Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Pictorial - Millie Bekkers

When I'm out and about in SL, I am often approached by people who are interested in what it takes to get into SL porn.  Most of the time, they were simply unaware that such a thing existed, and sometimes they're just naturally curious.  With Millie, it was different.  I saw her somewhere and approached HER.  I just had to film her.  To my delight, she agreed...but then I took my hiatus from filming for personal reasons and I have felt since that Millie was the 'one that got away'.  Not for much longer, however.  Even more intriguing are her thoughts about who Millie is, as an avatar:  " I am real. You are talking to a real person.  You are getting real answers.  This is really me not some made up role play character."

Asked about her interest in SL Pornography, she replied "Well it is something that seems interesting. the porn i have seen is professional. The people know what they are about ... and quite beautiful as well a far cry from the random personality lurking about sl screaming ... I WANT THE SEKS !!!!" 

Looking at these pictures (by Rachel Avro), it's not difficult to see why so many want 'the SEKS'....I cannot wait to film this one.

All photos by Rachel Avro

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