Friday, December 14, 2018

Fellatio Friday #118

Welcome once more, to Dog Star Fellatio Friday! Unsurprisingly so, this post collects photos from the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group, on flickr (hey, do you think we should open also a tumblr blog? Ooohhh never mind!
Okay, too soon, I know. It always feels it's too soon for a proper disclaimer, but it won't be once we're done with the first pic. Which comes up right now, so be good and....

"Just tilt your head for me" as Tourdiddy says!

Okay, NOW it's time for the disclaimer! Which is not really much: this is a weekly selection of photos from the flickr group pool, so join it, please! We are dedicated to the noble cause of collecting allllll the sexy pics of bjs we can find, make it easier by adding them! Weekly selection, but not just amongst the photos posted during the week: we like to dig up way back as well, to showcase the several hot, funny, creative ways of scheduling a mouth to cock meeting! Anticipation, aftermath, suggestion or plain and simply smokin' oral action are all welcome! Should you not use flickr or have blog extras and simiar, let me know and I'll include. Let's get moving now , enjoy! Starting with..

Chain reaction , a collaboration between Zuby Gloom and Monique LeFry

Facial before work - Coco (Shnucks Swashbuckler )

Erotic Submission - Igor Romanov

House Rule's - Jagger Draconis

Skilift Mouthful - Chase Stone

And after, you give me your Carrot ... OK? - Paula Berger

Lea and Monkey 12-13-1801 - Leannan McCormick

POV - Alexis Futanari

Work out With Aura 07 - Rosie Moorcock (and this is the link to the set!)

Afternoon Break - Rhiannon Tamerlane

this is photo n°27 from the fascinating flickr by Mr and Mrs H!

Blowjob in the snow - Lana Hafang

Back again, hmm? - Sandra Palletier

KI PRISON CLEANUP 3 - Katyka Imako

Playing adult twister - Traci Quandry

Right here Right now - Kelly Me Darling

20181205_104404 - Thiago Scalli

King Jones - maximus Chrome

Snapshot_026 - Nikolaos

from The Notorious B.E.N.'s goldmine archives, Bondage Blowjob Roundabout!

The Look - Bette Paige

My wife and her friend (close up) - JoeCia87

Untitled photo by the ever active Mitya Dimas

Bullied again - Jenna Elena

Guess Who - Luke Fortacos

State_of_Confusion - Lofty Lemur

Felatio Friday - Carola Conover

Back Alley Felito Friday - Skorpio (ZackSpalding)

an Untitled by the also very active Shana Wild!

Sweet Tongue - Kalehua64

Give it a little Kiss.. - Marcus Strong

From the awesome Office Hours album  , this is OH3 by Dokielicious Doobie!

Ferviu_001 - Lasga Claven

And this time, I am closing the post with one heck of a sexy ensemble in The Velvet Room by Kera Firecaster-Skall, and then the bodaceous Jasmine in this breathtaking photo, On my knees.

Phew! Another week of blowjobs is in the books! I know you are just getting warmed up tho, so have fun, and slurp you soon!

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