Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Pictorial - Scotty

"To me it is not just about the sex in porn...don't get me wrong i LOVE sex, and have it as often as I can but it is more about the art of the photo and beauty of the subject. Any one can take a photo of sex.  The erotica of a porn shot can stimulate the mind and body and that is what I want people to see and feel when I either shoot a scene or photo or if I am on a set.  I want to  make love to a woman's make love to her mind first the sex will be incredible."

So sayeth the handsome Scotty, one of SL's newest up and coming male talents.  Judging from the pictures below, he has the goods.  Girls...prepare for the mind fuck!!  :)

All pictures by Ali Avro-Fox

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