Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Dog Star Productions Featured Model #344 - GojoJin

Isa:            Where are you from?
GojoJin:     I'm about fifty miles north of Atlanta, near the Blue Ridge Mountains. I love the moutnains and spend a lot of time up there with my dogs hiking and discovering waterfalls.

Isa:            What do you like to do in SL?
GojoJin:     I like to discover new places and explore them. There are so many wonderful places to visit. I especially like the nature sims and have a major weakness for winter and snow themed lands.   I actually grew up in Florida and went to the beach a lot with my friends. But, I have always been a mountain girl. I love the cold air, snow, beautiful vistas. Its almost Holy to me. I'm getting goosies just talking about it.

Isa:          What do you WANT to do in SL?
GojoJin:    I really want to establish myself as a major force in SL modeling. I want to inspire people to do more with themselves on SL, to learn more about themselves, to go right up to the edge of their inhibitions and then walk off.  

Isa:           Do you want to focus on erotic modeling or fashion modeling, or both?
GojoJin:    I like both. I enjoy getting all dressed up and girlie, but I also like baring myself to the SL community. It goes back to making a leap that I would not do in RL. In SL I want to face my fears and conquer them.

Isa:        What turns you on?
GojoJin:  I like a slow burn, something that builds and builds. A man -- or woman, for that matter -- that has a unique approach. I like to be flattered, romanced, treasured, and appreciated. It might be old fashioned, but I want a man to be a man and know how to treat a woman properly. Be a gentleman -- or gentlewoman -- and you are highly likely to spend time with me in bed.

Isa:        What turns you off?
GojoJin:        Someone who approaches me with a bland, "Hi, how are you?" are turn offs to me. And, I know its SL and people like to get a bit wild in here, but be human if you want to get with me. Don't have things poking out from places they shouldn't, don't wear clothes that make you look like a reject from 'The Walking Dead," and don't wear make that makes you look like a 'Kiss' wannabe. Harsh words, gruff talk, and manner-less behavior will get you scratched right off the list, too.

Isa:        What is your sexual orientation?
GojoJin:    I'm bi. Men are my preference but a gorgeous woman is definitely not going to be turned away if she treats me right.

Isa:        What mesh body/head do you use?
GojoJin:    Maitreya / Genus

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