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Dog Star Performer of the Month - May 2016 - Larry Vinaver

I am pleased to showcase Larry Vinaver as the May 2016 Dog Star Performer of the Month.  It goes without saying that Larry is one of SL porn's most iconic cocks faces.  He is as well known in SL porn as pretty much anyone can be.  More importantly however he's one helluva guy.  A true gentleman in an age of rogues, Larry is polite, always prompt and simply a pleasure to be around.  It has been my honor and my privilege to feature him in 6 Dog Star films where he has played some of my most memorable characters to date.

Please read the interview, peruse the pictures...and watch his films.  Be sure to check out the short film at the bottom of the page.  Thanks Larry!  Here's to many more adventures!

Isa: How long have you been in SL and how did you get here?
Larry: Well I initially was curious by finding an advertisement on a website ...I signed up on an initial avatar and 6 months later relaunched as Larry Vinaver.  I wanted Larry to be more dynamic and noticeable than Jack my previous avatar who now serves as my press agent and PA :-)  I have been in since Sept 28, 2010, so 5 years 7 months.

Isa: Where are you from?
Larry: I'm a Scot living in England.

Isa: Having been around a little while, what's been the biggest change you've seen in SL so far?
Larry: I must confess that it's the advance into mesh...before it was classic 'many pieces suits' which lost a collar whenever you went from one sim to the next, as well as looking very amateurish.  Mesh has its problems but is realistic and smarter in appearance; that is very important to me....The other change is mesh bodies, we all look so much sexier and compliment each other in activites, recorded on Flickr and other media blogs as well as movies in which I have been lucky to star in; six with your own production company as well, Isa:-))   (Isa:  See the list at the bottom of the page!)  SL is improving and evolving into so much more than it originally was...and its exciting!

Isa: You've won a few awards (2014 Golden Cock for Best Cock and 2015) Golden Cock for Actor of the Year) and you're pretty much famous in the SL porn community.  What are you most proud of?

Larry: I am very proud of having achieved the 'best actor' award.....although I do like the fact that we have a superb group to work with ...we are lucky in the fact that we all know each other in the SL porn community to an extent and as such find that we work often with people we have worked with before. In that i find we can always draw on experience and the camaraderie/fellowship we already have with the others to make a successful picture..My work with Dog Star productions often allows me to work with yourself and Katina (Katina Blaisdale-Cazalet) and it is often enjoyable, my good friend Rob Roxley as well :-)) I think that is what I am most proud of here: a group that has cohesive teamwork that has now got a proven track record of success...that is what makes the awards and fame: the teamwork, creativity and dynamics within the community; that's something to really be in awe of and we all have that as an overall 'award'.

Isa: I have to ask - what turns you on?  I mean the REAL you?  What aspect of SL Pornography gets you hot, hard and ready?

Larry: Oh I think the aspect of spontaneous sex really excites me...where it is unexpected and sudden, sometimes with someone who you least expect it to happen with although the desire is there for it...Now that is something that excites, it always has a 'forbidden fruit' aspect about it...and its stimulating sexually to the maximum, trust me:-)).

Isa: What do you think the next big thing is going to be in SL Pornography?  Excluding your cock, of course.  :)
Larry: I can see there being more participation with voice and more in depth movies..the first full length feature ones we are already seeing.  It would revolutionize the business and would bring in more participation and raise performance standards, which are pretty high now it must be said.

Isa: That's interesting - I wonder if it would bring more participation or more viewers.  I wonder that if this trend occurs we won't see some of today's biggest names in SL porn going the way of Errol Flynn and other silent movie stars from Hollywood's early days.  Not everyone will voice; I'd venture to say most won't, actually.

Isa: Lastly, what advice do you have for GUYS that want to get into the porn business?
Larry: I would advise them to get a good looking unique avatar, check blogs for looks and fashion, join the SL Porn groups, go to social events, go to casting calls, and take whatever work is offered, even as an extra. And be nice and patient and have fun.

Larry's Dog Star films:
Izzy's Bad Day - Part Three
Birthday Surprise
The Babysitter's Second Job
Taboo - Volume 1

Larry's most memorable Dog Star character: The Honorable Larry Stiffrod.!
Larry Vinaver - from 'Izzy's Bad Day-Part Three'

Larry Vinaver - from 'Birthday Surprise'

From - 'Taboo Volume 1'

From- 'Cuckold'

What it's Like Working With Larry Vinaver - A Short Film

View the film below or click here to watch on an external site!

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  1. It was a real privilege to be invited by the wonderful Isa and to spend time in her delightful company:-)) Thank you .