspects and praise all the details and all the behind the scene work. How's the movie, what's it about, any good? This is the part that matters. Find the answer by yourself, looking at it. Takes two to tango. If you are looking for a conventional glam porn visual, of course this won't be for you.

But if you are looking for something stimulating, well paced and with juuuust a bit of blood and spook, well, definitely give this movie a try! Read more including the full list of actors in Isa's post.

Moving on, with more, strange Halloween creatures...what about this Jason Fucks Ani Lorac? The strange halloween creature is of course not Jason Voorhees, good old buddy, but Jhwonn Warcliffe, who comes back to the world of sl porn just in time to bring some mahyem! Jason Jason, what would mom say, using your weapon like that?

Jhwonn had a productive week and we expect more from him again!
Check out this latest spooky one, but also the recent Sex Pool and Recording my GF !

And another rather prolific director, not to mention one who always knows how to surprise, is Kayla Whittaker, who did one really entertaining movie with this Stone in Space.

The movie does not feature the former Basic Instinct star, nor the silver screen Gwen Stacy, and not even the grammy winning singer Joss. No, not even The Rock. Damn, i have such a Platoon of these bad puns.
It has Kayla tho, hitting the bong and being taken through a trip of depravity, humilation and sufering. Sounds like the plot for a PSA feature!

But it's really one fun trip (for real!) in Kayla's imagination and her knack for having strange bedfellows (reminds me of last year's Toy Malfunction!)

Speaking of stoners and of better movie could wrap up the Halloween coverage for me than Carly Mode's Hollow Night. Surely this movie is no hollow, but it's so full of potential symbolism! Just a midget short of going the full David Lynch. At it's core it is so simple. I mean, just look at this screenshot, I am pretty sure that sitting on the ferris wheel there is free, but the shrink's couch will cost you a benjamin each week.

I could go on and on about the many so richly imaginative bits she brought to life here, with the sex sequence betwen Brea Brianna and Gavin Sona being a personal highlight for me. But anything about this movie feels so oddly 'appropriate' in its lucid insanity, and the contribution from the cast as a whole has been terrific.

Featuring Ali Lancrae, Rob Roxley, Brea Brianna, Gavina Sona, Carly and what I believe is supposed to be Dillon. Watch this movie. it's not an order, just an offer...that you can't refuse.

I'll stop the movies recap for this week, but I have at least a couple vids I'll cover in a different way throughout the article. Next week I'll catch up with the latest from Erin Cedarbridge, Carly Morrissey's series being better than ever, Artfull Zane, Moonie and Ryu's casting couch and much much more!


In the spirit of this sort-of-Halloween special edition, as I promised in the past I am going to point my virtual finger at 2 mags who came out, loaded with very interesting and detailed pictorials at the beginning of October. This digest is meant to highlight what happened during the week, but I do like to bring up good material that is relevant 'today'.

So, as the new, 9th anniversary issue is maybe already in your virtual hands (the one with the virtual fingers, see), do remember to have a look back at the October issue of Playmates, especially Ima's photoshoot featuring so many ridicolously hot girls !

Margie Blanco, Tatiana Alexandra are just some of the models featured on a regular basis in this magazine, including of course the 'face' of this award winning mag, the 2016 Playmate of the year Brea Brianna

And likewise, I mentioned in the past weeks this edition of Cocktail magazine, the one bi-monthly mag catering to the t-girl scene, with a strong Halloween issue packed with models who, well, are packing!

With plenty readers' contributions, the diverse interviews and photo features provided by Kianita and the quality writing and shoots by Dakota Faith, this magazine is fun to browse also for those who might not be really into the whole transgender scene but are interested in new and original visuals.
Amongst the names in this issue, Sean Woodrunner, Ceri Qinan, Alisa Bedwell and many others.

A break from the Halloween mood  for a bit now, with this month's SL Connoisseur. Even if features a real 'scream queen' of these festivities (see the party section).

Brand new, just released, like vine better with time. Yup it does creates a habit ;) Thank you for your suggestions and enjoy our new release for November.

Ayara Illios brings her iconic looks on the cover, in another great pictorial by Cream Release.

The issue features reports of beautiful sims orchestrated with her personable and fetching style by Kayla Bombastic, Laura Richards' erotic story and pictorial, and of course interviews and photoshoots with furniture creatures and designers thanks to the alwas reliable photographer and dj Onisa Lundquist. For this month glam shoot, on Onisa's posestand we find a very familiar name for us at the Dog Star blog: the incomparable Ali Fox!

Also, you can catch some party buzz there, from events promoted by and through the magazine and Edvard Taurion's group. Remember, the party promoting this new issue will be Thursday, November 3, 11 AM SLT, always a nice chance to end up in the magazine, hook up with Ed and the staff, grab the raffle prize!


 So, I was saying....blogs! What about Midnight Shinja's? It has always those darn cool pinups...This week with Larah Sa'fir, Sunday Whitewood, and Kimmy. Just Kimmy, yo!

And what about Alexandria Topaz? Peaches N Cream brings us 2 monstre interviews this week. Two must reads with Zoey Winsmore and with Rachel Swallows. Two pornstars who have been interviewed in the recent past already in magazine and blogs, but that have a lot to say from their illustrious and varied careers. Especially when leading the very well fleshed out interviews is Monique LeFry. Dusty Pedroia brings his impeccable portraits to complete the package.

Are you into bald heads? Do you like gimps in rubber suits shaving Germans bald and giving them tattoos? ...well, damn, you are in luck with your oddly specific fetish. Taylor Shamen did this photoshoot and uploaded it in 2 different edits, dynamik and blue.

A friend was invited by this producer, Ty Ramsay (byteme2469) to pose. I admit I was not familiar at all with his work, but she asked him his credentials and thanks to her I learned about this blog he put together. Interesting mix of pics and text. It is promising and would be interesting to see him do more!
 (To any newcomer...when you get asked to pose, if you are not familiar with the name of the producer, do ask to see some samples of the work, don't be shy!) 

Ali Lancrae's Naked world tour continues. Every location she covered so far is a sure hit, some are very popular ones she provides a terse and effective guide to. Do check her post out.

The month comes to an end and there's mere hours to spare for this round of miss Emily's pageant ! After a glamour shoot, Prince CC and Princess Brea got hot and dirty at the mansion for a sex shoot. Remember what you can win, and know that the prize is within your grasp!


Screenshot from Ayara Illios' videoclip from the Thursday party!

Certainly it was a fun week all around, with so many parties Halloween-themed. I am starting again with ...a movie (oh dear!), because Ayara made a really lovely clip from the Thursday party. Thank you very much for doing it, and to her and Nak for stringing together week after week this October these crazy parties.
Here's the Youtube link to the video.

Insert boner joke here - Isabelle Cheviot by TammyJones

But pretty much every party was in full halloween swing this week. Miss Emily's parties at the Haunted mansion from The Real Ghost Hunters, and Club Yana both in its Friday party and fun time at the beach dressed for halloween!!

Striking resemblance! - Yana @ Yana's

Keep your photos coming, there's a lot to enjoy at those parties. Even the parties you don't see a lot of photos from, are a great way to network. Don't treat them as a time for business, just enjoy and mingle. A lot of the world of porn is simply about having fun and living the experience. If you don't like crowds or some of the people in the crowd, just do your own thing with your friends and give it a try another time. Plenty chances, plenty places to hit and no person is the same as the next.

A vampy Anyka catching some sun @ the Sunday party beach. Now you know why it is a closed room... (pic by Larah)

One party that will have a lot of photos taken , i can imagine, is gonna be tonight's party at Hard Alley. Traditionally it is THE even to go to for Halloween. Last year it has been pretty darn amazing, and while sadly HA operates on a smaller scale than in the past, the crowd there knows how to have a lot of fun and make parties enjoyable. Check out the album from last year's Halloween parties, and prepare for tonight!

As I am heading into the 'photos' section, just a quick mention of the wonderful work done by Jadely McAuley, who really livens up the 'US hours' party scene!


 Being featured on the Ass Monday, Topless Tuesday, or the exquite selection of '10 at 10' and 'Ladies Night' by Ali Lancrae on the Sexiest Blog is often a goal for the members of the porn community. We see a great response for the Fellatio Friday theme on this blog as well, so yay!

Solidx's 'Punishment'. Good job, Be knows why! 

Faith Darrow in Everybody's got a dark side

PJ Thornton with Ben, posing the question 'Trick or Treat?

There were just soooo many funtastic shots this Halloween. Definitely the MVP (Most Valuable Pumpkin) was that pussy Mera Firelyte, who has been a real treat in her themed set with so many Sexiest Pornstars, 'A Treat for...' not to mention all the gorgeous sexy shots at the pumpkin patch, this week with Sylvia and the past weeks with many others.

Mera here with frequent partygoer Tanya Warrhol for the series

Definitely the most characteristic face of Halloween 2016 in porn. Whiskers and all! Although, there have been many outstanding photos.

Stacia Reinoir's Living Dead Girl , from her ample Halloween Album

My ideal Halloween album would include beautiful photos from Bewitched Difference, Jadelyn McAuley, Rachel Swallows, Spirit Eleonara, Stacia Reinoir. I don't want to turn this post into a mini-gallery, but just please, do yourselves a favour and enjoy the sexy and naughty work these artists put together, each with their own skillset and style. They all showcase with their own individuality how 'perfect' these festivities are for the big game that is SL. Also, you might want to check Beequeen's latest photoset cuz... O.o

'Bite me', says Spirit. Just a natural reaction, don't grope a girl like that, especially when she is bleeding.

Since we can't have all the beautiful individual photos here, let's list some of the sex shoot. Those sets that don't get 99+ on flick because the majority of people click quickly past the first one! Edvard Taurion with and by Petitfab Ackland, Aria Horan with Sammy, 'Reward for the boy-toy' by Gwenivere, 'At the Clinic' by Nikolas Frederix featuring Kayla Bombastic, Aki Fukumoto by Antoine Farspire, 'Homecoming' by Court Faith, and many more!

Nikolas has a real active imagination when it comes to find excuses to perv some ass...

Dax Rahl is a constant presence in this gallery, and he worked a lot this week....So did Sasha Johansen, one of his models for these torrid fall days. Check out the flickr of both, with the perspective of both on her workout session

Sasha made a few really lovely pics for the season too, including this 'My pumpkin' one!

She's always pretty and she is one indefatigable photographer. Tammy Jones did a nice pineup set of Sean Woodrunner and a ton and a half of party photos.
She also modeled for Akira, who did a couple of really 'wow' Hallowe-themed sex shoots. Check out the set as she summons Tammy and spends a great witching hour with Rachel Avro

Some really inspired work in Akira's stream!

I really wanted to put here a panel of Alexus Minotaur's Halloween comic, know what, I am taking a break. Especially good when the 'break' is with the gorgeous Claire Daniels, who just came back from a way too long hiatus! Check out her latest set, with Bane W. Caedus.

Alexus really knows how to handle a tight spot at work...

More models and photographers to keep an eye on? Always always always Eva Brunswick, the uber cute neko Zoey Mara who has been quiet in the porn groups or a while (but is always busy dj-ing!), Ellen Saint with her new mesh looks (and lovely pics of Rache), Cybercat Bekkers, Rob Roxley, who doesn't miss a meme, the always dokielicious Dokie, the not-so-Innocent Kay and even our party energizer bunny Don Roodborst! He does takes pictures, you know!!

Sasquatch Rhino enjoyed another week of outstanding photoshoots in his Make Me Pose series, with shoots featuring Ali Fox+Zuby (here), Zuby+Ali (here!), DjSexyCandy (here), Monique LeFry+a bleached blonde (here). Look up inside his vaste'pose challenge'  themed album, but also for a good perspective on it, you might want to check out the blog post and interview he did this week for a blog whose owner asked explicitly to avoid being mentioned here out of some personal reason. Ah well! You can also dig up the feature in the very first issue of Attention magazine, it is always exciting to see what an accomplished photographer feels about this creature of his.

Marcus keeps thinking about new ideas for shoots, this week it was a "No Boys Allowed" Thursday

Final mention goes to the great work of our performer of the Month, mr. Marcus Strong! He too joined the halloween craze and made some quirky shoots, on top of his storytelling series and so much more.
Read all about him on yesterday's post, and of course look back for all the other original Dog Star content. A trifecta of T-Girl Tuesday shoots with Marika Dakota and RG, a great pictorial again by Marika, a debut on this blog by Igor Romanov, and hey, what about a movie? I kinda liked that one!
Thanks for looking at this Digest, and happy Halloween!