Thursday, November 30, 2017

Pictorial - Luken Good

The wonderful Tammy brought to my attention photos of this beauty. "I met her while I was dancing, she knew of me through Danny and was wondering if she'd ever meet me. We just started chatting about how we spend our time in SL, I mentioned I do photography which lead to one pic and then I suggested she pose for a full set... kinda convinced her I could get the pics published. The 'I know someone' line. ". Well, guess that part worked!

You don't have to be a personal friend though: we always welcome quality photoshoots, especially featuring talents that have yet to make an appearance in the 200+ members-rich list. Feel free to contact us, proposing your own artwork or simply expressing desire to be featured.
Meanwhile, enjoy the sexy Luken Good (lukengood)!

Pictorial by Tammy Jones-Pinedo

Friday, November 24, 2017

Fellatio Friday #66

Hello and welcome to Dog Star Fellatio Friday #66: slightly undersixed to be totally satanic, but certainly sexed enough to bring excitement to your weekend!
If this is your first time checking out this post, just look at it, it's pretty self explanatory! Every Friday we post a blog gallery with photos based on the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group. The theme of said Flickr group is of course, Fellatio, aka cocksucking. Of course the group moderator is kinda silly so there are some 'loosely' themed shots that still fit in, in her perverted imagination....

like this Darius playing with his meat (wife not amused) by Ania Baxton 
(heck, check out the amazing gif and description!)

...but generally yes, there's tons of hot sucking, licking, worshipping pics! Cumshots, titjobs and handjobs have a home there as well especially when they obviously play towards a tasty reward. But let's not get technical, just remember to join the group, submit your photos (if you have problems with Flickr's new group policy, IM me/message me and I'll invite the photo so it doesn't count towards your group limit) and have fun!
I post one photo per person per week tops, but always dig back for some of the sexiest shots, so don't panick if you don't see yours right here! I wish I could post them all!

Penis Training - Cathy Palen

Rachel_004a - Tommy26 Humphreys

Losing the bet - Tricia Danielson

When you cant wait for Fellatio Friday to Arrive - Marcus Steiner

Just the tip - John Moreau

I cяανє тнє ѕмєℓℓ σƒ уσυ ση мє... - Sssoniccc1

Torrie Exposed ! - Teryl Nox

the return of Isobel Ohmai in Izzy Tales - Elevator 1

Glorious Friday - Laura Richards

Cabin Getaway with Brea Part 1 - Finn Hawthorne

@ The Restroom - Mylene LeShelle

C&G at the JP gym - G-Mo

Kain & CeeCee ~ Client Work - Addison Summerwind

Forcefed - Ember Wulluf (perfect post-thanksgiving meal pic!)

Fellatio Friday - He Said Just One Drink - Cheryl Reddevil

GUNPOINT - Marcus Strong

Jam Session 3 - Dokielicious Doobie (part of the ever growing Sixers and niners series!)

Happy hours at the Cafe - Sandra Palletier

Lucky Dice - Scotty

W.O.W Kat Gets A Taste Of Jag_001 - Jagger Draconis

Happy Fellatio Friday - Tour Diddy

SO ARTHUR DID'NT I TOLD YOU CARRERA WAS A GREEDY BITCH?_04112017_003 of course by Carla Draesia

JennyLou-24 - Ted Dosei

here's Sindee with the most flaunted BBC, the notorious BigD Elcano

Truth or Dare - April Jestyr

Heroin - Taylor Shamen(if"The Porn Production ®"tickles your fancy, check their newest post!)

A screenshot from the blackstravaganza that is the traditional Black Friday vid by Miss Emily

Getting to know Dark Angel - Hoobs

Good girl - Misty Rogers

 Amy's Beach Loungers - Journey Texan

Sex Wax - Casidy

Terrible Tease - Delicence

FF Willows Morning Taste of Rebel - Willow Eris

Rachel#LOVE - Jaquimo Jackson

Spunk Punk 2/2 - Notorious B.E.N. (from a great blog post with Audie Revnik)

Good Girl at Bathtime - Rachel Swallows

And to close the post, one of the hot works of always in-demand professional photographer Lasga Claven, tia_003 and yes, indeed one of the many beautiful shots by Aria Horan, our Fellatio Friday queen who provides us the most memorable shots. This is Serpentine Fire42, another amazing full set I hope you checked out.

No better way than an Aria pic to wish everyone a great Black Friday! Thanks to her, to our black Caesar mr. Marcus Strong and to each and everyone of diverse race, sexuality, size and whateverelsethatmakesussodiff'rntNbeaufiful contributing !

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Body Shop

I had to pick up my car from the looked good but something wasn't right about it.  Reality and fantasy get twisted in this short film featuring first timer Crystal Bourjade, plus Mirko Panackek and myself.  Enjoy!  💋

You can watch the film here on PornHub, or watch it below.

Sunday, November 19, 2017