Friday, May 22, 2020

The Bucket & Peanut Show #5

Late Night with Bucket & Peanut
Interview - Morgan Talbot w/ Malinda Talbot

Bucket: Hello and welcome back one and all to the Bucket & and Peanut Show. Once again I'm your Host Bucket Pailman and once again by my side, everyone's favorite little pocket rocket, Peanut!
Peanut: Hiyooooooooo Y'all!!!!
Bucket: It's been a while since our last interview, between Christmas and Corona things have kinda just been a bit of.... well for lack of better words, An Absolute Clusterfuck
Peanut: I like to call it a flustercuck......cause I don't have a fucking potty mouth!
Morgan Talbot claps
Malinda Talbot laughs
Bucket: But with the world slowly going to the dogs with the outbreak, it's not hard to want to look forward to far off futures in galaxies far far away, where people are still dying the old fashion way, by killer cyborgs with laser powered blast guns
Peanut: and Bucket's favorite....... screwed to death by malfunctioning sex-bots!
Bucket: Zip it, Muppet!
Bucket: This of course brings us to tonight's guest. This man is a sultan of sci-fi, and has been weaving together a successful story of drama, action, adventure and erotica that spans the cosmos set in a new frontier of galactic expansion. An epic ongoing tale filled amazing imagery and even more amazing guest stars. So now I'd love to welcome to the show, the man who single handedly brought the Mallen streak back into fashion, Morgan Talbot and his muse and lovely wife Lin
Peanut: YAY!.....Our first couple's therapy session, Bucket!
Bucket: Welcome both to the show, it's fantastic to have you!
Morgan Talbot chuckles, "Thank you..."
Malinda Talbot: Hi there..thank you for having us...
Malinda Talbot: Wow, sultan of sci-fi. That's quiet the title!
Morgan Talbot: Truly an honor.. with that bucket voice, can you say "Luke.. I am your father...?"
Peanut giggles........"I've heard him say, "Peanut, I am your father" a kinky way!
Bucket: Hahahaha Yes... yes she has!
Malinda Talbot groans and snickers, "Please ignore the Dad jokes. He can't help himself.."
Bucket: Now you're our first couple on the show, and what a couple indeed. I mean you know it's true love when a man tells his woman "Ok baby, for today's shoot you're going to be penetrated by two humanoid toaster ovens and Puff the Magic Dragon", and she says... "Yes". So how did this happen, how did you two meet and come to realize you had a mutual love for high fantasy, adventure and sci-fi?
Peanut: D'awwwww.....I luvs me an Intergalactic Luv Story!!
Morgan Talbot: Well, like all great love stories.. it started in a strip club...
Bucket: Ooo tawdry, do tell
Morgan Talbot: Well here I was straight out of Star Wars Galaxies.. and a friend drags me into SL and into this strip club. And there was this fun, geeky and very sexy ginger working the dance pole.
Malinda Talbot: And I was there too..
Peanut Giggles
Bucket: Ok I know this shouldn't be the take away here...but... wow...Star Wars Galaxies hahaha
Peanut: and loving Gingers...High-Fives!
Malinda Talbot winks and high fives Peanut
Bucket: So who caught who's attention first, how did you know it was love?
Malinda Talbot: I was working as a dancer and the manager of the club, and honestly I thought he was just a nice guy polite guy..he nearly had to club me for me to figure out he was actually interested.
Morgan Talbot: Oh, I probably paid to strip her so many times, she probably figured it'd be easier if she just lived with me
Bucket: Ahhhh oblivious love is tight!
Malinda Talbot: I think the moment I knew he actually liked me was when he took me to a kids playground and rode a panda..
Morgan Talbot laughs, "I think we still have a shot of that.. locked away because 12 years on avatar changes... eww.."
Malinda Talbot grins, "Oh I can find it..remember that.."
Bucket Hahaha buried in a chest out in the desert like Jimmy Hoffa
Malinda Talbot: I know where ALL the bodies are buried.
Morgan Talbot: It's true..
Bucket: You know what I call that
Bucket: Leverage
Malinda Talbot winks, "Amen.. girl needs to know her shoe budget is secure."
Peanut giggles and looks down at her bare toes....."Obviously mine isn't!"

Bucket: Ok so this brings us all to why we are here this evening.... please cue the dramatic John Williams music please..... "SPAAAACE OPERAAAAA!". And before you ask for the millionth time in the past 2 weeks Peanut... No, it's not an ongoing game of "Where's Brünnhildo 2047" so stop looking for her!
Peanut: She's a sneaky lil bish!
Malinda Talbot laughs
Bucket: So Morgan, Space Opera started only a little under 2 years ago and has gone on to produce over a hundred chapters, with a cast and fan-base that seems to just keep growing at this point. But chapter 1 seems to be a blank. So did the story idea stem from that, or did it come to you after slipping and bumping your head while standing on your toilet to hang a clock?
Peanut: All Bucket's good ideas come from accidents at the local glory hole!
Bucket: You mean our first date, Peanut?
Peanut: I member like it was yesterday!
Morgan Talbot laughs
Morgan Talbot: Well, some of that is due to our RP background, we love to tell a good tale and it's more fun if you can get other people to come for the ride. But originally, the idea had been bouncing around for a while and when we encountered the first Drune.. it sort of inspired us to start a story.
Morgan Talbot: It grew as we added more people and had their input on who their 'characters' were and what their backgrounds are. We run it almost like an RP, without the drama
Bucket: Very cool
Bucket: I see a lot of Hollywood influence in the work. What have been the strong ongoing inspirations as the series has progressed. Do you have like a swimsuit edition poster of George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry holding hands frolicking across the beaches of planet Risa that you spend 5mins looking at each morning? Or is it literally any other answer besides that one? Peanut and I have a bet going...
Peanut: If he loses he has to get Butt Implants!
Bucket: Quiet!
Malinda Talbot laughs
Peanut: He could probs Dance at your club, Lin!
Malinda Talbot: Morgan can give him some pointers if he's looking to supplement his income.
Bucket: They would help me fill out that banana hammock you got me, Peanut!
Morgan Talbot laughs, "Space Opera takes bits from TV and movies, but before you get to them, it's the old novels like EE Smith's Lensman series, or Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars... where a lot of those shows got some inspiration. I've read a huge number of science fiction and fantasy, so our story is really "their" stories, distilled for adults.
Bucket: *Looks over at Peanut* The force is strong with this one
Peanut imitates Baby Yoda
Morgan Talbot: lol.. if going for fav shows.. I like the original star trek best, followed by DS9, I think Babylon 5 was probably the best written scifi show and the original starwars movies were fun.
Peanut: I am more partial to Lego Star Wars!
Bucket: Ahhh so it's like the world building of Star Trek with the action of Star Wars
Bucket: Lego Star Wars is the shizznit!!!
Peanut fist-bumps Bucket
Morgan Talbot: You'll never see robot sex in Star Trek, but Starwars... alot was implied there....Ok, excepting Data's fling
Peanut: Robot Sex.....Someone's getting hot under the bucket!
Bucket: Sounds like the perfect Friday Night!
Malinda Talbot: I'm not sure we wouldn't have as much robot sex if I wasn't such a
Bucket: I'll say... and apparently Chewies dad is into virtual porn
Bucket: it's true... watch the Christmas Special
Morgan Talbot laughs
Peanut: Imagine the hair balls!.....Ewwww!
Malinda Talbot laughs
Bucket: *gags in my bucket*

Bucket: Hahahaha Ok well another thing I'd like to touch on here is the fact that you and Space Opera were recently honored at the Illustrious Gemini Gallery. Now it was our understanding that you prepared a special chapter of the Space Opera story just for this event. And from what I saw of it you really took things to a new level. Like the princess of Matrix Reloaded..... but you know... without the whole plot being lost up it's own asshole thing. I don't want to spoil anything for potential readers who haven't started yet. But for fans who haven't gotten to see it yet, what kind of things do they have to look forward too?
Peanut: Please say Shark's with freakin laser beams on their heads!
Morgan Talbot laughs and makes a note, "Aquatic scenes..."
Malinda Talbot: We actually do own one Peanut!
Peanut: LUCKY!!!!
Morgan Talbot: Well, the story is moving toward this large conspiracy that has in some way affected the lives of all of the characters. You see parts of that in Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 will be expanding on that and the reasons why things are happening.

Bucket: So when you were shooting with all these big personalities, who was the diva? Who was the one that refused to come out of their trailer until they got a bigger trailer? It's ok... you can tell us, we won't tell anyone.
Morgan Talbot laughs hard and looks at Lin
Malinda Talbot: I know where you sleep..
Peanut giggles......."Of course it's the ginger!"
Bucket: *Applauds*
Malinda Talbot laughs
Bucket: I love it I love it!
Bucket: Well I hope you the idea pool in your heads is still running long and deep
Bucket: Because it sounds like shit is about to get real
Morgan Talbot laughs, "Seriously, it's been great to work with all the wonderful artists who've volunteered their time and creativity... Sparklebottom, Whimsy, Mirabelle, Lin.. have all helped to make the stories that much better.
Bucket: Many minds supporting one vision... I dig it
Malinda Talbot: One thing about Morgan's stories, he allows us to have a voice. He will give us a scene and let us help write it.
Morgan Talbot: Daimaju and Vixxen will be joining the cast, Faith Darrow and a few others want to be in Chapter 4
Bucket: That's fantastic news, all amazing talents
Morgan Talbot: It works better to treat it like an RP, you get more 'realistic' conversations between them that feel like 'them'. Sparkle and Mira really do banter like that, and we just reflect that in the stories.

Bucket: That's fantastic.....The big question is.....Got room for a guest cameo from a little Peanut looking brat and a man with a bucket on his head?
Peanut: Are demand list is only 60 pages long
Bucket: Yes and I want a bigger trailer
Malinda Talbot laughs, "Only 60? You have to be missing something. I'll help fill them out for you."
Bucket: Hahahaha
Morgan Talbot grins, "We already had Ashlynn and Simone in the last chapter.. we're a fan of the fun work they do with Space Girl, and had wanted a 'little' cross over with them."
Peanut giggles....."Ya'll don't want to know what goes on on the set of Spacegirl......I hear it's very sticky!"
Bucket: I've seen it.... she's not joking!
Morgan Talbot: two words... synthetic cum... just saying
Bucket: Hahahaha
Peanut: I'll let them know!
Malinda Talbot: You should have seen the mess when they finally got around to rescuing me.
Bucket: Clean up crew on isle 9
Morgan Talbot: We were flipping a coin of whether she'd actually need a rescue by the time we got there
Malinda Talbot: It was easier to destroy the lab and start over.
Bucket: Hahaha

Bucket: Allllrighty peoples! We're starting to run out of time, so that means only one thing. Time to pass the reigns over to my malcontent-ed misanthropic partner, Peanut, for this special edition of Peanuts Peanut Butter Rapid Fire "Tag Team" Question Time!.
Peanut: Finnnnnnally!!!!!........Otay for the couples edition of THEEEEE Bucket and Peanut Show!......I decided to cook up a lil Bucket and Peanut edition of The Newly Wed Game Show!.......So before the show I sent each of ya a note card with 4 questions on I will ask your significant other those questions and we'll see how well our first Guest Couple knows each who wants to go first?
Morgan Talbot: Oh I'll take the hit
Malinda Talbot points at Morgan
Morgan Talbot: See
Malinda Talbot grins
Peanut: Otay......I am gonna ask you a question that I already asked Lin and we'll see if you've been listening to this yummy red head
Peanut: 1. Describe Lin using one adjective......When I think of Bucket, I think fiercely-loyal........or sticky!
Bucket: Or both!......on a good day!
Morgan Talbot: wow.. just one?
Morgan Talbot: Mine
Peanut: Awwwww.....sweet.....but Lin said...."Geeky!"
Morgan Talbot laughs
Bucket: Ewww tough luck
Malinda Talbot grins, "I like his answer better.."
Morgan Talbot: That'd be in my top 3
Bucket: No excuses!!
Peanut: Question 2
Peanut: If Lin was to Transform into a musical instrument, what instrument would she be?
Morgan Talbot: Hmm... a Piano
Peanut: uuummmm....actually....she said....."one time at band camp......she'd be a flute!"
Malinda Talbot: Are you saying i have a big butt???
Peanut: he likes to tickle your keys maybe?
Morgan Talbot: More like you have a lot of buttons and yes..Peanut has said it!
Malinda Talbot snickers, "Good save. You should tip her for the help."
Peanut: otay....question 3
Peanut: If you had to describe your time between the pixel sheets together as a candy, would it be Starburst, Milkyway, Snickers or Goobers?.......I think I would pick Goobers for us Bucket, right?
Bucket: Oh goobers all the way!
Morgan Talbot: Damn.. I'm waffling between Starburst and Snickers...
Bucket: Tough choices
Morgan Talbot: Oh go with the ever flavorful Starburst
Peanut: ummmmm.......Lin said........"Milkway!!!"
Malinda Talbot: ...because it's always out of this world..and we all know I love a good bit of creaminess.
Morgan Talbot laughs, "0 for 3... "
Malinda Talbot: We are not doing well here Love.
Peanut: I should of gave Skittles as a choice.......the whole taste the rainbow thing
Malinda Talbot laughs, "I totally would have picked Skittles."
Bucket: Oooooo ouch... Now if Lin get just one question right..... I think you're in for a spanking when you get home Morgan
Morgan Talbot: That's ok, thinking differently IS a good thing..
Peanut: Otay.....let's see if ya can salvage this thing before we have to pay for couple's therapy.....question 4
Peanut: If Lin could have a pet that was a Mythological creature, would she pick a Hippogryph, a Unicorn or a Merman?..........Merman for me EVERY day of the week!!!
Malinda Talbot laughs
Morgan Talbot: Hmmm... Unicorn
Peanut: YOU DID IT!!!!!
Malinda Talbot: Yay!!!
Morgan Talbot laughs
Peanut: 1 for 4 ain't bad......let's call it 25% cause 25 is a decent number
Malinda Talbot laughs, "I like your maths.."
Bucket: Nicely done sir, seems you'll still be eating dinner tonight
Peanut: Otay Lin......ya ready?
Malinda Talbot: Hopefully...?
Peanut: Question 1
Peanut: If Morgan was to write an erotic novella about his life, what would it be titled?
Malinda Talbot: Lucky Bastard.
Peanut: You Girlie are a Rock Star!
Peanut: He said the Luckiest Bastard but I will allow it!
Bucket: No fricken way, she got it?
Malinda Talbot laughs hard
Bucket: Ooooo things aren't lookin good... just one more to victory
Malinda Talbot: It's his motto...
Morgan Talbot points at his title
Bucket: Does that count as cheating?
Malinda Talbot: because I'm winning.
Morgan Talbot: Shhhh.. Let her have her victory lap...
Bucket: Gotcha *winks*
Peanut: Question 2
Peanut: If Morgan Could have a super power, what would it be?
Malinda Talbot laughs
Malinda Talbot: Hmmm..
Morgan Talbot cues the Jeopardy theme
Bucket: I can hear the gears turning from here
Peanut: I see smoke coming out of her ears!
Bucket: You can do it! You can win!!
Malinda Talbot: We talked about this once, and you said then it would be super intelligence.
Malinda Talbot: Not sure if that's still holds true but I'm going with it
Malinda Talbot: Totally be Tony Stark.
Bucket: So like Mr Fantastic without the stretchy
Bucket: Tony Starks super power is Money
Malinda Talbot: Not Modok.
Peanut: He said Telepathy....which if you ask me is pretty close to being super smart
Bucket: Still... not close enough so no point *drops the invisible hammer*
Morgan Talbot high fives Bucket
Bucket: I got ya bro
Peanut laughs....."I tried ma Ginger Sista!"
Peanut: Question 3
Peanut: What kind of candy would Morgan be if I stuffed him into a pinata?
Malinda Talbot laughs, "That's a visual.."
Bucket: Peanut would be be an M&M
Malinda Talbot: all day sucker.
Morgan Talbot: I like where she went with that...
Bucket: Hahaha I think everyone did
Peanut giggles........."Like an Ever-Lasting Gobstopper?"
Peanut: Sawrry.....He said Reece's Peanut Butter Cups
Malinda Talbot laughs
Bucket: Oooo snap
Morgan Talbot: I love those things... just saying. They die first on Easter and Halloween
Bucket: It's ok, they have no soul!
Malinda Talbot laughs
Peanut: Otay.....Question 4 for the game!
Bucket: Just one more Lin, can she pull it off!
Malinda Talbot crosses her fingers
Peanut: After coitus completion, what would Morgan's catch phrase be, if he doesn't already have one?........To be fair, Bucket's is "SHAZAM"!
Bucket: It's my favorite
Peanut: It's either that or Cock Rocket!!!
Malinda Talbot: Hmm..usually it's just "Damn I'm a mess..." Not sure that's a catch phrase so. I'm going with his answer to mine..."fire bad."
Bucket: drumroll please
Peanut giggles......"Well Y'all are totally meant to be!.........He said, "We're not done yet, are we?"
Peanut: It's a tie!!!!!
Bucket: Woohoo!! Everyone's not a winner!
Malinda Talbot laughs hard
Morgan Talbot snickers
Bucket: That's good because we totally didn't have a prize
Peanut: Thankies for playin you two beautiful peeps!
Morgan Talbot: It was our pleasure... you'll get our bill for marriage counseling later
Bucket: Hahahahaha Yes we provide therapy after show
Peanut: Camera Man Steve is a great listener
Bucket: *thumbs up to Steve*
Malinda Talbot snickers, "I am going to need a lot of retail therapy."
Bucket: Quick Morgan, hide the wallet
Morgan Talbot: I don't think Steve took the camera off of Lin's breasts
Bucket: Sounds like our Steve
Bucket: *thumbs up to Steve*
Malinda Talbot: Have to love a man with a steady hand...
Bucket: Well he has a tripod so I'm not sure he qualifies... sorry steve *thumbs up to Steve*
Bucket: But yes that brings us to the end of the show this evening. Morgan and Lin, it was an absolute treat to have you on
Morgan Talbot laughs, "Thanks for inviting us!"
Malinda Talbot: Thank you so much for having us, it's been brilliant!
Peanut: Thankies so much for coming!.....You two are awesome!!!
Bucket: Well you both keep up the stellar work you have been doing, and I hope Space Opera only continues to grow.
Malinda Talbot: We'll get to work on the shark scene
Peanut: I do an unreal dolphin in heat impersonation!
Bucket: Fantastic!
Bucket: Ok that's all we have time for everyone, Say Good Night Peanut!
Peanut: Good Night Peanut!
Bucket: Stay Classy Second Life!

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