Friday, November 3, 2017

Fellatio Friday #63

Welcome to Dog Star Fellatio Friday, where introductions are required. You wanna 'introduce' yourself to me? Mmm-hmm? Oral introduction? Ya know??....Err, you DO know what I mean, right? Cuz i totally feel like a perv if you don't. You see, this blog post is based on material submitted to the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group on flickr. You can join it and...oh darn, I went too fast? Well, now I am totally embarassed. I am sorry. Take a look down here.

You know where? "Right There" as illustrated by Ivan Yerkinov

See? It's a blowjob themed gallery! Join the flickr group! Want to send some? One pic per person will be published per week. It has to fit the theme, and have human penis. I mean avis. No, I think I actually meant penis...Although I also like props and nommables. So, keep it human, but dildos and ice creams and such are fine too. No, I don't want human ice cream! Is that a thing even?
Wow, I really botched this intro. I'll stick to copy and paste  next time. Enjoy the photos !
Also, join the Dog Star Pussy Licking group for Isa's gallery...and no, no clawver puns over the pawsible meowning of 'pussy'. Dont' make me furryous.

The Horny Fuck - Willow (Mizuki Yatsenko) ..and there'sa whole horny set to look at!

A long night with Koi - Sandra Palletier

InCase Homage - PJ Thornton

Who's Next? - Vixxen Rainbow-Clowes

Succulent Sunday - Lexi Fizzle-Jordan

The Visitor - 08 - Tammy Jones Pinedo (and see the whole set here ! )

Fun With Debi_003 - Bane W. Caedus

Pretty Woman - Bridget Leavitt

Autumn Afternoon Delight Part 3 - Finn Hawthrone

...Fellatio Friday... - Enki


F&F Having fun 03 - Andro Quan

Untitled - Petrova555

Lara Upside Down 1/2 - Notorious B.E.N. (need I say, check out the full shoot on the blog?)

this is Picture 7 in Damien Willard's Princess of Spades photoset

How many licks? F.F. - Katilina Gould

Sharing some free time together with my friend Jarec! - Jack Guru

Stranded and Horny - Markus Steiner (mrcanoehead)

N.E.S - the lost footage - Snapshot 193 - Asari Sunshine

LookThere - Naia Zulu

Open for Daddy, Babygirl - SammiJo Wolfsong

Take your turn 3 - Harley Islar

Above, a remarkable three way effort on the same pose. Which version to pick? This time I'll just show you all three, from regular FF contributors Tori/Kitty KennaExtra Helpings ) and Jagger Draconis (Voracious Appetite) plus Fellatio Friday by new entry Mark Willowind.

Fellatio Fantasy - Tricia Danielson

Friday - Jamezz Doulton

Picturerotica - Truck Darkwolf

A Guiding Hand - Luke Fortacos

Oral Fixation - Storm Monday

Twice as Nice 3 - Marcus Strong (full set with CeeCee and Kathrine here!)

Twin Boys 1 - Jade Doet

Going Down - Rachel Swallows

Do The Math 02 - Aria Horan (and obviously, hot set to check out!)

And we wrap up with two delicious Halloween entries, Fellatio Friday - Halloween Suck by Cheryl Reddevil and Trick or mmm treat? by Traci Quandry.

Enjoy your weekend and...
Well, that'd be enough for me already!

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