Monday, March 21, 2016

Pictorial - Cody

There are advantages to being the director of SL pornography.  Case in point:  Cody - aka aethmorot.  When Brunella sat down with him recently to discuss his interest, she found him to be eloquent and interesting.  Then Sun sent the pics.

OK, Isa, back to the task at hand - I mean, back to the interview.  Asked about his interest in SL Porn, he said, "Honestly, I've always been a sexual person, but also, I've appreciated art, film, acting, and others of the sort. I've never done SL porn, but I've seen some of the work on Naughty Machina and XVideos, and I thought, "Hell, I bet I could do that, and I bet it'd be quite the experience", so I made a flickr, and started slowly meeting people and making connections."

Like I said....there are advantages to being the director.  :)

Here's a link to his Flickr, by the way:

Pictorial by Sunday Whitewood.

All photos by Sunday Whitewood

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