Monday, January 2, 2017

Some random pictures

The Beaver will be out tomorrow and in lieu of that I wanted to post a handful of pictures that might interest you.  Enjoy!

Black or White - Mirko Panacek
   The first one is called Black or White by Mirko.  I love the contrast of our skins and the gentle way the character is holding me.  I think he was carrying me over a stream or a puddle of water or something....yeah, that's it.  ;)
Bliss - Isabelle Cheviot


This one is called Bliss and features Mirko, Maxim and myself.  I took the pic.  I am not going to win a photography contest any time soon but I like the feeling of this picture.  It really was a blissful moment and I think it comes out in the picture.

   The last three pictures are of me at the SX Awards back in early December.  I was nominated in a couple of categories and although I didn't win, it was truly and honor to be a part of the whole thing.  Regardless, the event was a total blast and I got to wear a little more formal of an outfit than I normally do.  Sunday Whitewood took these pictures and she did a wonderful job!


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