Friday, October 26, 2018

Fellatio Friday #111

Hello and welcome to Dog Star Fellatio Friday 111!!!! No, I was not slow with my shift key, it's really our 111th post, which means I have written over a hundred of these silly introductory paragraphs that don't really go anywhere but are meant to fill up space and lead you to the inevitable disclaimer that is starting right after our first photo. Now try to say all that without drawing a breath.
Halloween is drawing close and I surely look forward to see many themed shots for the days we have left, and obviously feature them here!

It's Cleaning Day at the Freakshow by Uri Jefferson, apparently ! 
And you can visit this wondrous location right here, getting inspiration and whatnot...

Speaking of themes...this is a blog post featuring photos from the Dog Star Fellatio Friday flickr group! The biggest of its kind, it is quickly marching towards 5 digits of sucktacular erotic photos: the only requirement is of course to feature cocksucking. Imply it, play it with the concept, play with your food, play with your toys, you'll find a lot of different material and the variations are impressive! Thanks for your weekly contributions, and let's just get into it!

Fellatio friday - Zepp

Tease. - Cody Aethmorot

I may have a dirty mouth.. but I can do great things with it - Envy Watts

Ex-clam-ation Point - BenJohn9

She's the portrait of happiness 2 - Anders Engelsson

leaving wet marks... - Purplerain Exonar

Friday Date Night - Freckles Galore

Sucking Daddy's Cock Like A Good BabyGirl - Kassandra Jade

Just a taste - Dax Rahl

Look into my Eyezzzz - Jasmine

Drool - Koco Kenzee

Drool - Leslyyyy Lisa


Aries & the SyN Sisters - Kacey Monai

Reward - Jade Doet

Brunch - Kat Kassner

Drooling... - Yuyen King

On The Tip Of Her Tongue - Ivan Yerkinov

Cozy Friday Fireplace . Osiris Leshelle

NOW ! ! ! - Raven Matlock

Jazz Sucking in the Hanger II - Dr Heywood Floyd

Oops..Forgot she was shooting a Porno.. - Marcus Strong

One of the many classics from Notorious B.E.N. , Blowjob Spinner, on his blog!

Force Feed - Torsten Holst

Existem a beleza que excita, a que comove e a que satisfaz  a melhor ‚ é a última. - Ziig Kenyon

Lcraee Cock Worship - Sam Dellaux

Kaylai...Part 14 - Jamelya

Penelope Fireguard - JoeCia 87

 F-F and a F more for forced... - Deliah Seerose

upload 48 - Cass Leslie

This Untitled photo is part of Mandi Will's  really cool story contained in this album!

Teenage angst - Sandra Palletier

I caught the anaconda - Sjue Swansen

You never know - Traci Quandry

Snapshot_013 by our prolific contributor Heyoka

ON THE STREETS SURVIVING by our even MORE prolific contributor Vanessa DeLight

💎💎DIAMOND PIPES💎💎 - Rachel Z. Cartier Del Noire

Rubs and licks ! - Paula Berger

Gag Reflex - Markus Steiner

Untitled by Schism Zeplin

And we close this series of sensual monochromes with Private Show in Black & White by Morgan  Talbot, and with another memorable one from Jos Loll, whose instructrions sound like Lick It Before You Stick It.

Whether you are a licker or a sticker, or both, I hope you are having a great weekend, and I'll see you, or at least your privates, or your tongue, here next week!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Fellatio Friday #110

Hello and welcome to this eleventy weekly appointment with the Dog Star blog!  Friday is a day as good as any when it comes to indulge in some oral pleasure, but everyone loves a nice theme for a day, and when it alliterates so nicely it's even more desirable to take part in it. Since well over 2 years now, the Sexiest people around have been posting  their suckalicious pictures on a Friday for a little something we call...Fellatio Friday! This is our way to join in and show off  some of your brilliant work!

Such as, All I Want by Rachel Swallows right here! 

If you haven't subscribed to the flickr group, you totally should!
In just a few weeks we'll official get a 5 digits figure in the photo pool, all hand-approved with tender care, to bring you the biggest fellatio-themed group you can find! This post of course shows only a tiny margin of the pics you can see, chosen here in a mostly arbitrary way that makes perfect sense just to myself. If at all! The one rule I haven't knowingly broken just yet is , just 1 photo from the same person per week...but give it time!
Now check out all these inviting pictures, and i'll say bye later!

Hands - Traci Quandry

Memories of Dora - Torsten Holst

FELLATIO FRIDAY! - Stacey Lucciano

Straight into my eyes - Sveta Ivanovskaya

Headlights - Osiris Leshelle

Felattio Friday! - Sir Duke

"I don't know what to wear!" - River Anwyl

French Cusine - Kera Firecaster

All for you 1 - NichoStar

*...look at me...* -  Enki through Miciona Clarity

A Mouth Full - Porn Photo of the Day - Kayla Whittaker

Widely - Jade Doet

Teacher's Pet - Marcus Strong

Tess - Ricky Kariunga

A Messy Fellatio Friday - Lesley Aristocrat

Mommy wanna have fun - Angie Wild

Taking care of Daddy - Kassandra Jade

la petite faiblesse qui nous perd - Merie Merie

playing with your senses II - Ludwig Sabretooth

Before... - Jonny Hung

Friday is cheat day! - Tessiadoll

Dirty Club Girl - Zoe Willows

Untitled by the newest entry in the top 5 most active posters list:
Sandy Bisibaine (SamDellaux). Keep up the...good work. Amongst other things..

And an untitled by Schism Zeplin!

"cuck watching" - Tony D

Omg! - Jenna Elena

DON'T hold still... - Eddric Dayne

Feeding - Abhati O

Cup the balls - Daxie

weekend in vegas - Pretty Perion

Deep throat Sunday - Samy Saint Claire

home - Tatusia Snowflake

A Ladies Touch - Eamon O Sullivan

Tittie fuck. - JC Underwood

Another Blacklist evening - Sandra Palletier

Surfers FF - Logan O'Leary

Morning pleasures. - Peter Wanderer

Just a taste - Ayela

A fleur de toi... - Leslyyyyy Lisa

And to close the post, here's two for all the nostalgic of the summer around here, with a taste of the ocean: How to catch a mermaid? by one of the most inventive pornstars around the scene today, Paula Berger, and one from the most inventive of the all time greats, Dokielicious Doobie in Salty Breeze !

And that's all for it today! ...oh for this post, I mean! Because, the day is still young, and there are some jobs to do! Have a great Friday and an even better weekend!