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Interview - Marika Blaisdale-Cazalet

She will deny it vehemently but Marika Blaisdale-Cazalet is one of the most fascinating people in the SL pornography world.  She is uncompromising in her approach, a tireless worker..and dammit, she's just plain good at what she does.  To say that she is a force of nature is a bit of an understatement.  She is a performer, director, photographer, editor of not one but two magazines, and in her spare time even does some scripting.  It is my pleasure to bring you this interview with one of the industry's most well-known and talented individuals...certainly one of its busiest.  I am grateful for the time she afforded to this interview.

All images used by permission of the artist.

Marika Blaisdale-Cazalet - photo by Rachel Avro

Isa:  Thank you for taking time out to chat with me.
Marika: Thank you for inviting me over for posing and for this interview. I probably have something interesting to say in many areas, but that doesn't mean others want to listen to that. *laughs*

IsaTell us where in the world you're from, generally speaking.
Marika: Poland. Medium size country between Germany and some former soviet states and Russia in Europe, for those who used to sleep at geography lessons in high school.

IsaHow long have you been in SL and how did you get here? 
Marika: Almost 8 years here with small breaks in between. Honestly, I can't remember now how it happened I joined, probably have seen some article on web about SL and decided to try.

Isa:   You're well known as an actress, model and photographer in SL.  Which of those do you prefer and which of those do you find the most challenging? 
Marika:  I find model/actress the most challenging thing. You could ask why, we all know model hops on the stand or balls and stays till photographer asks... Well, yes, technically it looks like that, but what I find most difficult is to be picked as the one who's going to stand there. You know, I had some imagination about porn world before I joined it, it was based on some naive calculation that I have to be active in many areas and show my creativity as much as possible. Sadly, it doesn't work like that and the fact you make a lot of your own content will not bring you closer to being selected as model - it may work opposite: people see what you do and they think 'Oh! She makes her own stuff, she doesn't need me' or 'I am not too good'. I personally disagree with both opinions. It's obvious I wouldn't pose for anyone, I prefer work with better than worse, what's nothing bad, but also when I agree to pose I am nothing but model since I am in pose. My skills or knowledge has nothing with what the artist is going to do with me, unless asks me clearly for advice, but I am not so willing to give any during the shot, because I always wonder how that person sees me with own eyes. So advises yes! But after the shooting. Other thing that makes me consider being model as pretty difficult to me is the fact I am girl with an extra, what is quite a niche in porn. I don't want to complain about it too much, it's been my own choice at day 1 of my life here to be who I am and I deal with consequences, however I admit it annoys me quite often.
Photo by Rachel Avro

Isa:   You're a she-male (t-girl) in SL.  Does that positively or negatively impact your work in porn?  Do you feel there is discrimination against t-girls in the industry?
Marika: Like with everything else, you're able to find positive and negative parts of it. For my own projects it doesn't make any impact: I am who I am and I am happy with it, I do what I love, what turns me on. It has an impact if we talk about me as model for others. There's quite lot of people who don't want to see girls with dick around them and that is the reason I started to add "Warning: she-male stuff inside" into notices I send. It's not that I care so much, but if someone doesn't like what I do, I give them chance not to even bother. But finally, is it any sort of discrimination? I don't find myself any activist that fights for equal rights for transgender or any other people. I am rather this kind of person who's gonna deal with such things personally, especially many times it seems just misunderstanding rather than bad will, so as long as it can be annoying - I am not so sure it can be called a 'discrimination'.

Look Mom!  Not gonna come home for lunch, sorry! 1 - Marika Blaisdale-Cazalet
Isa:   In much of your work, your subjects are looking at the camera. It's been said that models looking at the viewer include the viewer in the scene, making them a part of the scene itself.  Is this intentional on your part?
Marika: Well, I am sure there's similar amount of people who enjoy that and those who think opposite. Honestly, I don't count how often I do shot with model's eyes pointed into camera, but I know also it happens quite often, so it's somehow intentional. For sure it's not intentional to include viewer into the scene; that sounds bit funny theory to me, but interesting too. The answer to that is simple, anyway: I do it like this, because I like it.  (Isa:  Please see Ways of Seeing by John Berger for more on this theory.)

Body Pleasuring X 3 - Marika Blaisdale-Cazalet

Isa:   Talk about your Body Pleasuring series - is there a unique quality to this series?       

Marika: Viewers should say if it is, not me. Especially things I like don't get too many favs or make huge feedback, but those I consider not so good or I think if ever publish them - usually find fans. What I find unique in that series is the fact I am bottom in it.

Isa:   You are the owner/editor of 2 magazines in SL Porn - what are they and how do they differ? 
Marika: Both similar and different at the same time. All focused on SL adult photography, but Aroused! features photographers work, while Shameless XXX features models. That saying, Aroused! does not have a lot of photographs taken by me, while SXXX is usually filled in 90% with pictures I've done. Also, SXXX is focused on shemale models, only.

Photo by Rachel Avro
Colours of Gray 2 - Marika Blaisdale-Cazalet
 Isa:   Do you use Gimp or Photoshop?  What effects do you consistently use?  How do you get the 'soft' look that's present in so many of your pictures?  
Marika: Neither of those. I use some other software for editing, however I confess it happens I use Photoshop sometimes. Gimp got its interface...Weird. Finding simple tool or effect in it takes me ages, so I don't bother anymore. About effects... I use different set of those for every single set of pictures, but definitely I am fan of grain on the photo. And that particular soft effect... I barely use it these days, as I find it better for simple, studio shots, with very simple background. It's nothing but adding some brightness and blur onto whole photo at the same time.

Isa:   Girls Love Boys - one of the most famous series in SL Porn.  Talk about how this came about and where you see it heading?  You've lately been adding some video segments to this series (which I haven't seen).  Are you directing these yourself?  Why don't you make more movies?!?
Girls Love Boys XXXI 3 - Marika Blaisdale-Cazalet
Marika: Is it really so famous? *laughs* I do not think so. Anyway, it's quite unique for the fact not many uses such theme, that's a fact. This came out from my love to simple things, that are quite original at the same time, and this series is like this in my opinion. If you asked me 10 episodes back where it goes, I'd give you an answer, but now it is difficult, as you noticed I started making movie clips as extension to whole series - so far 3 episodes 'in motion' - so it's bit new idea and so far I enjoy making it this way. I simply make photo set and movie clip with the same actor, using same location, but different poses. For now I am going to enjoy this, at least for next few episodes and where it will go... We'll see sooner or later. About these clips: yes, I direct them. So it's whole the process I make myself: selecting actor, choosing place, animations, fitting them into us both (or more if it's needed), recording all needed scenes, and whole post production, with picking music track, cutting scenes, adding effects. Shortly - putting it all into one piece that looks like a movie, more or less.
Girls Love Boys XXXI 4 - Marika Blaisdale-Cazalet
Isa:   In general can you talk about the SL porn 'industry' and what you see as its better qualities and what would you like to change about it?
Marika:  Bunch of most ungrateful people I've ever met. There are exceptions, of course, and those who are exceptions know that, I don't need to list their names here. It's my general feeling about the industry, however I am long enough here to say other 'businesses' aren't so different. Such is life.
That is everything I can say about so called SL porn.

I have what I want 2 - Marika Blaisdale-Cazalet

Say what you will, think what you want...Marika is without a doubt in the A-list of SL porn celebrities.  She is fiercely dedicated to quality and to her craft.  Disagree with her you may...but you cannot ignore her and nor should you.  I want to thank Marika once again for taking the time out for this interview.  I also want to thank Rachel Avro for contributing several pictures as well - there are a few more below.

XO - Isa

Marika - by Rachel Avro

Marika - by Rachel Avro

Marika - by Rachel Avro

Marika - by Rachel Avro


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