Thursday, August 27, 2020

Fellatio Friday - Working with Mikey

Full disclosure...I love playing around with different filters in my photo editing software and that gave me an excuse to do this small photo shoot.  Consider it a silly experiment (sexperiment?)....ok ok scroll down through the images to see the end FF picture.  

Special thanks to Mikey Lothair for posing with me!

💋 ~ Isa

Mikey showed up for his photo shoot and I was excited to work with him.  This was our first time working together and I don't think either one of us knew what to expect.
I wanted to get him hard quickly because I was anxious to get the Fellatio Friday shot done.  I was my own fluffer! 

I was able to get him hard pretty quickly...he has a nice cock!

I took his cock into my mouth, moving slowly up and down on it...after all, this was for Fellatio Friday...

For fun I let him fuck my tits - this has never been 'my thing' but wtf...he seemed to enjoy it.
And even though we had gotten our Fellatio Friday shot...I was horny...and I hadn't been with Mikey time like the present!

A reward for a good photo shoot! Spunkilicious!
Thanks for working with me, Mikey!  

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