Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Dog Star Featured Model #315 - Claire Rowley

I usually meet the models I feature at one of the porn parties but I actually met Claire through Flickr.  She sent out a notice for a picture she had taken and I really admired her for creating her own content rather than complaining about no one asking her to pose.  I am hoping more aspiring models take her lead for one, it will lead to more work overall, and two, it demonstrates their willingness to work.  In my opinion Claire is doing things the right way and I'm thrilled to feature her here today!

RL location:          United Kingdom
SL Interests        Partying, dancing, modeling, taking pictures!
Flickr page:
Turn Ons:             Handsome, confident men, and of course showing myself off
Turn Offs:            Arrogance and bestiality
Sexual Preference:    Bisexual
Favorite SL Memory:  "I had a RP scene in which I was playing a porn actress with two other men and a woman. Not only was the RP exceptional, it was genuinely exciting, we tried to capture the same magic again afterwards but it was never quite the same."

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