Friday, May 24, 2019

Fellatio Friday #141

Hello and welcome! This episode #141 of DSFF is brought to you by the awesome power of Amazon ! ...but I guess the guys at SmugMug are not Prime users, so the delivery is taking longer than 24 hours! Well, we'll adapt to it. General clunkiness and scarce reliability of the system aside (I am sorry I haven't been able to approve group requests for a while, but I kept getting error messages), we're here to see people sucking in A GOOD way. So, let's look at ..

The Ruins! No, I am not still talking about Flickr, it's the name of Grimblood Skall's pic...

Do join the Dog Star Fellatio Friday Group , on Flickr, tho! It's the one spot where you can look at all the 10'000+ pics themed around Fellatio, taken in SL. A giant archive, and this weekly post that has been going on through adversities and flickr downtimes for over 2 years tries to bring a little selection from it. With some (just some!) of the weekly best, and much more from its story. Enjoy!

Here's a screenshot from the excellent newest movie by Isa, "Private banker"! A real treat with the gorgeous Stephanie and, I swear, not sponsored by Geico. You don't know what I am talking about ? Click the movie and you'll see. It's short and sweet!

Cock Addiction - Steffy Sissy

Floor Show: Audience Participation (Part 1) - Morgan Talbot

A blondie snack for two - Biarzenne Necro

an untitled shot by Jaffe Varriale

The perfect Resting place - Lauren Fairport

Happy Friday3 - through Angel Phallus

Bar coktail - Jade Doet

Hump Day - Chin Pocket - TourDiddy

Working Late - Lofty Lemur

The couch in the desert... - Koko Tigerauge

I hold the phone , you hold the pose.... - Melina Jameson

Sharing is caring..... - Elizabeth Darcie

Cum In Her Mouth - Alexis Futanari

On the set... - Larry Vinaver

Little Kitten Licks - Marcus Strong

GLORY HOLE AND MORE__21052019_015 - Cathy Serrari

Elf Action - Alina Rosland

Quite a mouthful - Dokielicious Doobie

Untitled by Ninfea

Icing on the Cake (3D) - Fellatio Friday - Jesse D. Bernard (wow, in 3d, even!)

An untitled one by Abbie Flagon!

monica_001 - Lasga Claven

a screenshot from Miss Emily' latest Intergalactic Sluts! Here in a scene featuring Faith and Mirko!

sometimes one has to wait - Emily Pia Mia Moore

699b07bda43723cc5b56a8b47dd78a9b  - HarryandDem

Colin and Logan feed his girl - Logan O'Leary

Don't fight the lust - pt. 3 - Sandra Palletier (from an amazingly hot set)

Ya Gotta Pay to get in! - Mandi Will (no it's not another Flickr commentary... )

I Need It - Abhati O

when I can not sleep at night. - Jimmy Windstorm

Speech is Silver, Silence is Golden... - Jaquelyne Quan (equally hot version by Anne)

bathtub FF - Dag

And I am closing with a contribution from one of our top 5 uploaders, Sam Dellaux in Beautiful worship.....mmmm and with one by the unmistakeable BigD Elcano, in Cock Drunk with Lucy. Oh dear.

Enough for tonight! Have a great Memorial Day long weekend and...let's fight the good fight!

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