Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Beaver's Digest - Volume 21

Ah man, it's officially 2017 for real. I am still signing stuff with the wrong year! It'll take some adjusting i guess. Enjoy today's Beaver, which deals with this past week's pornish happenings!
I try to include movies and erotic magazines, a lot of interesting blog posts and at least touch some of the photoshoots that happened throughout the week.

Just remember that the best way to follow the 'porn' scene is to check out the notices from the two main groups (Sexiest Pornstars and SL*Porn) and check out their blogs , where Ali Lancrae and Racheal Rexen do a great job with their posts. And if you make porn yourself, that works in a complementary way: send notices, have your website added to their blogroll, and when in doubt, just contact me anytime.


I wouldn't want to be too chaotic, but there's a lot to talk about. I want to open with the latest from JennyLou, (Jennylou323 Resident) 'Decimation'. I'll provide a transcript of the intro because it's enlightening.

" Greetings everyone. I hope you are enjoying my movies? 
I wanted to introduce you my next movie as it features my good friend Deci Fox-Strong. When I first met her I was amazed how lovely she was! How could someone be so beautiful in SL I felt! 
If that's not enough she is great to work with and luckily for you boys out there she is a cock lover. We have been involved on a lot of great shoots together. 

When I recently told her about doing a 3some video with 2 guys she eagerly accepted the challenge. Knowing the guys in the shoot are going to be Jimbo20000 and Andress would make any sane female anxious to jump on the his opportunity. I'd be screaming for that chance myself, not to mention during as well. 

While this shoot was going on Carter Leakey was auditioning a new girl, BonnieAnderson. I managed to get a cum shot from them while all the other great sex was going on. Which I included in this video! My studio was really rocking that day. Without further ado I bring you Deci in "Decimation"!
http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/22008/decimation  "

I think this is a little cute glimpse of Jenny's MO: her movies appear often spontaneous, based on simple ideas and she keeps the ball rolling, so to speak! 

Some of the movies that she does are 'The casting bed' ones: purely to add to the portfolio of the actors and break new talents in (and I imagine, check their interest and such). They are shot in the part of her studios where Carter was audtioning, and we mentioned some in the past issue. Since my last movie coverage on the digest there have been one with Angie Robins  and MikeofLegend, one with Dru Lambert and Andress, and one with Amber and Jimbo20000 Quan.




There is a lot more to explore in JennyLou's production, with my passion for a touch of cheesy and fun definitely taking making me root for movies such as 'The Dock will Rock your cock tonight', that will certainly make you want to click it simply to see what it is about. Well it is worth a view for the humorous bits already, the ending in particular, but isn't the idea of a foursome quite hot? 

The movie involves Jennylou, Texas Gem, Carter Leakey, Sile Deschant and KevinFlynn

Texas Gem is protagonist with Carter of 'An evening on the sofa' (I do think the movie would have been better with either different hair or a derby hat and glasses), and amongst the plentiful other movies of the week I certainly find worth of a mention 'Before my date arrives' or as the screen title says 'Hurry before my boyfriend gets here' ...yes it sort of a characteristic of JennyLou to have sometimes multiple titles for a flick. It adds to the fun, and I kinda love it! The angle of this movie being that the female protagonist Lana Sadovski...well, look at it by yourself. I can't help but find it funny, made up or not! http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/21834/an-evening-on-the-sofa


I am concluding this coverage with a mention of 'Beach day fun', with LissiaTempler and Dax'Bar Time fun' with Selinah and Dave, 'The Broke Down Truck' with Lana (hisbaaby) and Lewis and all of them are exactly how and what they sound! 




A big congrats to Jennylou for putting together so many movies and having a group of regular actors mixed with newcomers. My wish is of course to see her involved in the main group activities at least for the promotion side, but it's always cool to have 'free agents' around! 

Let's get now to another one of the 'simply porn' directors. Proud to be porn from the very title, it's the latest from a woman that opened this digest more than once, Kayla Whittaker with 'Just a good pounding'. I mean, which title could be more fitting than THAT? 

Starring KC McFly sans Santa gut and Kayla, this is 25 minutes of pure hardcore action, with intense physicality, a sexy lighting, and the patented Kayla curves shot (and pounded!) by multiple angles! 

A movie with this title begs to be watched and have a type of hands-on action other than my typing about it, so just click click click (well click one really, this link) and enjoy! http://www.xvideos.com/video25703263/just_a_good_pounding

Still in news from last week, Ivana Hanni came up with another production that showcases the type of kinky play involving her adult establishment, and herself. It is titled 'Until She Breaks'.

A rather 'dark' (but not 'extreme', don't flail your arms at me!) clip for theme and acts depicted where she experiments way more than the past with post production effects. Check it out. http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/21848/until-she-breaks

Anton Productions of course has not been silent either! Strip N' Fuck is their latest one, and features Julianna in a cute 'Happy 2017' intro and then in hardcore action with CC Anton aka Inari Vaschsmore herself. The movie has a lenght above the average APSL movie, and for a reason. Something about it just 'clicks right'. I don't think any pose-tweaking tool has been used, and in this case just credit to Inari's clever camera placement, but Julianna certainly has some great 'eye contact moments' with the viewer here.

"Strip n' fuck" is the example of how you can have a good porn video still with not state of the art avatars. Ah please, no offense to anyone's sensibilities here, we are talking about not even having prim feet, which has been a 'standard' for years now. I am extreeeemely glad that there reputable content creators in the adult community who care for other aspects that are not the pure avatar look, the result was really nice giving a good focus to the more 'juicy' bits of the bodies, and I look forward to see more movies with that girl, and by Anton. http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/21987/strip-n-fuck

I often hear about non-mesh hair being the scourge of the Earth, but few I think will object if I pointed out how the characteristic hairstyle is a trademark of one of the most promising actress emerged in 2016, Mitzy Broadway. I already mentioned this movie, The Back Alley,  in a past Digest but since then it has been reuploaded on Naughty Machinima, divided in multiple parts like Minotaur, and a new notice has been posted in the SL porn group (making it eligible for the 'Golden Cocks' of this year, too). Since I am going long with this movie section, might as well! 

Another movie from Max Long and coproduction between Rude Runner Studios and Filthy Penny, this is in fact the debut movie of the actress Mitzy, and what a debut this was! A bit like Minotaur, i have to put a disclaimer on this movie: don't watch part 2 if 'watersports' are off-putting to you. If you love them, then that bit will have you gushing, because no more explicit and prolonged view of golden showers (...and mouthwash, bidet..) has ever (to my memory at least!) been put on screen in a SL porn production. 

The plot is outrageously simple, with a prostitute (Mitzy, with Kandy Coxx and Cherry Lust as backup dancers in a scene) starting her shift. She hooks up with a john, or rather a Max(Long), and I guess they both had a night at the brewery or something, because gosh they do piss a river in that part 2...ok I am digressing. 
The plot is elementary, the execution is not. MaxLong is a tremendously skilled director, and elevates the actress by the way he showcases her. The choice of animation is perfect, nearly flawless (for the SL standards) interaction between bodies with as little clipping as possible and spot-on 'details', and a great work on makeup and all those elements that tell apart an average movie from a quality product.

Just check them out on Naughtymachinima! 

http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/21105/tha-back-alley-part-1 http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/21106/the-back-alley-part-2 http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/21107/the-back-alley-part-3 

Now, let's get back to another movie with brilliant visuals, with pure, candid, totally not yellow snow.

Hi everyone. The year has come to an end.... finally! Thankfully SL has become snowy and white again, for a short time, allowing me to make this video. 

Here it is, my last movie of 2016... The Snow. (make sure you click HD before you watch) http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/21782/the-snow 
or watch it here: http://www.xtube.com/video-watch/The-Snow-29770381 
I wish you all a very happy new year, and look forward to seeing you again in 2017, happier then ever! 
Love, Carly

When it comes to a movie by Carly Mode I am always torn between openly gushing about the cute and batcrap insane things she puts on screen, or just leave the viewer the pleasure to find them out themselves. I opt for the latter: this movie was a pure joy for me to watch and the soundtrack adds greatly to it, with a sssexay drumming vibrato on a true seasonal classic. Just enjoy this movie rich in vitamin C at the links provided! 

I promised I'd feature more amply this flick from mr. Martin Wallace aka mow2014 Resident, and the debuting feature of his 'ScrewU Films' company, Amber Love! As I mentioned last week, Martin is a newcomer to the industry and his approach with candid views on the porn world were expressed in an effective way in a matching blog post. As fat as his movie goes, visually you can tell he has been influenced by his main contact in the business, as his production has many of the strong points a veteran like Kayla Whittaker has.

Including the proclivity for bodaceous subjects like eponymous actress! 'Amber Love' is a great start for Martin...and for Amber Love! As we have seen in this digest, the interest for 'straight sex' (and straight to sex!) movies is always great. He obviously doesn't have much to learn about how to make a movie, and it is admirable that he put it together so professionally. 

Check his flick out and give him some feedback, if you are an aspiring actress, don't just wait , he explicitly asked for people to work with "just send me a note card with your Legacy Name, a couple photos of your avatar, and I will contact you about making video together. My in world legacy name is mow2014 resident.


And finally: I would render Carly Morrisey a disservice if I did not mention more extensively her brilliant series of interviews after mentioning her blog project last week, with full interview and the production notes of the series. The latest one is with one Katina chick, but I need to point out that on her NM account you can see the clips as well. And they deserve it, because they are perfectly produced porn videos.



That's it for today...movie wise! On the next issue: the super-new one from Kayla Whittaker with Dax, a couple more of fun movies I expect released in the next days, and I might just have to look back into yet again the work of a director who doesn't post in groups! Ah the fun!


Ah heck...I knew they were coming! Let me start with the coverage of ....

Core Nider's creation doesn't quite advertise much in groups, but it has a firm grasp on who is exciting in the SL adult arts. In my holiday break I missed out on it, because for sure it was one of the best themed issues. Great photos don't go out of fashion, tho. The cover name is one the most reputable and appreciated artists around, Twinklestarlight, and in a sense she is one sterling example of it. I remember when she took a 'sneaky' profile photo for me years ago, that to this day it is still one of my absolute faves. 

I was not familiar with the artwork of BB Ansia, and now I follow her! Every issue makes me find out new artists.

On the issue, BB Ansia, Moustique Heartsdale, Jeremy Rob, Esmia Yoshikawa, Tink Wardell, Marck The Shark and modeling in the mag, Ying, Lucci, Candy Charms and the duo of "Lily and Pixie" plus erotic stories by Yoru Lamourfou, Timerous and Isla Grace.

A special thanks to Lucci, the model of this photo. Why? 
Because she sent a notice about the magazine! Self promotion, guys! (as long as multiple notices are not sent)

Each issue of SL Unplugged offers a lot, and they are always open to collaboration proposals as well. The magazine keeps a high standard all the way through, though. That of course includes the fact that Dog Star is one of the featured studios in it.. :p
Get the issue right there on MP: 


Playhouse magazine also came out with a new issue...

We have another great issue featuring Kindra Summers, Vanessa 9000, The Art of DImi VOn Ludvig, Pet of the Month Felicity (felicityfetish) and a VERY Special Taste of Cinnabunns
Happy New Year to everyone!
reminder contests for Pet of Month as well as the Pet of Year 2016 are under way! Cast your votes!


This issue is a real stormer (ha!): the overall photo quality is professional. 'Host' of the issue is this time Ember Wulluf, but Jaz (JazmynCrystalStorm) is prominently featured in the artwork by Von Ludvig (above). The sexy FelicityFetish gets a quality photospread by Sunday Storm, and we can already tell the Valentine issue will be special. 

Get your mags at their HQ, and if you like what you see and you (and/or your friends) are ready to pay the price for the thrill of a cover, you know what to do!

Some of you will frown at me for this, but just skip past :-). 'Furry porn' is not considered mainstream but to say it is a niche doesn't give it justice. In fact, when i do my 'research' for new porn flicks on NM, the majority of the new uploads is yiffin' stuff! Furotica though it is not a 'porn' mag, but shows pinup shots, from the skilled Tammy Jones Pinedo. And the first model of the magazine is her partner, her mare I should say, Jess Pinedo. Furotica is for now avalaible just on flickr, but might expand in the future. Enjoy the issue in this album. https://www.flickr.com/photos/124844755@N02/albums/72157678450051606

Attention magazine brings us another excellent issue. With on the cover a star of the adult entertainment who in the past months gave us more of her well crafted movies, this issue has as a lot to offer to the members of the 'porn' community. Partee in her fashion report brings us gorgeous models at their best, such as Vicki Concertina, Raelin Jestyr, Jenny Starveling, Kassie Martian Shaw, Hardstylebarbi3, Dokie, Chastity Darling, Brunella Voelisa and Felicity Fetish, and the new photographer Paulus Portland ("the marketplace guy") shooting the likes of Monique LeFry, Faith Darrow, Kandee, Ariel and Kay, Kayla Whittaker, Ayara Illios, Tatiana Alexandra, Tegan Malone, Waif Ah.

The new photographer of the staff Paulus Portland presents some stunning winter views

But what i meant by 'offer' was not just the fact that pretty girls mostly from a porn upbringing get featured in a quality mag, but also that there is content and focus unique to our community. Take for instance the article by Athena, opened by Nicasio Ansar's contribution and featuring the opinions by many notable bearers of peen, such as Chris Bearz, Dillon, Igor Romanov, Johnny Whadd, Luke Fortacos, Mark Ivory, Mirko Panacek, Sasquatch Rhino. Or the thoughtful piece by Brea Brianna featuring Jhwonn (dang I couldn't escape typing that name even this week) and dealing with an ever important theme.

Brea Brianna makes a point, and makes it being sexy!

It is probably worth noting that there are some changes in the 'structure' of the magazine, with Brea taking over the co-owner spot left by Jon Demen, a well deserved aknowledgement of the contribution from someone who from day one spared no effort for the magazine success no matter what her nominal role would be. The work team of Attention has been on the same page for months now producing a magazine that constantly brings 'mainstream' artists and features, and the tendency was confirmed in this issue. If names like Caitlin Tobias don't tell you anything, you are missing out! In fact, more about it in the party section! 

"My Aunt Flora", a Whimsical blast from the past, with Chris Bearz and Jake Raven

Anyway, enough of this! There is much photography gold to be seen in Attention, Graham and Shyla's take on 'The Future' theme, BeeQueen's comic, stellar shots from Bewitched Difference, future cover artist Whimsical Aristocrat once more pushing the boundaries of erotic storytelling. Just check out the mag inworld (it makes good use of all the Intellibook features) through Marketplace

or simply online on their website! 


Happy to open with one more addition to the SL Confidential bouquet, with this photoshoot by Kay, featuring BeeQueen, Tegan, myself and three good fellas aka Larry, Anthony and Jack Michaels. https://slconfidential.wordpress.com/threesome-slumber-party/

So these fellas were outside looking hot...I mean cold...

Leanna Mai started blogging! Her fist post showcases one of her looks, with an added element of interest coming from the fact that it's a 'cost saving' one! We look forward to see Mai's blogging journey continue. 

Leanna's first blog post is a great one for the season! Because eff snow and such really !

Stacia Reinoir brought us a cool photoset on the Naughty Pixel blog! The Internet is for porn , she sings, ehm says, and I somehow don't think I'd be believed if I affirmed the opposite from this virtual pulpit! Just check out the smexy Stacia and Zoey here. https://www.naughtypixelproductions.nl/2017/01/the-internet-is-for-porn.html

Stacia Stacia, stop surfing and clean the floor ! I know all those fur balls are kinda yucky, but...

Caroline and her Second Life Adventures keep offering thought provoking posts. This one will elicit a laugh from some of you I am sure! And it makes some valid points... 

Mylene Leshelle is thorough in her drying....she'll suck you dry!

The Naughty Roleplay Blog offers always interesting posts. I have recently been contacted by the second half of it Mylene, and I enjoy the little bit of context to her posts! Also browse the past posts to find a lot more, including location reports for your , well, naughty roleplay!


Never judge a post by its cover! ...well, actually....

No secret, I love Ben's Kinky Smut blog. It adds so much to the presentation of the photos on flickr. There are always so many great potential angles in a shoot, and yet uploading 'everything' on flickr often dilutes the impact. On the blog Ben has no such concern. We are treated with extended versions of his inventive pictures and zomg, even covers now :p Check out the continuation of Sex Therapy with Carola, Another Rezday Gift with Izzy, Seal of approval over Sindee's tits, Fucktoy Fellatio Friday with Raquel, in addition to one-shot photos. 

Ali brings her Nude World Tour to the tropical beach of Pisa! .

Ali Lancrae continues her successful series on Porn Star Confidential. Confidential Men features hot commodity Chris Bearz, and the Nude World Tour has its 10th stop at Surfers' Bay, which as she pointed out recently celebrated the 1st anniversary. http://slpornstarconfidential.blogspot.com/2017/01/confidential-men-chris-bearz.html


Have you already updated all your bits for the bento revolution?

Ayara Illios posted like 2 times in a week. Maybe because she grew another set of hands! Well or not. Check out what she has to say in her 'ramblings' ! 
I guess a night at the karaoke would have been too boring with the guy gagged

I don't know German, but the pictures in Taylor Shamen's "The Dirty Angels" are self explanatory! I am not sure the explanation makes sense to me, but heck, watching this poor guy poledance for the two leather clad viragos is entertaining! 


That's not a crown on his head but he IS Decemeber's prince of Porn!

And in closing, the single most active blog on the adult scene, not just on virtues of the notice recap posts by Racheal Rexen! On the SL Porn blog, hype is starting for the Award show, and Partee submitted perfect pictures showcasing Jon Demen, December's Prince of Porn (check out the contest and enter it, you have a great chance to win free professional photoshoots, a share of the cash, bragging rights and a chance to be in a movie!)...


Moonie in one of the many photosets taken directly at each and every SL*Porn party! 

...and of course on both SL porn and Miss Emily's Studio blog, there you have it, photos from the parties. Which brings me to...


Well, to the parties, duh. The exciting parties from the Sexiest Pornstars official party circuit come at you every evening for the Euro people, and with weekly cadence and more for the US crowd thanks to Hard Alley and entertaining djs like Jadelyn, Kron, the duo of Kayla and Johnny and many more!

Special events happen as well, with SL Connoisseur having a full house last Thursday at their new club, which will end up in pictures right there on the next issue! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ADRENALINA/237/119/3522

A sample of Oakley Foxtrot's sensual artwork

And amongst the 'special' events, I am also glad to mention art exhibitions. I was quite happy to see a wonderful artist such as Oakley Foxtrot display her work at Mirage gallery. The inauguration party was well attended and quite fun, if I may say so! You can admire the exhibition at the gallery anytime, together with on the top floor Spirit Eleonara's Winter Nights awesomeness. And we have scheduled a very special exhibition with one of my favourite, OUR favourite artists from the porn community one week from now. More on that later! 

Isa and Mirko in one of the captures that Yana Grau does all night long. Be seen!

Meanwhile, I can unite these two elements somehow as I'd like to point out the success of Sunday's Attention party at Club Yana, with the usual turnout of the porn group and as per tradition, friendly and sexy guests of the magazine. I'd also like to point out that the 'surviving' founding co-owner of the magazine, Athena, will have the well deserved honor to have her work featured at the Lumipro Gallery on the 15th !

A suggestive capture of the club by guest of honor Caitlin Tobias

I have also to mention how often the 'regular' parties are far from monotonous. The Thursday party often has changes of scene thanks to Ayara and Nak bouncing it between their two locations and various builds, and so does Yana throwing special parties. And last week, we have been treated by something completely different thanks to the Black and White winter ball by the creative esprit of one Rachel Swallows!

A phot of the ball from the newest 'IT' girl in porn, Curty Dovgal!

Just come over to the parties whenever you have a chance, they are very much fruitful with opportunities, even just the opportunity to meet the people you see pictures of all the time!


Thousand points of light - Monique LeFry


1000 Followers on Flickr! - Larah Sa'Fir (by Bill)

And in one more instance of "Let's celebrate milestones", I called it, here we have one from Monique Lefry for her (first) 1k followers. What I did not anticipate was how lovely the photo would turn out, but we all know how Moni doesn't have only writing and people skills in her arsenal.

The fast rise of the gorgeous Larah Sa'Fir also needs no comment, and same for the ever exciting personality of Dag, whose photo project have always interested me. Great job, guys!

Rachel and Sasha with (and by) Curty....and click more for some animated action! 

Another person who did a milestone picture was Curty Dovgal, but i foresee her 200 followers growing exponentially. Curty has distinguished herself for her activity in group. On top of her kinky photography that saw extra-busy with about 30 shots in a week not counting the party photos, she has partecipated actively to photoset from PJ Thornton, Rachel Swallows, Midnight Shinja and more.  I published this photo above amongst the many possible choices because it features 2 of the most remarkable models in the scene, but also links to some cool gyazo gifs. What can I say, it'd be fun to see more of those!

Melissa riding a Mustang! if it were a Pony, it'd be a movie!

Dax Rahl took a little break for a week but he was back in full swing. Featuring Lesley, Trinitie, Keyli Ikkin, Sasha Johansen, Melissa Barnes, Daves Blessed, Isobel Ohmai, PJ Thornton, a mystery girl (ohh!) and a candid shot of Athena and Jon. Contact him to be part of his 'Porn stars and their rides' series! 


A picture is worth a 1000 words..or 3'200 uploads :p

All I can say is, glad to have Delicence back, and with her full archive!

The Slither Studios photostream got my attention past week more than usual. I admit I have been completely fascinated by the unconventional looks of the girl currently behind it, Harley Snakeankle. Through brief flickr correspondence we assessed that part of the activity is due to editing a backlog of pictures. I can only hope that this work on the 'vault' of Slither studios continues, and look forward to new and exciting shoots from the studio! https://www.flickr.com/photos/slitherstudios/

That's one way to get your partner wet....well two ways.

Bud Solo is a true veteran of porn! RL doesn't always allow him to be in SL, but even with some healthy breaks he always brought a good look and plenty motivation to be as good as a porn model and photographer as he can be. I particularly enjoyed this set with his new SL wife, Astra Solo (Astrahlynn). I can't wait to see what porn has in store for them! https://www.flickr.com/photos/bud_solo/albums/72157677296591060

" What does a blonde on a bike..a hard rockin babe a sexy t girl blonde with glasses an indian sultry temptress and a girl next door have in common ? They are all new cards in the series https://www.flickr.com/photos/138415390@N07/31298172963/  "

Marcus Strong already features way more models from all the walks of SL you can imagine in his storyline series, and now he brings back the perfect project to showcase everyone. The new talent and special 'premium' addition marking the models who broke the ceiling of the 1k views for their photos. That includes real gems such as Larah Sa'fir, Jenny Starveling, Monique Lefry, Cassi Divini, Partee.

Should the ISP trouble she is having continue, I suggest Aria gather a few friends like Yayo and visit their offices...

Aria Horan needs no introduction, does she? Well, I quite like all the introduction happening in those photosets. 'Down on the corner' with Yayo Jaxxon and the 'Sashay' shemale set. Ah joy, so much for the Fellatio Friday post! I really hope Aria and I can go take a nibble together some day, because she sure knows the best places!

https://www.flickr.com/photos/ariahoran/albums/72157678654344506 https://www.flickr.com/photos/ariahoran/albums/72157675224237713

'White Alert' was a neat exercise in creativity by Izzy

Isobel 'Izzy' Ohmai continues to be prolific in so many different aspects. It is the purpose of this digest to put the emphasis mainly on photosets rather individual photos, and her 'At the Masseuse' and 'Bonus Level?' with Bart are both exceptional. https://www.flickr.com/photos/isobel_ohmai/albums/72157674992178103 https://www.flickr.com/photos/isobel_ohmai/albums/72157676871137222

We always look forward to new 'full size issues' of Alexus' comics, but the short stories like this 'Ask the pornstars' column are just hilarious. And of course only deceptingly 'short' when you consider the work involved. Enjoy 'Angles' by Minotaur Comics!

"Yeah, it was work, of course it was. I can't imagine what else would have me using my pencil as a placebo for something to suck on." - Kayla Bombastic in the comments section of her set with Anthony

If I may give a quick mention to some more photosets quickly, I signal Angie Wild (OYO Mills) 'top 10' , 'keeping in touch with myself' by Gwenivere , Partee loves Marcus , Hoobs with Rachel Avro , the return of Lucas dela Vega , Christina Vilda, Lesley Aristocrat, 'Vikings' by Logan Oleary with Tegan and DarkAngel, 'The Cabin with Mary Solcito' by Nicko. 

"In the studio" by PJ Thornton feat. Brea and Logan. PJ is an inexhaustible propeller with her creative talent

That's it. As usual , plenty more could be said, with the sheer volume of outstanding photos taken, but we can't do justice to all the wonderful photographers, let it be one shot a day or one a week or one a month. 

Thanks for following, and hope you checked out the other posts here on the Dog Star Blog, including the great pictorials by Ali Fox and Sunday Whitewood (Tegan Malone and Shae Bellambi are two beauties on the scene that we love to see featured) and the insightful interview to Nicasio Ansar. And...see you next week! 

And thank you again to Carly Morrissey for  the feature in the interview video!


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