Friday, May 10, 2019

Fellatio Friday #139

Hello and welcome! It's time for yet another Fellatio Friday! #139, or so it seems. 139, I am told, is a happy number and a strictly non-palindromic number. Palindromic means that can be taken both ways, no? I think most of the girls involved here are totally palindromic then, but still, as long as we have the happy part down, we're good ! So now let's get down to those happy parts!
And I am particularly happy to start with a photo by one of the FF originals and a sure inductee in the Hall of FFame...

It's Curly Cumshot 1/2 ! By the Notorious B.E.N. ! She helps his aim because she loves it in the mouth, but also because taking the jizz off those curls is a mess!

I even forgive him for not including the actual Curly in the photo! So, yadda yadda yadda Dog Star Fellatio Friday Flickr Group , right? It's the group to join to peruse all those sexy blowjob photos, plus the odd popsicle and other extravagant variation. We publish a weekly gallery post with those, and we do it with photos taken from various times throughout our group's history. We fit a bunch here,  trying to take just one pic per person per week, in a non-random but certainly whimsical and very personal selection. Just enjoy these pics and see you for the bye-byes at the end!

Timewarp BJ - Nikki T

Balls - Jade Doet

That Look Those Eyes - Bette Paige

Touching  - Traci Quandry

Pinball Princess - Wyle Edelbrook

Elisa - Constantine Blachere aka BlackedSL

Cleaning Service - Biarzenne Necro

These Eyes - David Storm

GREEDY DIANE_02092018_033 - Cathy Serrari

#266 - Mendo Serin

nawty story part 2 - Lucy Marenwolf Butt

Fellatio Friday - Hungry Eye - Enrique Pullo

NF&C.... NOT - Pretty Perion

Aya: Greedy - Nakuru Bergamasco

Afternoon Delight - Grimblood Skall

good workout bro - Argosi Domenici

Needy - Lesley Aristocrat

Feeding Time! - Jagger Draconis

Facial - Alexis Futanari

Staff them... - Melina Jameson

ass - Rajakumari Sundara

One picture from Isa's collection! Here's another from Monster cocks of porn, the ongoing series! This from an earlier episode with the talented (and gifted!) Mark Steiner

Rekindling the Fire: The Dream - Isle Biedermann

Pen Rain - Testing the new blowjob pose. - Dr. Heywood Floyd

Glam_Sucking 2 - Glamour Deluxe

verda_943 - Verda Tsib

From one to another - Sandra Palletier (which is a lusful album)

an Untitled by Mitya Dimas

113 by Mandi Will (yes, we're done with Star Wars check out her Space Trek set!)

Double Chocolate Treat - Marcus Strong

Tegan doing some milking - Sam Dellaux

Checking the pipes - Ashley White

And for the finish, here's another hot photo by Sweet Poison and her Taking care of his hog : it's the right day for it, as today sees the debut of another stage at Club Yana that will get your motor running! And then, here you have another one of BigD's Musings !

We're done here , but the weekend is just starting! Get down to business, hookers! See you next week.

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