Thursday, November 30, 2017

Pictorial - Luken Good

The wonderful Tammy brought to my attention photos of this beauty. "I met her while I was dancing, she knew of me through Danny and was wondering if she'd ever meet me. We just started chatting about how we spend our time in SL, I mentioned I do photography which lead to one pic and then I suggested she pose for a full set... kinda convinced her I could get the pics published. The 'I know someone' line. ". Well, guess that part worked!

You don't have to be a personal friend though: we always welcome quality photoshoots, especially featuring talents that have yet to make an appearance in the 200+ members-rich list. Feel free to contact us, proposing your own artwork or simply expressing desire to be featured.
Meanwhile, enjoy the sexy Luken Good (lukengood)!

Pictorial by Tammy Jones-Pinedo

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