Friday, February 9, 2018

Fellatio Friday #77

Hello and welcome to Dog Star Fellatio Friday #77!  You know, every number from 1 to 90 has some sort of meaning in the kabbalistic italian tradition known as 'smorfia'. And 77, in popular folklore here indicates 'legs of women' You know, just because it's a group dedicated to cocksucking, does not mean we neglect all sorts of bodyparts. The human anatomy is a wonderful creation and the many FF photos submitted every week to the Fog Ftar Fellatio Friday Flickr Froup are about more than just mouth and peen!

Perfect example, Stand and Deliver by Ted Dosei in another collab with Kat Capelo

So, onwards with the disclaimers! Nothing special : join the group if you haven't, upload your blowjob themed pictures whenever you like, this post may publish one photo of yours, on a Friday! Not more than one per week but you can submit however many you want any day of the week. The group has surpassed 6'500 photos. Fellatio Friday is a fun 'game' to play with your friends, and I keep getting asked things that are in this disclaimer anytime anyway, so I'd say let's just get on with it and show pics! Enjoy.

Skylar: Whip it Out - Nakuru Bergamasco

Snapshot _ Swingers Club - The Secret Red Room, Sensual Paradis - Amber

Gulp - Traci Quandry

~Glorp~ - Christina Vilda

trop trop trop - Jimmy Windstorm (yes I don't know what's up with the onomatopoeiae this week!)

My Banana - Urmeli Ellisson

After-School Tutoring With The Teacher - Kenny Shambala (and check the whole set!)

Tropical Tryst - Delicence

Photoshoot With Papi - HardstyleBarbi3

CARRERA & CARLA TEAM JOBS_23012017_014 - Carla Draesia

Montell Jordan Sr with - Aura Kira

5-he seems to feel better... - Sweet Nawty Hon

Good girl.. - Jeza May

# Friday by Sara Hellershanks - and check out It's Friday... time for some porn then! , Bech's version

Adventures in Sucking - Sammijo Wolfsong

Kat Sucks - Alexis Futanari (hey, wait a damn minute....!)

motel blowjob_017 - Nuur

Expertise - Sandra Palletier

Yummy Treat - Nikki T

Somewhere, deep in the woods ... - Koko Tigerauge

Close your eyes Friday - Tour Diddy

Cumwhore - Laina Alexandria

StoryTime 2018- Really?? - Marcus Strong

Q of Spades - Jack Guru

FF with Chase Stone - Willow Eris

^ ♥ ^ Snap 22 - Misba Ali

this is number 4 by Thiago Scalli

Morning Desert - Luis Diamondfire

She wanted to try my shade of lipstick.💄 - Lasga Claven (through Milanna McAndrews )

take your time...cum and go - Arcangel Vendetta

povbarbara - Thorgal McGillivary

Om nom nom - Jori Jewell

FF Throne - Logan O'Leary


The Helpers - Luke Fortacos

 Feeding! - Sjue Swansen

And we close with a momentary exception to the 'hey, keep it human' rule with Mythical Beasts and Ancient Gods RunixKayne by Penny Tration and a momentary exception to 'hey, use a language most readers understand' rule with 최효정 .3 by Weer Stand .  잘 했어 !

Thanks to everyone for reading...err, looking? But most of all, for sucking this hard! Catch you soon, and enjoy your Friday!

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