Monday, December 31, 2018

Fashion Statement - RipRock Glitter Lace Mini Dress

I love shopping at events.  You could go far as to say I'm addicted to them and I recently fed this addiction by stopping by the Sense Event.  This was my first time there and I came away with this super cute dress and I thought I'd show it to you.

This dress was made by RipRock, who I had not heard of previously.  I like short cut dresses in general and this one fits very well.  I wear Maitreya and tend to be oblivious to clothing options outside of this and as such I can't tell you if there is a version for Belleza or other mesh avatar.

The dress is available in 10 different colors; I often wear black or pink so I decided to try out a different color; purple this time.  I do think the dress hemline is perfectly positioned to reveal some ass cheek, but still be tasteful!

The dress actually comes with 2 options; one for bright OFF and ON.  You can see the brighter version best in a darker setting.

Isa is wearing:

Dress:   RipRock - Glitter Lace Mini Dress For Maitreya Purple2BrightOFF 
Boots:   REIGN.- Mishi Thigh High Boots (Maitreya-Lara)- BLACK
Necklace:   AvaWay CYNTHIA _ Necklace
Hair:   DeLa Fitted Mesh Hair "Kelsey" Blondes 
Avatar:   Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1
Head:   LeLutka.Head.Simone 3.3

Friday, December 28, 2018

Fellatio Friday #120

Hello and welcome to what is...oh gasp, it's the very last Fellatio Friday of the year!..OR IS IT?
Nah, really, it is, it is. Come on. If FF were a big media network or something I'd have this episode pre-taped, or run a best-of or take a vacation and have a rerun of Trading Places or something. But since I am a one-woman-band ( with just skin flutes to play) here I am with an all new post! So, for the last time this year...a lenghty disclaimer!

Waiting is Over, as Jodie Darling would say (if her mouth were not busy)

This post is based on the submissions to the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group, a Flickricious entity that sums up a gajillion photos you guys have entered across over 2 years. What do all these photos have in common? Dick! Mouth! Or a close approximation of such entities' interaction, because it's the thought that counts. Over 9'000 naughty thoughts that we are proud to collect in the largest selection of oral sex piccies taken in SL! With that being said (all the photos are chosen arbitrarily, I don't hate you or ignore you if your pic is not here, bla bla), let's enjoy this post. Which will incorporate a bunch of your xmasy pics, because really, a fellatio gifted for xmas, is a fellatio that will last all year!
No it won't, go for more!!

Here's Festive Fellatrix by the gorgeous Nikki T, go follow her NEW flickr account, since they have been VERY naughty and deleted her historic previous one :-(

Color View - Kera Firecaster (here's a great b&w version!)

Naughty and Nice Christmas treats - Lofty Lemur

Yule Log - Chase Stone

More - Leannan McCormick

Suck It - Alexis Futanari

The Christmas Spirit and New Santa - Marcus Strong

Hard Days Night - Storm Greystoke

RR1177 Merry Christmas 2018 - Roberta Romano

Couldn't not have an Untitled pic by Mitya Dimas, right?

Slurp and Drool with Ali - Markus Steiner

Jasmine and Richard - Richard Bearclaw (TC Photos)

Recognize this one? Admire it on flickr, but enjoy the writing too, since it's from Isa's shoot on this very blog, All I want for Christmas!!

....she always need some cum - JoeCia87

Lora BJ - Ivan Yerkinov

A Merry naughty Chrsitmas at all of you ♥♥♥ - Paula Berger (nose-sucking is one of my hard limits, but she gets points for the literary reference)

Gift Wrapped (FF) - Skorpio (ZackSpalding)

Double Trouble  CJ, JACK & LARRY VINAVER.. - Larry Vinaver

Foggy Afternoon - Cyn Sweetwater

Santa's naughty little helper .. - Shnucks Swashbuckler (Coco)

I got what I wanted for Christmas - Gangrul

Hungry Elf - Casey DiamondFire

I chose my favorite candy cane - Zunx

In progress ... Behaving well - Harley Islar

Santa's Lights - Grimblood Skall

Oral Exam - Rhiannon Tamerlane

Snow Blow and Plowing - Tommy26 Humphreys

 On Display (Pt. 2) - Cody Aethmorot

Icing - Sandra Palletier

Let me play with it - Abhati O

Shaft lickin' - Mandingo Brown

verda_181 - Verda Tsib

Tour and Ellen in the Pool - Ellen Saint

ART: "Beautiful Fountains" - Katrinova

And I am closing this hopefully auspicious post with this fresh wonderfully dynamic photo by Zoeey ValissaFF-Good to the last drop and again I use the very noble and meaningful (not that picture order is ever meant to be meaningful!) criterion of the 'put the tall one at the back': here's The Secret Life of Alexa Lourbridge | 011 | Day in Day out by Fututio, who I have never met in world (like a lot of people in this gallery post!) but that certainly has intrigued me for a while now.

That's it for today. And for this year of course (BUT IS THAT REALLY THE CASE? Yes. Yes it is.).
Enjoy the rest of your Friday, stay hungry, stay horny! In fact, don't stay hungry. You know what to do!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Dog Star Pussy Licking - December 2018

My goal is to post a selection of shots from the Dog Star Pussy Licking group on Flickr.  If your shot isn't here, please don't be offended; it's just a selection, not necessarily what I think are the best shots.  I tried to stick to one picture per photographer, however, if I can't download your picture from Flickr, no matter how good it is, it's not going to be on the blog post.  Keep sending those sexy pictures and keep licking each other!

Happy New Year!!  XO - Isa

mmm peaches and cream :P - sweetsiren2013

48 - Lilimoor

Oh... You dropped some cookie crumbs here - Skorpio

Licking Skye - Isabelle Cheviot

Dirty Laundry - Isla Grace

If it wasn't meant to eat.. it wouldn't taste so sweet - Envy Watts

Horderves - Єяїca

A Most Wonderful Point of View - Sparklebottom Lasertits

Holiday brunch....Lexia Kohime

Typos - Ayela