Friday, May 31, 2019

Fellatio Friday #142

Hello and welcome! Another week, another Friday, another batch of perfectly sucky pics. With so many variations and degrees of naughty! It's just like the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything, plus a hundred! Who does not want a hundred more than everything? Okay, I guess it does not make much of a difference. But I'd STILL take that hundred. That's the way my brain works, and why my inventory in SL is so out of control.
Anyway, since I went all galactic here, check out this pic for a start!

Cyberpunk Sex Customer Satisfaction (Part 4) by Morgan Talbot! Don't tell me you don't want to check all the other parts too, now. Here's the album.

Good, now it's time to direct you to the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group on Flickr, in case you don't know already what it is and how important it is to join it. It's the group we pick these photos from, which are only a fraction of the great submissions you can find, gathering all sorts of pics centered around ze peen, and those who like to suck it, or make it twitch teasing a good suck. That's why we like titjobs, handjobs, anything with proximity of the mouth, tongue out, aaaall the tease...and that sometimes includes toys and foodies! Just one pic per person gets published, and it's just a monocratic choice based on various personal criteria, so don't sweat it for the selection, which simply picks a few out of the hundreds. Enjoy!

Sooner Nooner Page 4 - Dokielicious Doobie (on her studio's blog, the succulent rest!)

Dead End 2/2 - Notorious B.E.N. (did I mention blogs? Check out all the goodies, awesome set!)

Facial Expression Ver 3.0 - Eripom Moonwall

Beautiful Music - Chase Stone

I love to be dirty with you - Elena Starr

Fellatio Friday with Katerina McArtie (katerinatheprincess)_001 (2) - David Storm

Happy Ending - Pablo Mendez

3some_001 - Nuur

Painful Storage - Carola Conover

Decisions decisions - Traci Quandy

Vaaleriah & Moi - Zolmir

Begging for It - Renni

double cum friday - Ludwig Sabretooth

Zoey bj with stifler_001 - Zoey Wild

such a messy girl - Sam Dellaux

My date and his best friend - Jade Doet

Licking Clean - Kelli Kristan

My girl is quite hungry for black meat. - Teryl Nox

BLACKed slut Jenna - Franklinn

The Good Life - Vii Anwyl

Gone Fishing - Dax Rahl

cat-geralyn_121 - Franky Demonge (and check out this casting couch set!)

Licky gets a treat! - Amy Starr

me and Melinda what can I say about her - Ivy

Blowing Bubbles - BenJohn9

His Pleasure - Rajakumari Sundara

...I Love Sucking it.. - Miciona Clarity

Fleshlight Selfie - Fellatio Friday - Jesse D Bernard

Feedin time or clean-up time - Melina Jameson

TWO TOYS FOR JACKIE_17052019_012 - Cathy Serrari

Suck - Alexis Futanari

Devotion - Ivori Faith (she's back in style! Look at the full album too)

job for 2 - Jimmy Windstorm

Drowning the drow - Sandra Palletier

4 - Thiago Scalli

Anna, Larry & Jack - Larry Vinaver

And we close this week with a nice and artistic take on the FF subject : The art of the blowjob by  Leno4ka Lebedeva . And we wouldn't have a Fellatio Friday gallery without the king himself, Marcus Strong in Premium Quality MILF - Accept No Substitutions!

Enjoy your Friday, and see you next week!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Pictorial - Coco Chanel

Where are you from?:  Italy

Rez Date: 31/05/2007

What do you like to do in SL for fun?:  Photography, Dancing, & Shopping

Sexual orientation and preference?: Bisexual

Tell us something unique about you!: I like trying new things and I'm not shy ......

Flickr page:

Pictorial by Isabelle Cheviot