Friday, April 9, 2021

Dog Star Productions Featured Model #332 - Lucy Doll

I'm happy to introduce Lucy Doll to the Dog Star community - I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!  XO ~ Isa

Where are you from?: Florida born and raised; spent most my younger life on the beach .

What do you enjoy doing in SL?:    I love going exploring and seeing new things - being able to just *poof* and you're in Paris or *poof* and your standing in from of the great is simply the best thing!  This is my first avatar but I took to SL like a fish to water...I simply love it!

What is that necklace you're wearing?:  Looks down and holds it out some. Oh this it is a pentagram - I am a Satanist.  I have been on the left hand path for many years. I turn my back on god a long time ago - he just was not doing it for me so where I am now I am happy . I trust the sign of the horns in the air with my hand Ave Satanas! Sin is in!  😉

What are your Turn On's?:   Well I love petite women. There is nothing hotter then a small breasted short just instantly makes me wet. Also, Harley's are a turn on for me - I just love the feeling of the bike between my thighs the vibrations running through my body...I mean after all I am a biker chick at heart! Being on the open road feeling the wind in my hair really makes you feel like you own the road.

What are your Turn Off's?:  Childish behavior and rude, inconsiderate people.  People who are always trying to tell you what to do, how to dress, how to act, and so on.  People who try to push their beliefs on you.  I mean...just let a person be themselves!