Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Bucket & Peanut Show #1

Late Night with Bucket & Peanut
Interview with Isabelle Cheviot

Bucket: Ok folks our guest this evening. Photographer, Blog Owner and Film Maker, people please welcome Isabelle Cheviot

Bucket: So Isa welcome to the Bucket & Peanut Show, it's great to have you here.
Isa: Thank you!  I'm honored to be here
Peanut: And Happy Halloweenie
Isa: Thx!  You too - it's a fun time of the year for sure
Bucket: Mischief to be had
Isa: Yes...although I'm a proponent of year round mischief but...why not :)
Bucket: What kind of trouble will you be getting up to this year Isa?
Peanut: Something slutty? *giggles*
Isa: I don't have any major plans honestly outside of the normal work work work. I think I'll probably go to a couple of Halloween parties
Bucket: Well speaking of work....So as we all know, you're the founder and owner of Dog Star Productions, it's been running for quite some time now so congrats on that. Just how many years now would you say?
Isa: Believe it or not, Dog Star is in its 5th year
Peanut: WHAATT!.....Worky Work Busy Bee!
Isa: Yeah *laughs*
Bucket: Wow and in that time, aside from running the blog, you've produced and directed over 100 films? I mean.... do you like employ a full time cleaning crew for this?
Isa: *Laughs* I SHOULD!
Isa: But yeah i haven't counted lately but it's definitely over 100. That's a lot of spunk :)
Bucket: You know you're probably helping these cleaners put their kids though college with the sheer amount of jizz these guys must have had to sponge up over the years
Isa: It takes a village
Peanut: If I had a linden for every time I had to Sponge up jizz.......I would be loaded!........get it!
Bucket: *Facepalm*
Isa: ruck ruck ruck
Peanut: *Giggles*
Isa: Actually the first films that the original founder of Dog Star did were done in 2012 - so that's 7 years. I took over in 2013
Isa: So Dog Star is 7 years old but my involvement as director /owner has been 6 years
Isa: you need a bigger sponge, Ash!
Peanut: *giggles*........and a bib
Bucket: So it was kinda passed onto to you like a torch or like a less bothersome STD
Peanut: if I had a linden for every time.........never mind!
Isa: *laughs*
Isa: So the founder and original owner was a guy named Liam, he started to make a few films and i was his main actress - maybe his only actress?
Bucket: And you murdered him and took his place?
Isa: *Laughs* Then he had to leave SL and so i took over the group.
Isa: I swallowed him whole in a vore accident
Peanut: How do you think I got this job?
Peanut: *Points to the skeleton*
Isa: Aha i see!  well I'm sure he or she died happy :)
Peanut: yups....he died with a boner!
Bucket: It's Halloween so lets go with my's more exciting and the tabloids will love it
Isa: *laughs* Oh yeesh
Peanut: Oh.......Since Isa has been involved with Dog Star for so long, she can totally put our in-house debate to rest!
Bucket: Yes indeed
Isa: This ought to be good
Bucket: I gotta admit I have been absolutely dying to ask since you hired us, and I know Peanut would especially love to hear an answer for this because she seriously never shuts up about it....... But what exactly is a Dog Star?

Bucket: But.....before you give us an answer

Bucket: We took this question around the office asking the crew, what they thought a Dog Star is.... But... we provided them with zero context to keep things interesting... and we have the top 3 answers right here... wanna know what they were?
Isa: i do :)
Bucket: Ok then take it away Peanut

Peanut: Otay then....... 3. I think that's gotta be some astronomy bullshit right?
2. An award given to the man most likely to hump your leg during a photo shoot and if this is true, Bucket definitely deserves a Dog Star
And lasty but not leasty... number 1. and my personal thought on the subject.... Isn't that like a booty thing?

Isa: *Laughs* So do you REALLY want to know?
Bucket: I think the whole world deserves to know
Isa: Hmm..maybe i should keep this a secret
Peanut: Nooooooo!!!!! I'll owe the camera guy a reach around if we don't get an answer!
Isa: I'll say this - i didn't name the group...I've wrestled for years with the idea of changing the name. BUT... Liam named it Dog Star after the brightest star in the sky, his idea was that he'd make the best porn *laughs*
Bucket: Holy shit, so answer number 3 was right?
Isa: I've never liked the name and have always wanted to change it. So yeah answer #3 - so who won?
Bucket: Derik in Accounting
Isa: Bring him out!
Bucket: I would but guy's a know-it-all dick
Isa: hah
Peanut: And he never manscapes!
Isa: *pulls a hair from her mouth* ....I can manage
Bucket: You don't mind getting lost in the woods?
Isa: I love to hike, but....sometimes I bring my hedge trimmer
Bucket: Fair enough *chuckles*
Bucket: Ok ok, now for the real reason we have you on tonight... Your new film Au Pair, starring Ivan Yerkinov and EmeeLee. Tell me from the title there... is it kinda like the porn version of classic thriller, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle.... cause I'm not gonna lie....that would be freaky weird and I'm totally into it. But enough about my throbbing erection, please give us the run down. What's this one all about?
Peanut: So your hoping for a hot breast feeding scene, Bucket?
Bucket: Quiet you
Isa: So films tend not to have the most interesting story lines.  I don't set out to make a film that holds your interest by great story telling. Other producers do that much better and I'm really just in it for the sex *laughs*
Bucket: So it's unashamedly porn
Isa: Completely.
Bucket: I dig it
Isa: A couple hires a new Au Pair and things happen :)
Bucket: Makes perfect sense to me, very porny, people are gonna love it
Peanut: I feel sticky just talkin bout it!
Isa: My ambition is not to come up with the cleverest way to 'set up' a blow job ambition is to make the hottest blow job scene, if that makes sense
Bucket: You want to get people off
Isa: I do
Bucket: I hear you
Peanut: Aaawwww........she's such a giver!
Isa: I am :)
Bucket: We get the best guests on this show
Isa: Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying my style is better or whatever, I have a lot of respect and admiration for people who are making interesting porn with good plot and set designs, etc, it's just not what *I* do.
Bucket: Oh of course, and what you do has gained quite the following, something to be proud of :)
Isa: I've worked hard, definitely, but I've had tons of help along the way
Bucket: Ok we need to take a break. More with Isa when we come back, until then enjoy these scenes from Au Pair
Isa: *Smiles*
Isa and Ivan

Ivan and Emee

Isa and Emee

Bucket: Heyhey welcome back to the Bucket & Peanut Show...  We're here with Isabelle Cheviot and tonight we have a big big announcement to make.... Isa is retiring from film making after this latest movie is released, possibly marking the end of an amazing career in the directors chair.... I say 'possibly' because Peanut does plan to kidnap your family pet and hold it to ransom until you get back to work.
Peanut: *grins*
Peanut: Rocco the Chincilla is in my microwave as we speak
Isa: Mmm i love Chincilla
Isa: So - it's true I'm afraid.
Peanut: well..........I hope I don't have to find out if he tastes like chicken then!
Bucket: But seriously... what's happening there? What have you decided to take a step down for a while here? Have you started waking up in cold sweats from nightmares about drowning in money shots and now you need a break? Or what?
Isa: I've been doing this for years now and 2 things are driving this decision. But first - my RL is different than it used to be
Bucket: Life happens
Isa: I have a job that really keeps me busy, and there are some other, more personal things in RL that are happening as well that are driving this decision
Isa: But the 2nd things is...I'm not sure i have anything new to say at this point
Peanut: We can totally respect that.......but I am still eating Rocco
Isa: It's not really fun for me any more and it's become a chore
Bucket: Well I guess with over 100 films, there's only so many big sausage pizzas that can be ordered
Isa: Exactly!
Isa: So I'm not saying I'm leaving SL or that I'll NEVER make another film or whatever. But i think it's time to close down shop for a while.
Bucket: Taking a much needed break
Isa: A break with no plans to come back to it. Having said that i'm always willing to participate as an actress/performer
Bucket: We hear ya, sounds like time for a new adventure
Isa: but yeah - i have been starting to rekindle my interest in non-pornographic events here in SL ;)
Peanut: Like what?
Isa: Ummm.... Let's say I'm allowing some time in my schedule for some role play :)
Bucket: Fantastic, like I said, new adventure :)
Isa: Exactly
Peanut: *grins adorably*.......That doesn't sound pornographic at all!
Isa: Well it's only porn if i film it :)
Isa: i may take the occasional photograph
Isa: But it's hard to be so locked down in RL and have to worry about scheduling and editing and blah blah
Peanut: I have seen you in  some awesome piccy's....... Are there any photographers out there you would like to work with?
Isa: I've worked with quite a few good photographers - i will be leaving many people out but Carter Holloway is one that comes to mind
Bucket: I've heard that crazy Ashlynn chick is a pretty good photographer
Isa: Yes!  I'd love to work with her but i hear she eats her
Peanut: Yeah......she's got rocks in her head for sure
Bucket: I whackjob
Isa: I think she's kind of cute though :)
Bucket: Like a gremlin
Peanut: *laughs*
Bucket: *Thumbs up to peanut*
Isa: *Laughs loud*
Bucket: Ok well, we're almost outta time. But before we let you go tonight... There are just some things that Peanut needs to ask... the kind of questions that keeps our shows poor sexy little muppet up every night.... just thinking and wondering about the universes inner mysteries. And with that here comes... Peanuts Peanutbutter Rapid Fire Question Time!
Peanut: Otay gawdgeous, please wait til all the questions are asked before answering....... and here we go!
Peanut: If I was a stain on your bed, what kind of stain would I be and what juicy gos would I hear?
Peanut: If peanut butter wasn't called peanut butter, what would it be called?
Peanut: This is a two part question......If you could kill off anyone on your friend's list, who would it be and can I help?
Peanut: Is a hotdog a sandwich, why or why not?
Peanut: How much would you pay a Hacker threatening to share your browser history with your friends and family?
Peanut: Now I will sit back and watch the smoke come out of your ears while you search for answers.....and go!
Isa: Wow *chuckles*
Bucket: Don't worry...we promise we won't tell anyone the answer to the murder question *double thumbs up*
Isa: Stain:  wine.
Isa: Peanut butter:  should be called 'fuck no spread' because it's disgusting, sorry
Bucket: Ooo sic burn *laughs*
Isa: Friends list:  anyone who cums and then logs off without kissing me goodbye.
Isa: A hot dog is NOT a sandwich.  it's a hot dog.  how dare you.
Bucket: Hahahaha See I told you Peanut!
Peanut: *laughs*'s a weenie sandwich and I am sticking to it
Isa: Finally I wouldn't pay a hacker anything - i have no secrets :)
Bucket: *laughs* Ok well I'm afraid that's all we have time for tonight
Peanut: Thankies so much for coming, Sweetie Pies!
Isa: this was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed this. Thank you for having me on your program
Bucket: Isa, thank you so much for joining us this evening
Isa: My pleasure
Bucket: And everyone be sure to check out Au Pair... releasing in theatres whenever Isa feels like fucking finishing it alright!!
Bucket: Say goodnight Peanut
Peanut: Goodnight Peanut!
Isa: Ha!
Isa: thank you again :)
Bucket: See ya at work boss *saltues*
Peanut: BYeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sunday Funnies with Bucket & Peanut #15

Dirty Jokes😈

So who likes a dirty joke? Or maybe the better question, who in their right mind doesn't like a dirty joke?  Well 'Dirty Jokes' is a new segment we'll be featuring on the occasional Sunday, highlighting a good funny dirty joke someone heard, somewhere, sometime, at someplace. And hopefully follow it up with a half decent image to get your chuckle on.

Once we get our lazy asses into gear with the flickr group we'll start looking for others willing to contribute to this idea and it may just a get featured here on the Sunday page!  

So without further delay, our first joke presented is one that I only know as....

The Tiger Woods Joke

So a newly wed couple gets to their hotel room..... clothes start coming off.... things get passionate and suddenly the new wife stops the husband and says... "I'm sorry hunny.... I have a confession to make before we have sex..... I'm not a virgin.....but I've only had sex with one man, and that man was Tiger Woods"....

The Husband thinks for a second and replies "Well I guess it was only once.... and it was with a big time celebrity golfer, so I can understand that too..... so it's fine, lets have sex".....

So they jump into bed and fuck each others brains out.....

Afterwards the husband is getting out of bed and heading to the phone when his wide says.... "Hunny what are you doing?"

"Ordering room service" The Husband replies

His wife responds... "Uh uh, that's not what Tiger would do.... Tiger would come back to bed and fuck me again"

So the husband jumps back into into bed for round 2

Afterwards same thing, gets out of bed and the wife asks "What are you doing baby?"

The Husband responds... "Ummm ordering room service"

She looks at him again with that look and says "Nope... that's not what Tiger would do, Tiger would come back and fuck me again"

The husband groans and stumbles back into bed and they go for round 3....

After they finish, this time the husband flops out of bed onto the floor and starts crawling to the phone....

"Are you ordering room service?" The wife asks

The husband then replies........ "No god damnit! I'm calling Tiger Woods!  I need to know what the par is on this fucking hole"