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Dog Star Performer of the Month - April 2016 - Rachel Avro-Fox

   Rachel Avro-Fox has found success in everything she touches; she's well-known as a model, an actress, and a photographer.  She's been a huge part of the success of Dog Star Productions and as such it is my pleasure to announce her as the April 2016 Dog Star Performer of the month!

Rachel has been in the following Dog Star films:

Izzy's Bad Day - Part 3
Trick Shot
Dirty Laundry
A Taste of Rachel
Model Girlfriend
Isa's Bedtime Stories - Pool Boy

   In addition to being one of Dog Star's most prolific actresses, Rachel has been instrumental as a photographer for our blog and is credited with several pictorials of models.  She's a regular in many of the industry magazines as both a photographer and a model and has been featured in numerous movies from other production companies.  To top it off, she's head photographer of the new magazine, Attention, the first issue of which is due out in early May. She's unique, kind-hearted, and of course stunningly gorgeous.  Please enjoy the interview that follows, with some amazing photos taken by Racheal Rexen.   Be sure to check out some of the movie stills from Rachel's Dog Star films and also make time to check out her Flickr page (

Isa:  First, congratulations on your recent marriage to Ali.  :)  We're all very happy for both of you.
What has been the biggest surprise to you about being involved with SL pornography? 
Rachel: The biggest surprise for me it's the people. They are some of my best friends; they come from all backgrounds in life, and they really are such a creative group. Plus a lot are completely different from their porn persona and they can be shy and quiet. It is so amazing to see the diversity of the group and creativity they have.

 Isa:  What changes would you like to see in SL pornography? 
Rachel:  I would like to see more changes and develop more settings for creating poses with more 3d and natural body movements. Also I'd like to see a greater selection of windlight settings. I would love to see more collaboration between photographer and film makers. I think when you get some of the most creative talented people together you could come up with some very interesting projects. We did one together that turned out great (editor - see Model Girlfriend). I think it would be great to have a group session with all the best film makers and photographers together for a roundhouse discussion.

Isa:  You've really come a long way as a photographer; what's different about being behind the camera as opposed to being in front of it?  Which do you prefer?
Rachel: The difference being behind the camera is that it is a much more intense and creative process. You have to be ready behind the camera and it takes a lot more preparation and thought. My mind is always on the go with what angle and wondering what lighting to use. How can I improve the picture. Do not get me wrong I love being on front of anyone's camera it gives me a thrill I can't get any where else.  So I have to say for right now both or neither they each get me something I can't get
elsewhere; each with their own set of thrills and I plan to continue with both.

Isa:  What mesh avatar do you have?  Favorite skin/hair, etc?
Rachel: I have Maitreya and my favourite hair is exxess and my skin is lara hurley. I love makeup and have all kinds and I am a clothes whore. My favourites are Blueberry, erratic, Wild Orchid and Addams. My shoes are N-core.

Isa:  What advice could you give to people starting out with both performing and photography? 
Rachel: The advice I would give is be visible in the porn community. I would go to events that are put on, network, and follow some of the people that you are impressed with. When you get a chance ask question of others on how they did that and lit their shots. The biggest thing is to be respectful and nice to the people you meet, respect their boundaries but push your own.

Isa:  Is there anything else you would like to share?
 Rachel:  I have grown as a performer and a artist over the past year. The support I have gotten is awe inspiring. People have gone out of their way to help me and I am continuing to get better and grow as an artist.  One day I would like to try my hand at film making.  I will take my own advice and seek out you and Emily and a few others.
    I would like to thank Laura and Partee for their constant help and for making me push my boundaries as a photographer. Also you and Kat for having faith in me and letting me showcase my talent.  As for film thanks goes to Louise and Sere for giving me my first major role in a feature film and you Isa for putting me in so many of your movies.  Lastly to Athena for taking a chance on me to help her develop a new magazine and be the lead photographer on it.

All photos above were taken by Racheal Rexen.

Movie stills from Rachel's Dog Star films:

From 'Izzy's Bad Day - Part 3'
From 'Trick Shot'
From 'Trick Shot'

From 'Dirty Laundry'
From 'Dirty Laundry'

From 'A Taste of Rachel'
From 'A Taste of Rachel'
From 'A Taste of Rachel'
From 'Model Girlfriend'
From 'Model Girlfriend'
From 'Isa's Bedtime Stories - Pool Boy'
From 'Isa's Bedtime Stories - Pool Boy'

From 'Isa's Bedtime Stories - Pool Boy'

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