Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Pictorial - Deci

Deci comes to me through Marcus Strong's excellent series of cards...but Deci is no beginner.  She's been in a few movies already and has sat for a few pictorials as well.  She's also not too bad behind the camera either!  Welcome to Dog Star, Deci!

Pictorial by Marcus Strong

from Marcus Strong's set of model cards

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Pictorial - theamore

This tasty treat showed up at a party one day and I'm glad to finally get her on the blog.  She has a classic look and is quite approachable.  In this fine pictorial by Ali Fox, some of her best assets are well highlighted, including those eyes.  Yeah...

Pictorial by Ali Fox

Monday, November 28, 2016

Beaver's Digest - Volume 16

Welcome to the Beaver's Digest, a merry repository of all things porn. We shamelessly predate on the notices from the main two group on the XXX rated scene, we peek at the blogs, we flip through the mags, we try and pick up the rumors on the street, we speak in plural and with a sense of grandeur! On to the stuff that went down this past week (ish!)


I am glad to open this post with a new video about a very established couple in porn with a trademark look that can't quite be copied. Talking about Asari and Ves!

After 3 long months Naughty Eclips Studio's New Release LOVE & LUST

If you had even the most glancing look at Asari's flickr anytime in the past years you are familiar about the 'love' part. And for the 'lust' bit, well! This movie is here to showcase plenty of that! I thought it was even longer than 3 months actually since the last release from Naughty Eclips. I covered some of their past productions during my tenure on the Sexiest pornstars blog, and seeing producers continue to pursue their passion is very welcome here.

Straight porn vid in their tradition, and shot in a setting that is quite beautiful. I spotted in the past weeks on the incredly hot flickr stream of Abhati O photos of a bedroom suite in the name of Ves and Asari. It led me to a blog post where she mentioned an upcoming production she was hired to assist in with her skills as interior designer. And it certainly added a lot to the movie.

Please do send your feedback to Ves (bigdaddyvesvnm) and Asari (Asarisunshine), but also to Abhati! I am quite sure they will appreciate it and welcome your ideas and collaboration offers.

While I am on the subject of returning filmakers, and also some that are 'new' to this Digest, I'll be happy to give a mention to this...

Check out my newest film starring Mitzy Broadway, Rude Runner Runner Studios an American pornographic film studio. It is the parent company and sister-label of Filthy Penny Productions.
Max Long (Maximlong)

This notice came out this week in the SL porn group. This is good news because (hear me hear me) that means it will be eligible for the SL Porn Group Movie Awards organized next year by miss Emily's studio. It will be an award show open to all directors who sent notices about movies in the SL porn group during the solar year. Not just that, but the directors will be judged by their peers, as every director with at least one eligible movie will be asked to be part of the jury. Just sayin' !

But I remember when this movie came out originally: it was in May this year, and I had a chat with the main actress (who posted the link at the time in the Pornstars group), Mitzy Broadway (mitzzyb). She told me a bit about the movie creation and the artistic partnership with the director, MaximLong, also mentioning the contribution by Peter Moore in the sound department.
Now, I am digressing because this movie would deserve a rather ample coverage, beyond the scope of this digest, and I want to post a couple screenshots more.

Why? That's because this movie while being very cohesive and telling a single story is actually at the very least 3 movies in one. It starts in a typical "boy meets girl" scenario...well, it's "boy wanks gawking girl that fucks herself with a dildo", so not ALL that typical, actually...

...but the movie doesn't stop there! It escalates in a gangbang scene! And ends on a soft note (when the guys DO finally get soft...) with another sex scene, this time involving Mitzy with Kandie Kox. Mitzy told me it's the scene she had the greatest input in, and I certainly can believe it.
The male cast include Max and Peter, but also Donn Candy, Frank Buck and Jack Stroker...ok those are all perfect porn names!

If I can channel my inner Stefon and score on some keywords, this movie has everything. Straight sex, lesbian sex, group sex, bukkake, long walks on the beach, even sharks and coyotes! And I am NOT kidding!

I hope I got you interested in it at least a bit, because rest assured, you will find something that caters to your palate, and the movie is shot in an excellent way all the way through. That includes skillfully picked angles with very Dillonesque shots through windows, ceiling fans etc, but first and foremost the editing. It's a terrific product, mantaining a perfect pace in the setup and transitions, and dealing very aptly with the XXX content.

So just follow the link, and enjoy it.  And also check out the other movie from the same director, "The Back Alley", because it is as well well worth a view!

Now, a more frequent customer of mine that I just mentioned. It's time for El Dillon, at El ysion, in El Tango!

I am digging this blue phase of Dillon's production: I think the light in 'Sex with her' was impressive, and cerelulean tones work in a beautiful way in this completely different enviroment: the well renowned theater at Elysion that Dillon already used in previous productions like 'The Showgirls'.

I don't need to outline the plot for you, especially when you consider that it's a music video in Dillon style. If you are familiar with the title track "El Tango de Roxanne" from Moulin Rouge you know you can expect a very energetic performance! You know it takes two to tango, but in the spirit of Dillon's production, the red light ,errr spotlight is not just on himself and Carly Mode. There are other characters who partake in the 'dance'...

And so we have Athena and Jon, Monique Lefry and myself, in a movie well shot, with inspired angles and lightwork and a mostly tuberculosis- free cast. Watch it on NM !

And in closing, Carly Morrisey put the words 'The End' (or is it a "To be continued" ?) to her stellar production 'Her revenge'.
I don't want to spend again way more superlatives about her work, and I am biting my tongue (and my snapshot finger) to avoid saying (and showing) too much about this episode. All I can say is, it's the worthy finale of a series that evolved into a grandiose project, all well contained in the 2 minutes and a half mark of each episode.

The word I probably used the most covering this series has been 'modern'. That is because there's something cutting-edge about the choices Carly made in her work. Having a finale set in an art gallery and with a turbillon of characters from different acts of the series (and more), is the type of choice that would make Bryan Fuller or David Lynch proud!

I of course don't want to overstate the merits of a SL porn production, but this type of series is a singularity so far, and I hope it will inspire more directors to make short episodes combining well shot sex while weaving a bigger plot.

Credits of this episode include Jezzi Mornington, Racheal Rexen, Zepp Sicling, Sofia LaFontaine, Karl Claynan, Malone , Sindee, Larah Sa'Fir, the blonde with 'tude, and of course, Carly Morrisey. Check out the video here!


Oh man, the road to Xmas has begun. Well, let's begin it with a cover by Cream Release, at least!

Yes, we did it again ;) Its December, snowy and holidays filled month of the year. Get warm and cosy and enjoy in our new release. Party will be out soon to ;)

Indeed there will be a party, and I am sure that photos will be taken. By the covergirl of this issue, the hard working staff member Kristina Deschanel. A well deserved tribute to this talented girl who as Technical Editor puts together every issue, and this issue also dealt with the 'pet of the month' centerfold shoot, featuring Jinx Beverly.

This month's issue of course brings plenty articles. Onisa's meetings with fashion designers, Kayla Bombastic's location reports, and extensive photography by Kristina plus writeups by Edvard with real top names in the world of naughty furniture. And it closes with Laura Demonista, Closing shop.
It's also just about time that I link you the November issue of the ever interesting SL Unplugged, btw!

SL Unplugged is a magazine we have very dear here at Dog Star, as I always mention with a big thank to Tink Wardell for including us in the issue. It's a magazine that has ever growing ties with the porn community and brings every issue a great selection of fine artists. Oh Katina, again with the superlatives. Well it IS true, just have a look at the issue to see that I am right!

Jenny Starveling modeling for Core

I am partial to the cover artist M8ty who some of you will remember already from an issue of Pro-vo-ca-tive, one of those fine magazine born from the 'porn' groups but that aimed at mainstream recognition. It's now on permanent hiatus but it laid the foundation for more than one of the current mags we cover here.

The issue has a great selection: shoots from Sofia Lafontaine, Emannuelle Courtois, BB Ansia, Greg Paslong, Sassy Lexenstar, CallieKatz, Esmia Yoshikawa. There's Luke Fortacos in a pictorial inspired by "Historie d'O", photos featuring the lovely (and tasty!) Dorable and much much more!

Fantasia Freiman is a gorgeous model for Core, together with Amber Sanchez,Ginger4Luv, Katherine and Mystris Opaline)

Core Nider's photography sets the tone of the issue, with half a dozen models in smouldering pin up shots. Starting with Jenny Starveling in tats. Erotic stories, a featured item from a famous designer and even a lovely writeup by HaileyMarie Redrose are just some of the features you can explore in this issue. So get your copy now, through MP !

Before I get to the Blogs and websites section, here's a shoutout to the SX Magazine Awards

After a few months from the beginning of the contest, I'm happy to announce you that in December we'll announce the winners of the SX Magazine Awards, in a Gala event to which all the applicants are invited. The winners will be chosen by the Judges among a group of 5 nominated for each category. Today we'll announce nominations for the first 2 categories.

SX Magazine started with great promise before the summer. Born from the experience of a meticolous, hard working comic book artist as Virgil, SX came out with so far 3 issues, sporting fresh artwork thanks to its leading photographer Maya, original content and reputable names to make for a compelling product and established itself in a very distinct and professional style.
It's unfortunate that RL caused some setbacks and significant delays in the production of the new issue, but for this last window of 2016 Virgil is committed to bring to a happy conclusion the adventure of the SX Magazine awards, a sort of spiritual successor (or substitute for this year) of the Sexiest Awards. We'll have more to report about the awards in the coming weeks!
Follow their blog for updates on the nominations, judges profiles, news about the ceremony and all that!


I do want to open the blogs section with yet another excellent interview featured on Alexandria Topaz's PNC Blog, this time authored by Monique Lefry. Why do I want to open with this?

(photo by Alexa)

Actually, it's a very interesting interview, and I am not saying that out of courtesy : it provides a great insight and information about Stroker Serpentine's career and achievements, has some mouth watering foreshadowing of what promises to be groundbreaking innovation in the adult entertainment industry and all that...  BUT YOU CAN GET FREE SHIT WITH IT. 
Just visit the link!

(photo by Ali Lancrae)

To Stroker and his Vice Beach we go also with Ali Lancrae and her Nude World Tour!
Ali's reports are always good to read, and they are a magnificent excuse to see her remarkable body around the grid!

(photo by Maya)

Well, uh, mr. Rust's body is certainly remarkable too, although in a different way. Monique LeFry interviewed him as one of the jduges of the SX magazine awards. The movie judges' unabridged interviews have not been released in blog format yet before last week. Enjoy more in the next days, and look at the photo judges' ones too!

Porn Royalty at work on the SL Porn blog! I always welcome the chance to praise Racheal Rexen's job recapping the daily notices, and the blog is always worth a visit for the bountiful party photos, this week with some really neat ones by Erin Cedarbridge. However, my recommended link here is of course the one to the hardcore celebratory shoot of the Porn Prince and Princess of November. Who are they? Tsk tsk, if you really don't know, go check it out. I loved this shoot!
Also, do plan on joining this contest in a couple of days! Rest assured, you have a real chance and you too can end up with a fancy bragging rights title and involved in quality photoshoots with minimal effort!

Notorious B.E.N. continues to bring his kinky smut via his web page, this week with the cute Angela Easton. Only a couple shots are published to Flickr, for the whole bunch of his shots such as this one, you have to visit his blogspot!

Midnight Shinja had under his lens an old friend: she has not been around the porn world in a while. She changed her iconic look most of us remember as with, and shows off a new one that makes her equally distinct and unique. Pleasure to blog again this name: Chloe Nicole!

On the Anton Production blog this week, a pictorial with Jenny Lou! Well, nuff said?

And in closing: not many utilize My Second life as a vehicle to share their photos, and it's somewhat strange, as it would seem a natural extension of our avatars and personalities on SL. That's why I love to bring to your attention the 'diary' of Iris Okiddo, with her visit to a beautiful location in SL. An unlikely swashbuckler , Iris made so many sexy funny and cute shots. When you go through them I am sure that they will bring a smile to your face. Which is something I know she loves doing!


Parties are partier than ever! You can check the event list of the Official pornstar parties on the Sexiest Pornstars blog. Every day of the week has its own party in EU-friendly timezones: Monday at The Abbey, Tuesday at Club Fornicatio, Thursday hosted by Ayara and Nak at either of their locations, and the remaining days split between Porn*stars club and Club Yana.

...and for the US hours, Hard Alley parties are always great to come by (butt by Anyka, pic by Don )

But there are of course many other events happening all the time and adult-themed or adult friendly or heck, just coming from people we enjoy the sexy work of every day. That includes the regular parties from venues like Billionaire Club, Surfers' Bay, AEA/Brit-X, and special events. This week for instance I had the pleasure to attend two halves of a show (sadly on different days, which doesn't amount to a whole complete show!) put together by quite the exceptional ensemble.

Photo by Laura, with the burlesque ensemble!

Yes, it's the Debauche burlesque troupe, featuring the beauties in the photo! I have always been a fan of performing arts in SL, and some of the acts I have seen in this show really deserve praise for the perfect planning and timing. I hope you will have the privilege to see or even host one of their spectacles!

photo by Larah (she made a great album about the latest shows!)

Try have a peek at some of the photos taken at their latest performances, and I am sure you will have at least a glimpse of the brilliance of their mise en scene. And bear in mind, it's the syncronicity with the music, and the actual music part, that certainly 'makes' the show, even more seeing beauties in spandex! Here's their flickr group!

'ARnnO snaparazzoted' by Eriko Littlebird

I also recommend the gallery completely with pics and videos that celebrates the anniversary of Snapaholics. A group founded by the paparazzo Arnno Planer, it is not part of the 'porn' scene but features a veritable who's who of brilliant artists who have in general very few inhibition when it comes to showing the sensual side of SL.

Scenes from Club Yana! (pic by Yana)

SL is one big party and it's, generally, a festive and joyful enviroment. There are always good chances to celebrate and to mix art and sensuality with music and dances, and it was a great joy for me to play a minuscule part in the organization of the newest exhibition by Mirage gallery, which opened with a party featuring live BDSM models and a dj set by the always inspired Stacia Reinoir.
The exhibition this time is about items, both furniture and fetish 'clothing', focused on a certain brand. Just go over and watch the photos and the items who inspired them.

Yes well, that was a quick gyazo shot...You really should have been there , you know?

That being said, my heart is with the regular parties and all that they offer to the community day in day out! The importance of going to parties and be 'part of' the active especially for newcomers has never been overstated.Just know that many are watching!

'Em and the girls' by Larry


Being featured on the Ass Monday and, Topless Tuesday on the Sexiest Blog is often a goal for the members of the porn community. We see a great response for the Fellatio Friday theme on this blog as well, so yay! Also yeah, Thanksgiving,...

'Happy Thanksgiving' by Laura Demonista

'Stuffing the Turkey' by  Racheal Rexen!

'Turkey Talk' by James Peen!

....people respond to themes in different ways! Follow the Sexiest flickr group and/or your favourite artists, sadly there's no real alternative to that. So many beautiful, sexy, but also funny and plain silly pics are made every day.

It seems to be a trend, those 'badge of honor' sort of pictures. We can call them Steamy Achievements maybe? This week we had Bewitched Difference reaching 3000 followers, Stacia Reinor 800, Larry Vinaver reaching 5000 pictures, and...Hmm I am sure I am forgetting someone (or am I not ?)

Someone else who celebrated in spectacular fashion something? The wicked Gwenivere who had a steamy time with Samantha Craving, her co-star on set. This type of album also works to hype her upcoming movie 'She's in the Green'.

Who needs a birthday cake when you have pie?

Now, I am fairly sure that most of you would recognize the female model from this side too. If anything because she is also the photographer and she has a very recognizable style! But still, this is a photo from "Desert Sweat" , a photostory featuring also Talisker Braveheart. Artwork, poses, location all made in Rikki Sixx! She had a really prolific week with this project and other fun photos, so check it out, together with Talisker's flickr, always up for guffaw-inducing vignettes!

One more 'Porn Raider' adventure by Rikki!

Every photoset by Anyka Aiseiri is a true event for me. We all know she is a perfectionist, but her finely crafted photos are perfection! They do exhude eroticism from every pixel. She is releasing the 'Lifeguards off duty' set with Chris C and Ashley, with new material and tweaks to her edits to make the whole set fully organic and cohesive for her ultra-picky sensitivity. We love what she does and look really forward to admire the set in its entirety.

Anyka's artwork is stunning as ever, and the models certainly helped!

Nikolas Frederix is a historic name in SL porn: this week for his photography he had over some really exciting models (such as Athena and Janna) , and his projects are certainly intriguing. Will we see more?

' Overcoming Reluctance To Submission with an Enticing Invitation ' featuring Alectra. Check her flickr too!

Marcus Strong is so hard working! It's not even meant to be a pun, simply enjoying his Storytime series, proceeding with models the likes of PJ Thornton, Kimmy, Eve Birdsong. He shot Rusty Seesaw and he did a delightful photoset with his wife Ali Fox and one 'young stud'.

A squeaky clean Ali!

Elroy Click as well covered (figuratively speaking) a variety of models, with more fan fun with Jenny Starveling, Sindee (soft and hard), Zatanna Magic, Jessi Auster, Mystie Heart. Congrats again for a very productive week!

Sindee tweriking some on the lap of mr. Click!

PJ Thornton continues to cooperate with many other models...and do plenty guys! Photographically speaking, again. It was really funny to see how sometimes a chat in group can become an imprompty casting call and more. That's the backstory of one of those pics..... but just enjoy any of the other photos, made with Jed Penne, Cheryl Reddevil, Jagger Draconis, Robin Rondini, Notorious B.E.N., Rachel Swallows, Sasquatch Rhino, Anthony, Argosi Domenici, JohnnyWhadd, Bewitched Difference, Larah Sa'fir.

'Great outdoors' by PJ Thornton. I do think she is appreciating the interiors too...

Anthony (Glock Weezles) is no stranger to sex photoshoots with spot-on captions. This time he had a Tasty Tuesday with Dixie, featuring Dixie Delite!

Oww, hair pull! (photo by Anthony)

The man known as Marck the Shark did a variety of pinup shoots this week: I know he is also busy with a project for a certain SL magazine and...well, just talk to him and enjoy the opportunity to maybe pose for him soon! Some of the models that posed for him this week? Darkangel Vig,   Cinderella, Partee. ..

This has been truly a Shark week!

Speaking of other remarkable models and/or photographers, this week I have been watching the likes of Raven, two absolute queens of BDSM in Carola Conover and   Adrenalynn Ling, the beautiful Tisha,  Nuur, new photos from Lylah Landar, an intense production by Krystal. But it's an obviously partial list!

Dax Rahl and Sasha Johansen know how to have fun...and share it through flickr! (photo by Dax)

...a very very partial list.

Jos Miguelch and Cheryl Reddevil both did a rendition of this photo. Collaborations are always fun!

As for sex shoots, I appreciated 'Lovely mess' by Cannon,  'Black and Gold' by Aria Horan, the humpday shoot by Kenny with Fiona, Bette Paige with Kimmy, Sergey Uralia's latest and that is without counting those extra active pornographers such as Jet Black, who did a water set with 129 pics, dwarfing Filthy Nights' shoot with barely 50  ! Phew!

Zuby Gloom knows how to grab your attention. Ask Sas ! (from 'Make me pose' )

Well, time to wrap this up! If this Digest helped you find out something you missed, great! We at Dog Star have enjoyed so far putting the spotlight on the new and on the experienced alike through interviews and pictorials (this week, Pulsar Grut by Ali, and Shintara by Scotty). And recently with this Digest and with the Fellatio Friday gallery. Thank you so much for your attention, and your collaboration - feel free to write about anything we may have overlooked!

PS: Looking forward to the next 10'000 from you, Aria Horan!