Monday, February 29, 2016

Dog Star Performer of the Month - March 2016 - Lacey Nora

Lacey Nora is this month's Dog Star Performer of the Year.  In her short time being involved with Dog Star, she has already starred in 3 films:

We talked about her time in SL Pornography:

Isa:  Describe your overall involvement in SL pornography?  How did you get started? What have you done so far?  What do you want to accomplish that you haven't already?

Lacey:   I have had the opportunity to work some great photographers and models across the whole community and they have been wonderful to me, helping me in any way they can!  I was (still am) new and just wandering around one night and fund a party at a club, which turned out to be a porn party and I was amazed at how lovely and stunning everyone looked and dressed there, I had no idea you could make a avi look that great, I was hooked right than.  I have had the opportunity to be in three films from Dog Star Productions which was an amazing thing to do : ) Worked with so many different people on different pics and modeled some clothing for different designers around SL.  I would love to be able to make movies and possibly direct someday! 

Isa:  What do you most love about being a porn star?

Lacey:   I love the community of people that are associated with it.  Everyone is so helpful and willing to give you their time when they can and will answer any question you might have...... everyone is just amazing!!



Isa:  Generally speaking, where in the world are you?

Lacey:   GO BLUE!!!!!  (Editor:  This means she is from Michigan, in the United States.  Michigan and Ohio (my home state) have a notorious rival in American Football.  I would point out that Ohio State's team has dominated Michigan's for quite some time.  Having said that, we're from neighboring states and it's great to have someone that close by as a friend!)  

Isa:  Give us a breakdown of your avy:  which mesh, which skin, hair you love, etc etc - what's your favorite place to shop for clothes?

Lacey:   Well I have a Maitreya skin which is wonderful and so easy to work with. I have Esonde skin which I love alot.  I love *ARGRACE*, Rezology and Exxcess Hair.  Some of my fav places to shop are Blueberry, Just Because, FnH, KC shoes,  omg this list could go on and on : )

Isa:  What is your 'dream' fantasy scene you would love to perform on film? 

Lacey:   I would love to Model with a Shemale some time.  I dont know why but some of the pics I see on Flickr with various models together are just so exciting and well so erotic.  I hope I get that chance some day!

Isa:  What advice would you give to new porn stars just starting out about how to get started?

Lacey:   Just be Patient!!!  Everything will happen in time, but people just have various schedules here and its hard to connect with them when you want, or vice versa. 

Stills from Lacey's Dog Star films:

From 'Girlfriends 2'

From 'Like Father Like Son'

From 'Retail Revenge'
All Photos by Isabelle Cheviot