Sunday, December 9, 2018

Pictorial - Crystal Valence

Crystal and I met a long time ago (relatively speaking) and I cast her in a film over the summer.  We hadn't seen each other since then but when I ran into her recently, I asked her to pose for the blog.  I'm happy with the results and hope you will be as well.  Enjoy!  💋  - XO Isa

Where are you from?:  Denmark
Rez Date: 04-09-2017
What do you like to do in SL for fun?: I love to explore, shop, take pictures, model, meet new people, have sex and so much more.
Sexual orientation and preference?: Bisexual with a preference for guys.
Tell us something unique about you!:  Something unique, hmmmm.... I guess it might be how I tend to get an idea in my head, something small, like "hey, a pirate shoot could be fun". Now, in itself, that isn't bad at all, but when you take into consideration that at the time of getting the idea, I had absolutely nothing that would fit a shoot like that even a little. So, I started thinking it over, and made a list of things I'd need for such a shoot... outfit, ship, place for ship, decor for mentioned ship and so forth.... Still need to cross off the last couple of things, but with a little luck, I should be able to make the shoot sometime in Jan, maybe Feb...  Still working on how the shoot should be, if it should be staged still-life shots, or a porn shoot.... that kind of details tends to come in the last minute... getting the setting right, now that can take time for me...  in short... I can spend days or weeks or even months, thinking about a shoot, getting things for the setting, and setting it all up, and then do a 2 hour shoot with it
Do you have a Flickr page and/or blog?:

Pictorial by Isabelle Cheviot.  Shot on location at Comhar Free Public Studio.

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