Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pictorial & Interview - Raelin Jestry

Raelin has been involved with SL Pornography for quite a while and Brunella got a chance to talk with her about both her past and present.  Great interview and a great pictorial by Rachel Avro.

Brunella:     How did you discover SL?
Raelin:        I saw it on a news broadcast.  I was a gamer .. hopelessly addicted to a game called Guild Wars.. but that was kind of winding down and getting boring.  I was making my avie before the segment finished.  I was an RPer.. I loved immersive RP. Most times it was historical RP but I've been to nearly ever genre of RP sim.  to me it was more about just losing yourself completely in the character and living in whatever world that was the rush for me. 

Brunella:     Did you model before moving into more erotic stuff?
Raelin:        No.. oh no. I jumped in feet first and was literally doing porn before I even knew I was doing porn and it was because of RP, honestly. well I met a guy at a club who seemed to be in full character at being a sleazy porn mogul which I thought was great and interest.. so being an RP.. I just went with it and at some point in the RP he was talking about setting up cameras and filming...  and I thought it was just him being in character until afterward.. he sent me a link to the movie. First of all.. he was THAT fast at filming.. and it was kinda cool.. like having a souvenir of the RP.  He introduced me into the world of porn in SL.. and even helped get me stared in moving making. He was a friend and a mentor.

Brunella:     How many movies have you made ?
Raelin:        I made.about 12 films. .  2 were not porn though.   and about 6 for other people. I was in all of my movies but 2.   well technically I had a cameo in one of those. But I was a series for MissEmily  and One for Tyler Rage. Full Service Garage is the one where i'm in only as a cameo. It was the 3rd part of a series that Tyler Rage was doing called She Wants In. I starred  in 1 & 2. I did another cross over with him.. mixing styles. In Nobody Rides for Free. he has a little cameo on that one.. and I start out that one with his style.. the subtitles and look. I kinda like it for that reason.. its where I kinda declare my own voice.. taking what I learned from Tyler.. and moving on to do my own style.


Brunella:     How did you develop the skills to make movies?
Raelin:        I got the basics from Tyler.. the tools to use and some tips. bBut the rest of it was just trial and error I think mostly, It was a way for me to channel my love for RP..  RP is just story telling.. and so is movie making. I'm trying to get across a story .. to make people feel something. Its kind of how I view my photos too. The goal is to try to tell some kind of story with an image. 

Brunella:     Where does your inspiration come from?
Raelin:        Anywhere, really.. sometimes its from people..  or a random thought.. maybe a song. I have done some as a challenge to myself to see if I can. 

Brunella:     What work are you most proud of?
Raelin:        My films.  :)  I do love them.. they make me the happiest.. but they can be tedious to edit but with few exceptions.. I love them all - some more than others. For different reasons  I think my person fav is trailer park. Mostly because of the overall mood of that movie. It was dark and sultry and just a quick intense moment. I liked that but probably my next favorite one is my first.. just because it is my first one. That is Sextreme Makeover.  

Brunella:     How does having sex on camera make you feel?
Raelin:        Oh lord..  haha obsessive   To me filming porn is all technical.  I spend all my time obsessing on angles and animations. I always tell people.. there is nothing sexy about porn but the pictures and the models. I always like it when the people i'm filming are chattering away. .I mostly worry i'll bore people or they will feel like i'm wasting their time. I dont want to do that.. but I do want to be sure I have the footage or the photos I need: and that usually means lots of angles.

All Photos by Rachel Avro

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