Friday, January 25, 2019

Fellatio Friday #124

Hello and welcome! The first month of the year is almost in the books, and we have reached #124 of this weekly date with oral fixation! Did you know that in 1957, it was through United Nations Security Council Resolution 124 that Ghana was admitted to the UN? Therefore, this episode of Fellatio Friday 124 is dedicated to Ghana! I admit I do not have much in the way of Ghana-specific material to be featured here, but I assume that the love for oral sex is universal, and therefore , here you have a bunch of blowjob pictures. You are welcome!

This is kinda new! Fellatio Friday ad? Well thank you Mandy Galileo!

A Fellatio Friday ad...hey, it is what this post does, basically! We take one pic per photographer posted Friday or posted during the week, or ever ! Because good pics never age (sorta!), and there's just too much to be contained in what is simply a weekly feature coming out on "a day where porn photographers are encouraged to present pictures featuring fellatio. " 
"Also known as The Day of The Giving Heads. Which could be a good title for a porn movie."
(thanks to Tricia and to Zuby for unknowingly providing these quotes :p)
Submit your pics to the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group , and join the fun!
We always welcome collaborators to the blog itself - including your hot photosets, your 'fashion statements' and more. Just approach us and we'll be happy to include you! Enough with the chatter now: let's get it on! Starting with...

Thank You - Laura Richards

Untitled by Zuby Gloom

Your friend is welcome as well - Sandra Palletier

Fun on the Boat - Grim Skall

The End - Natsumi Xenga

Fitting room - Jade Doet

CPMA Shot 1 - Torsten Holst

Lollipop lollipop, Oh lolli lolli lolli - Cykes Silver

wearin n sharin =D - Emma Janeway

POV - Alexis Futanari

Spread - Eddric Dayne

Funsome Friday - Chase Stone

Don't Ask - Bex Malone

Snapshot_017 - BigD Elcano

Mini&Steph - Lunedor Oryl

ZA Practice 2 - Katya Imako

Licks on Route 66 - Leith Corleone

Morning with her toy - Luke Fortacos

14.01.2019 - Klaudia

Another tough blowjob . . . - Iris Okiddo

My Baby, Candi............... pleases her Daddy so sweet............. xoxo - Mike Olson

PS5 - Dokielicious Doobie (and for the full set, which is WOW,do check out the blog post!)

Untitled by RandomDD

Untitled by Mandi Will - and oh man, she is in full Trek mode! Check out her hilarious page

BJ 1 - O

Puro pecado... :X - Ziig Kenyon

Untitled by Jaffe Varriale

went out with Dag anded up in a cheap slezly hotel - Ivy

Look at me - Pablo Mendez

Feed me - Makayla

Fellatio Friday fun with Leannan - Kelli Kristan

Open wide - Tourdiddy

just zoeyrose and archangel having fun time - Zoey Wild

Carola Gets Messy - Marcus Strong

Ģŗęędƴ - Rowan Villiers

And today, I am wrapping the post with some more mano-a-mano action, including "The Boys Having Fun" by Kelly Dharnen, and one from one of our most active  historic contributors, Jimmy Windstorm with this rather creative "The tongue of the Djinn".

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Monster Cocks of SL #4 - Zepp Sicling

This week I am featuring another Monster Cock I know well from his work in Dog Star films.  I am talking about my good friend Zepp Sicling.

Zepp is from Sweden and while he does prefer women, he will on occasion enjoy spending time with a sexy T-girl!

When asked what his favorite sexual position is, he replied "I do like the missionary, preferably with a pair of stocking covered thick thighs wrapped around my waist. Doggy style laying down is also very sexy. I can feel her soft sexy ass against my pelvis.. love that!"

Down boy!

Zepp owns all of the various Aeros cocks but prefers the Aeros Magnus, saying it looks the best, even when soft or semi-erect.

Zepp does have a Flick page which is well worth checking out.

Definitely NSFW!

Zepp has been in a good amount of SL Porn, including one Dog Star film.  A full list of his film work is below.  He is also in an upcoming film release from Dog Star and the lead male in a soon-to-be-released weekly comic on this blog.

Film credits:

F**k A Pornstar - By Elle Saint, No Saint Production:

Dandelions - Episode 3 - by Isa Cheviot

Her Revenge Season 3 Episode 6:

Brea Briannas Cardinal Pleasures
I'm in act 4 that starts around 28 minutes:

Her Revenge Season 3 Episode 2:

Her Revenge Cast Interview with Sindee:

Her Revenge Cast interview with director Carly Morrisey

Her Revenge Seaon 2 Episode 6

Monday, January 21, 2019

Pictorial - Salathiell

Name: Salathiell

Where are you from?:  Canada

Rez Date: November 1st, 2017

What do you like to do in SL for fun?: I  have recently started taking pictures on my own, just as a hobby nothing too serious. I also like creating different looks for myself; demon, ghost, super hero, etc. Most of the time I'm hanging out with friends, either at home or at clubs. Also enjoying the naughty side of SL when I'm in the mood.

Sexual orientation and preference?: Bisexual with some extra around the corners.

Tell us something unique about you!: I come with extra packaging, unwrap at your own risk!

Do you have a Flickr page and/or blog?:

Pictorial by Isabelle Cheviot