Friday, November 17, 2017

Fellatio Friday #65

Welcome to Dog Star Fellatio Friday, the photo gallery based on the Dog Star Fellatio Friday Group, always number 1 out of 30 if you wanna share your cocksuckng antics!
A group well worth joining and following: you might be on a diet for your uploads, but this group is your safe haven, where you can get your dose of meat gorging, including for variety fattening items such as ice cream and even pizza. There's also one for pussy licking, mind you!

I've got nothing on 65, but thanks to ثلاثة by Abhati O I can spell the number 3 in Arab! 

So, if it was not clear: there's a Flick group to join, the pics are published weekly, early on Friday, following the 'meme' that Fellatio Friday has become through the months. Submit however many pics you want, based on a Fellatio (aka cock suck!) theme. It's the larger themed group of its kind and it's a lot of fun for me to moderate , or at least it has been so far! I publish on this gallery at most a photo per person per week, picking from the 'old' ones as well. Enjoy sharing, and let's move on with the gallery!

the tip - Lexi Fizzle-Jordan

King_001 - Bane W Caedus

Morning Wood, Fellatio Friday - Wyatt Stone

Fellatio Friday - Hungry Girl - Cheryl Reddevil

Making up for lost time - Gangrul

Aya: Fellatio Friday - Nakuru Bergamasco

AUA 5-Little Black Dress 2 - Marcus Strong (check out April's Undercover Assignment 5 here!)

Playground Kiss - April Jestyr

Fellatio Friday_004a - Tommy26 Humpreys

The Original Sin - Tatiana Easterwood

Warming up - Nikki T

Nita after hours - Argosi Domenici

Night Time Pool Suppose To Be Fun And Naughty - Harvey Hart

Fellatio Friday with sloppy Kisses - Markus Steiner

Agape - Sandra Palletier

Untitled - Asari Sunshine

Fellatio Friday - Lesley Aristocrat

The Reunion - Sylvana Button

Morning vitamins - Kittyinda Henhouse

Nosh vs Dokie & Cykes Part 5 (FF) - Noshinima (lots of mouth action in this set!)

Waiting - Ivan Yerkinov

Rickorous07 - Aria Horan (have you checked out the entire hot album?)

Friday bench exercice - Ludwig Sabretooth

PoolSide Fun - Kisses Karu

Two girls, One guy, 1000 possibilities - Harley Islar

Sittin' on the dock of the bay... - Ted Dosei

Swalla - Domizia Rosea

studying the recipe for cream puffs - Alicia Pudles

You Like that - Luke Fortacos

Redhead in the Red Room 2/2 - Notorious B.E.N. ( and a whole more red right here on his blog!)

And we close with a gorgeous photo by Darnell Carter titled Rachel Swallows (could be the name, could the description!) and with a panel from the scrumptuous mini-comic by Audie Revnik, Delivered Hot (check it here in full! ), which is a must for your refined palates.

Enjoy your Friday, your favourite snacks, and see you next time!

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