Tuesday, December 31, 2019

3DX Vacation! Episode 2 - On the Beach

Later that night I took a stroll out to the beach thinking I'd enjoy the breeze and the smell of the ocean.  Instead, I met an incredible young woman with whom I shared a drink...dinner...and then an evening of passionate sex.

I've always been an exhibitionist so I *probably* would have gone along with almost anything but here it almost seemed natural.  I was here for less than 12 hours and I was already fucking on the beach...and loving it.

Monday, December 30, 2019

3DX Vacation! Episode 1 - Fortune Favors the Bold

I decided I needed a little vacation from the SL grind...I did a little research and found something suitable for me.  This place billed itself as an adult resort where someone could lower their inhibitions and just have a really good time.  I needed to get laid so...why the fuck not.

I arrived at the resort office dressed to kill.  The weather was absolutely perfect and would stay that way the entire time I was there.  This was going to be a GREAT time!

Their offices were super nice...sort of Miami Vice meets Scarface. I sat down and was quickly checked in.  

I quickly got checked in and was taken to my room, which was a private apartment overlooking the ocean.  It's amazing what cash and a pretty smile will get for you.

I quickly settled into my room and changed into my bikini.  It was SO warm out, I thought I'd just be happy to relax in the pool for the duration of my time here but...I quickly remembered what the concierge had told me...

Just push the the little button and someone would be RIGHT there to assist me with anything.  The little wink she gave me when she said 'anything' told me all I needed to know.  Fortune favors the bold so I pressed the button.  

Fuck yesssss.....this was going to be an AWESOME vacation...

Sunday, December 29, 2019

The Bucket & Peanut Show #3

Late Night with Bucket & Peanut
Interview with Marcus Strong

Bucket: Hello again all and welcome to yet another venture into madness that is Late Night with Bucket & Peanut. I'm your host Bucket Pailman and with me again and as always, the nuttiest little nutbar that ever did bust a nut.... Peanut!
Peanut: Hiyooooooo!!!!
Bucket: Our guest tonight, cornerback for the Washington State Cougars, Marcus....
Marcus: "Wait..man..I think my Bio is wrong on your sheet "
Peanut: *Turns around and slaps Bucket in the bucket* "Wrong Marcus.....read your notes!"
Bucket: *Flips his notes over and looks again* Ahh ok yes this makes much more sense..... Our guest tonight, The Master of the cards, The Baron of graphic design, and owner of In Good Company Productions. The man the machismo, Marcus Strong! Marcus welcome to the show, it's great to have you. What's been happening in the wild world of Mr Strong?
Peanut: Welcome to the show Marcus........FANTABULOUS hat!
Marcus: "There it is..that's the promo and Hype man..Aight I was told this show would be good..How you livin Bucket..Thank you for having me on..Well Its Christmas time in Hollis Queens..mama's cookin up chicken an collard greens..so Life is good in the big city .." winks at peanut "Whats up girl how you livin"
Peanut: *Flashes an adorable smile* "Well Momma Peanut and Daddy Peanut did the dirty and now I am here!
Bucket: Hahaha well it's the holidays, so it's time for the two of us to sacrifice virgins to our pagan gods
Bucket: you know... the usual
Marcus: "On the serious note thou..you asked what's going on in my world..well Currently a few series are happening..Ongoing Sci Fi Series BlackStarr, Space Cowboy of the 25th Century which I have been doing now for a year and a half..New Series The Sorceress .Starring Sindee ..Rock Hard..Starring Jordan..The Secretary starring and Written by Robin ..a hot new talent..and the Action Pack Series..Fuck tha Police with Jade Garcia..so yeah..my world is wild..but I like my world..and am having fun doing it..but no..no ..We don't sacrifice those virgins..well..maybe a different KIND of sacrifice .."

Bucket: So much happening!!
Peanut: Ma gawdness that is a mouthful!
Bucket: So you founded the In Good Company... ahh... company in 2016 and it just under 4 years you've taken over six thousand shots. You're a busier than a one-armed-pimp in a bitch-slapping contest, you're a popular guy, you have a lovely partner, and being a busy man myself... I gotta ask... So when do you find time to literally do like anything else? What inspired you to start your your production studio?
Peanut: *Giggles* "Touring local glory holes doesn't count as being busy, Bucket!"
Bucket: Quiet you or it's back in the box you go
Peanut: But it's Christmas!!
Bucket: I'll unwrap you again for Christmas
Marcus: "Well I stay busy...." pauses a moment "THAT'S WHERE I KNOW YOU FROM PEANUT..DAMN I RECOGNIZED THOSE PRETTY LIPS.." coughs a moment " I mean..yeah..yeah what a lovely girl..But yeah I Manage time cause not everything is work. I have a good balance and I've learned to say no thanks to alot of things going on..You ask my inspiration well..I'll shoot straight with you..When I started a few people told me..I was no good..not right..you don't fit..sorry you're not etc etc etc..So I said Ok ..the only way I'm gonna get a foot in ..is do it myself..and so I started In Good Company as a play on things cause if You are in with this..you are surrounded by good company ..No one in the world is gonna give you everything or anything for that matter..sometimes you gotta mount up and ride for it"
Peanut: *Laughs awkwardly* "I have something on my lips again, don't I?"
Bucket: You say that like it's a strange thing
Bucket: But damn man, way to go
Bucket: Great outlook if you ask me
Bucket: To many folks out there lookin for the shortcut, not enough carving their own path
Bucket: and yeah... why do it alone, surround youreslf with the likeminded
Bucket: Anyway I Digress
Peanut: Thank god!
Marcus: "Thank you Bucket..I've never been one to go woe is me..no one likes me or all that bullshit..thats weak thinking..Only you can make you worth while in this world..but that only carries you so far..My Circle of folks are good solid people..and if they aint in that circle..well..that says something"
Bucket: Ok so one of your earliest and possibly your longest running projects, is your pornstar cards series........ That I'd like to hear more about! Was that something you just wished was around when growing up? Like Sitting around as a kid, your friends opening up packs of baseball cards and comic book cards. (and well back then they made collectible cards for pretty much everything BUT pornstars) So was this your way or righting the egregious wrong? You saw a hole in the marketplace and thought like any good man does "I'm gonna fill this hole, I'm gonna fill it so good"?
Peanut: Blahahahaha.......If I had a linden for every time he said "Fill this hole good!".....Blahahahaha!
Bucket: *Shakes his head*
Peanut: What about a cross between Pornstar Cards and Garbage Pail Kids......."Carrie Cumdumpster!!!!
Bucket: Or Peanut The Penis Destroyer?
Peanut: *Winks Playfully*
Marcus: "Ok the cards..One day I saw someone making a fun on sports cards..you know like baseball cards when you were a kid..they were putting peoples pictures on em..like a series..and also at that same time..The Notorious BEN was doing a series based off an artist Chuck Close I think it was..where he was doing photos of pornstars and so forth in only black and white..I started thinking..you know..I could do this combo and make pornstar cards and just try to show off the people who are trying to get into the scene and give em a leg up as well as show off the familiar faces you wanna see and work with"
Bucket: Getting a leg up is something the two of us understand well
Peanut: I thought it was legs open?
Bucket: Sometimes :D
Bucket: But I hear you Marcus, I know a couple people myself tht are all about paying it forward to people looking to break into the scene
Marcus: "Naw naw peanut..keep them legs open girl..leave em ..no no thats good ..thats good..Uh yeah yeah yeah -Coughs-- Yeah I got a few decent breaks back in the day..From people like Erin Celestialis..Isa Cheviot ..very early on who took chances on me..so I said..ok ..I got to do the same for other folks who are having a hard time being seen"
Bucket: Ok so as mentioned before you certainly seem to have a love of graphic design. You've used it to not only do your card series, but to make your shots look like everything from movie posters and magazine covers, to comic books. You flickr is more bright and colorful than ever before, so the questions here are.. do you have some kind of background in graphic design? And Do you ever worry that your page could induce an epileptic seizure?
Marcus: "Oh yeah.. I worry someone is gonna look and go all whack on seeing the photo you know..but hey ..look at your own risk right? I have Zero..Zero background in graphics..I am self taught in the ways of the photoshopin..Tellin you Youtube is a good thing at times"

Peanut: I stick to Kangaroo Fights on Youtube!
Bucket: You do use your time wisely, Peanut!
Marcus Strong: "Oh yeah Peanut..I seen that one fight with the dude who straight punches that kangaroo in the mug like POW whats up !!"
Peanut: *Giggles* "I am more into heavy petting then upper cuts!"
Peanut: *Sticks her tongue out at Bucket*
Bucket: Anyway, so Marcus, you mainly take inspiration from things you've seen
Bucket: Like you've seen a playboy cover before, so you've learned to look at something and emulate the styling?
Marcus: "Pretty much ..I mean not gonna lie have seen a playboy or 100 in my lifetime..and its such a Iconic thing you know..the cover..so what I do is get a reference source..like reading a blueprint on how to build and go from there..the tough part is finding the Similar fonts you know...the photo is easy ..its thinking the wording and copy that is the bitch"
Bucket: Well whatever you're doing, you're doin it right, because alot of that stuff you do looks pretty authentic
Bucket: Ok Now we've hit that time of the interview... that time I let my rabid little partner off her leash and she proceeds to lay the verbal smackdown with..... Peanuts, PeanutButter Rapid Fire Question Time! Take it away Peanuto!!
Peanut: FINALLY!.....the good stuffs!
Peanut: Otay Mr. Strong......I am gonna ask you 5 question.....you don't answer til I am done so I can watch you squirm in your seat while you process everything or your brain becomes mush mush!
Peanut: and here we go!
Peanut: One, Would you rather, eat booger flavored yogurt or get a reach around from Bucket in the dark? Mind you Bucket has very soft man-child hands

Two, Which one of your favorite childhood cartoons would make an amazeeballs porn and why?

Three, Who on your friend's list are you dying to Donkey Punch? and no hard passing on this one!

Four, Which common household item makes a mind blowing sex toy?

and finally one more friend's list question, Who on your friend's list would you want to be stuck on a deserted island with and why?.....Bare in mind, they might try to eat you in your sleep!

Peanut: You may now attempt to answer!
Bucket: *facebuckets* Always with the donkey punch
Marcus: "One -the reacharounnd..hey its the dark a tug is a tug sometimes .."
Peanut: Awesome answer!......he lotions daily!
Bucket: Shit... time to lube up I guess
Marcus: "Two Well I am kinda making my childhood cartoons in to porn with BlackStarr right now..but ....In 2020 there is a GI Bro series im gonna do..so..yall figure that out how thats gonna be"
Bucket: Haha Yoooo Bro!!
Marcus: "Ashlynn Jameson id have to say for three cause well..she said I got a dick like a mule so..does that count?"
Peanut: Blahahaha.....that bish says the darnest thangs!
Bucket: Hahaha
Marcus: "Household item? Sham-wow" "Dont knock that shit till you tried it"
Bucket: Fair enough
Peanut: I am turkey baster kinda bish but to each their own!
Marcus: "and five is a tough one cause there are people I can always enjoy but gotta go with the lady of my world..Alea..cause I do enjoy spending my time with her..and yall cue the awwwwwwwwww moment there"
Bucket: Awwwwwwwww
Peanut: Awwwwww.......she's gonna eat you when she gets hungry enough though!
Marcus: "Been told I taste like chocolate"
Bucket: Well that's better than tasting like pennies
Marcus: "Right..aint that some shit?"
Bucket: I hope if someone cannibalized me they don't say that I taste like chicken
Peanut: I'll let ya know Bucket......you probably taste like kangaroo!
Bucket: Roo is sweet yet gamey
Bucket: Sounds like me!
Bucket: Anyway I'm afraid that's all we have time for tonight
Peanut: YAY!......Thankies for being on the show Mr. Strong!!!
Bucket: Anyway thanks for coming on the show Marcus and giving the viewers a glimpse into your world
Marcus: "Thanks for having me on the show Bucket..was a pleasure..had a great time..and Peanut I'll be in my dressing room if you wanna join me"
Bucket: Stay Classy SL!