Friday, August 28, 2020

Dog Star Featured Model #316 - Sin Talaj

Sin (could anyone have a better porn name?) has again become a regular at the porn parties I frequent and I was quick to ask her to become my next Dog Star Feature Model.  Besides being gorgeous, I've found Sin to be a delight to speak to and I'm really happy we're friends! 

Sin wears Maitreya and Catwa Catya.  Shot on location at the amazing sim Chankanaab!

💋 ~ Isa

Where are you from in RL?:    Norway

What do you enjoy doing in SL?:    I played in Gor for many years but recently stepped out, so now I just enjoy life hanging out with the fun people in the porn community and their parties and shopping!

Flickr page?:    Yes but no pictures there yet!

Turn Ons:    Beautiful people with a good heart and a great sense of humour.

Turn Offs:     Rude or selfish people.

What is your happiest SL memory?:    I have very fond memories of my noob days when everything was new and exciting, working at the Sin Club.  It was such a great place to work and we were all one big family of about 100 girls. It was very professionally run and we all had such a great time there!

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Fellatio Friday - Working with Mikey

Full disclosure...I love playing around with different filters in my photo editing software and that gave me an excuse to do this small photo shoot.  Consider it a silly experiment (sexperiment?)....ok ok scroll down through the images to see the end FF picture.  

Special thanks to Mikey Lothair for posing with me!

💋 ~ Isa

Mikey showed up for his photo shoot and I was excited to work with him.  This was our first time working together and I don't think either one of us knew what to expect.
I wanted to get him hard quickly because I was anxious to get the Fellatio Friday shot done.  I was my own fluffer! 

I was able to get him hard pretty quickly...he has a nice cock!

I took his cock into my mouth, moving slowly up and down on it...after all, this was for Fellatio Friday...

For fun I let him fuck my tits - this has never been 'my thing' but wtf...he seemed to enjoy it.
And even though we had gotten our Fellatio Friday shot...I was horny...and I hadn't been with Mikey time like the present!

A reward for a good photo shoot! Spunkilicious!
Thanks for working with me, Mikey!  

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Dog Star Featured Model #315 - Claire Rowley

I usually meet the models I feature at one of the porn parties but I actually met Claire through Flickr.  She sent out a notice for a picture she had taken and I really admired her for creating her own content rather than complaining about no one asking her to pose.  I am hoping more aspiring models take her lead for one, it will lead to more work overall, and two, it demonstrates their willingness to work.  In my opinion Claire is doing things the right way and I'm thrilled to feature her here today!

RL location:          United Kingdom
SL Interests        Partying, dancing, modeling, taking pictures!
Flickr page:
Turn Ons:             Handsome, confident men, and of course showing myself off
Turn Offs:            Arrogance and bestiality
Sexual Preference:    Bisexual
Favorite SL Memory:  "I had a RP scene in which I was playing a porn actress with two other men and a woman. Not only was the RP exceptional, it was genuinely exciting, we tried to capture the same magic again afterwards but it was never quite the same."