Monday, August 24, 2020

Pictorial #314 - Varushka Lyre

Varushka, or Var as she typically goes by, is the manager of the new Le Coq CFNM sim.  If CFNM is your thing (very much mine), I recommend you check it out.  Every CFNM place has its charms but I like how relaxed Le Coq feels - check it out.

In the real world, Var, who lives in the great state of North Carolina, loves painting and sketching, and writes short stories.  I didn't ask her if any of these short stories or artwork are of the naughty variety. :)

In Second Life, Var does a lot of shopping and also helps out people with their avatars; if you need some help with your, reach out to her!  

Var wears Maitreya and Catwa Catya.

💋 ~ Isa

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