Friday, May 17, 2019

Fellatio Friday #140

Hello and welcome to Dog Star Fellatio Friday #140! I usually start by commenting on the number, which I always believed to be a fairly neutral way to start. Imagine my surprise when I learned that "140 is an odious number because it has an odd number of ones in its binary representation.". Dang, I stumbled upon drama even with simple arithmetics. I give up! I am just telling you to enjoy the abundance of sucktastic piccies from the week (and further back, and that's it!)

Beginning with a nice Pool Side Fellatio by Kelli Kristan ! In a breathtaking - no pun intended - version by Vixxen too (for her 4'000 followers and more :p)!

Of course I have to put disclaimers and all, namely "what is this post about?". It's simply a post that joins the Flickr sensation that is called Fellatio Friday! It's all about the cocksucking, and it's all about your sexy photos. This just collects some. The way it does this, is by featuring just one per person, and while focused on the week's uploads, it tends to go further back than that, because there's just so much in the pool of the group they are picked from. Which is , Dog Star Fellatio Friday : join it. Nuff said, and let's roll the pics!

The Cuck, the Bad and the Ugly - River Anwyl

What her bf can't give her.. Ikarez - Demarcus Savage

White Rope 1/2 - Notorious B.E.N. and yes, the kinky smut blog posts are back too!

GoodNightKiss - Naia Zuzu

My Eyes on You - Emmanuelle  Fox

Blow - Virgil

She Bad - Barracuz

Friday Friends - Laura Richards

without breathing... - Purplerain Exonar

Candi is a beautiful, sexy lady.................. !! - Michael Olson

The Taste - Ann

She stole my phone..... i followed her home and got it back - Kthechef

Love the Bang (1) - Kin Feltail

Kara Hawk is  The Cock Whisperer - Marcus Strong (I swear these movies need to be made, Marcus!)

Extracting By The Gallon - Roman Godde

Down Low - Grimblood Skall

Meeting with good friends. - Melinda Knoller

threesome with Debi - Logan O'Leary

Such a pretty freckled face..... - Sam Dellaux

Shenanigans - Dax Rahl

RoseWould Orgy 4.14.19 5 - Zaphne

Random Acts of Sex - 024 - Kayla Whittaker

Snapshot05.03.2019_051 - April Summirs

Snapshot_028 - BigDaddy Elcano

save a horse, blow a cowboy - Monkey Jacksen

POOL PARTY - Roberta M (Rory80)

Hungry Morning - Natalia Lavender

Ice Cream - Sarah Hellershanks

Love Slave Duties - Rajakumari Sundara

Untitled by Missy Nicole

Strong men for me - Jade Doet

Sexcapades with: Kara Mia 2/2 - Nicky Delicioso

Indulge, So Clean  Dirty - Abhati O

Suck It - Alexis Futanari

And we wrap it up with a contribution by our most prolific uploader in group, the ever popular Sandra Palletier in this Pretty boi pt. 2 (check out the full with Cevris as it does have some rather exquisite shots) set  and with a dark one with an intriguing solitaire brought to you by Salathiell: Desperation, it's called!

But do not despair! The day is long and every day is a great day for a Fellatio, and more!
Take care and see you next week, different servers same Flickr!

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