Friday, February 2, 2024

Truth or Dare

 Alexis and Julie are high and bored.  They find something to do when Alexis' step brother comes home from the gym!

Watch the film here:   Truth or Dare

Monday, January 8, 2024

Dog Star Productions Featured Model #355 - Kyomi Yoshikawa

I'm really glad Kyomi and I finally connected on getting these pictures done!  ~Isa  💋

Isa:  Where are you from in RL?
Kyomi:  I'm in the U.S. in New Jersey:)

Isa:  What do you enjoy doing in SL?
Kyomi:  Well..the obvious thing would be the whole picture thing:) But..I love fiddling about with golf..random bad movie nights. I used to do rp with a teahouse, years ago.

Isa:  What turns you on?
Kyomi:  Big brains! Lol - Someone with similar interests..I really do need to have a connection with someone. I also like to know someone REALLY wants me, too, if that makes sense? (It does!)

Isa:  What turns you off?
Kyomi:  Random crassness. I also don't like people who seem like they have an ulterior motive that they won't just come out and say. Like ..sometimes I get people randomly wander by, which I don't mind. But when a lot of them's all a mask for them wanting to get a little something something. And if you just say it to them, they hem and haw and go "oh no that's not it at all.." and you have a 10 minute conversation with them floundering to prove they didn't mean that while also trying to keep flirting lol.  Cynicism is also a huge turnoff.

Isa: What is your sexual preference?
Kyomi:  Women.

Isa:  What mesh are you wearing?
Kyomi:  Legacy Perky...the head is Lelutka zo.