Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Pictorial - Junah

Junah is one of those women who I see out at parties a lot and I keep thinking to myself, 'I must work with this stunningly gorgeous woman' and then I get busy and never do.  She has it all:  she's friendly and intelligent, she's beautiful and unique, and she's willing!  I chatted with her about her interest in films:

"Why be in a movie? I was a photographer for some time. Then I just modeled mostly. Being in a movie sounds more like the next step.. Truth is, I was once in a movie a long, long, looong time ago.. But that was before I learned most of the stuff about what it takes to create a set (for pics or movies), the technical stuff and such."

A movie IS the next step for Junah.  Watch for her in an upcoming Dog Star production.

Pictorial by Chris C

Photos by Chris C

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